Five Meme Friday

Five Meme Friday – August 12th

Get an update and sneak peak of the 5th Edition content and my take and investigation into HBO’s The Anarchists.

Enjoy these pokes at the powers that shouldn’t be.

HBO’s The Anarchists – Investigation, Review, Backstory and Propaganda Review

HBO’s The Anarchists – Episode 3 – Propaganda Breakdown and Backstory

I’d like to breakdown the whole scam of “Anarchapulco” and “The Anarchists” before we get into the specific propaganda scams of Episode 3 to highlight how the CIA steers political movements in the age of controlled social media. If you are new to the series then please check out my review of Episode 1 to understand why the CIA would want to steer the voluntaryist and peaceful anarchism movements.

  1. Crowd-gather the modern voluntaryist / peaceful anarchist movement – by propping up seedy con-man Jeff Berwick with a media operation where his posts and videos are promoted using CIA Facebook, YouTube and Twitter while authentic voices are shadow-banned, demonetized, deplatformed, and unindexed.BUT.. keep it “Small & Stall It” put the conference in “the most dangerous city in the hemisphere”.. fear… fear..” that is expensive and hard to get to and, most likely, algorithmically, target the FB, Twitter and YouTube to identifiable anarchists vs. exposing the uninitiated to voluntaryism and anarchy cause Scumhouse/HBO is going to trick the uninitiated with their propaganda piece down the road.

  2. Steer those interested in voluntaryism to controlled opposition media operations: Luke Rudkowski, Free Talk Live, David Icke, etc. Unfortunately, if you found them through Anarchapulco… especially on the main stage… they are suspect… Note: There were authentic voices on the main stage (James Corbett, Larken Rose, Carey Wedler, Derrick Broze, David Rodriguez and others) to give the event credibility and it would have been suspicious to keep me off as my book was the #1 bestseller at the conference for two years in a row prior to my main stage appearance but simply look at who is being prominently featured in the documentary to understand who the propagandists are promoting.

3. Deal drugs into the movement – An established CIA tactic detailed in the book (and documentaryDrugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA’s Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac and other ActivistsEssentially “the cast” of “The Anarchists” were the drug dealers: Paul Propert, John Galton, Lily Forester, and Nathan Freeman operating with the knowledge and approval of Jeff Berwick and the conference was apparently supplying the hotel rooms that Paul, Lily and John were working out of (more on that below).

4. Rip Off Voluntaryists and Anarchists – From the $744 million dollar ponzi scheme of Bitclub to a never ending stream of “pump and dump” shitcoins (MonkeyCoin, SmartCash, Digibytes, etc.) to Berwick’s passport scams, the CIA’s goal is to rip off voluntaryists so they don’t have the capital to effectively resist or fund the organizations exposing “government” illegitimacy and corruption or the authentic voices of the developing alternative media.

Anarchapulco “artist” and filthy-mouthed rapper R.A. The Rugged Man saluting the flag and displaying the “hidden hand” of freemasonry

5. Steer the Music Into Unintelligible Metal and Filthy Mouthed Rappers – You can’t underestimate the power of music in culture. It is hard to censor a song that is stuck in someone’s head. When I was in the networking business I took a meeting with a guy at the Ritz Carlton in Tyson Corner who was looking at the global ISP I was working at for a multi-million dollar military network. Over breakfast he tells me that the CIA killed John Lennon. I asked him: Why would the CIA kill John Lennon? A: “Because John Lennon could put a million people into the street.” Instead of liberty artists like DISL Automatic, Michael Franti, Dub FX, or Alais Clay, the audience of Anarchapulco got unintelligible metal, filthy mouthed rappers like R.A. The Rugged Man, and the “Ghost Faced Killah” and “Ol Dirty Bastard” of the Wu Tang Clan who aren’t even voluntaryists.

6. Steer the Conversations at the Conference Into Manufactured Drama – “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people” – One of the scams of Anarchapulco was to steer the conversations at the conference into manufactured drama. Every. Single. Year. The audience of “The Anarchists” gets a look at 2018 where the manufactured drama was “Shepard Spook” out to get John and Lily… In 2019 it was staged fight between Jeff Berwick and a clown named Quinn Eaker.. Anything to get the audience talking about anything except ideas and comparing notes on what the organized crime “government” is doing. Side Note: While Jeff got his ass kicked and a black eye, Quinn showed up at the Turtle Party and tried to make a similar scene and one of my buddies took him down and choked him out in 30 seconds flat and then we kicked him out.

7. Make Voluntaryism and Anarchy Look Seedy – From doing new age (satanic?) rituals at the conference to mass Ayahuasca ceremonies to proposed events at strip clubs to the scripted dumpster fire of “The Anarchists” everything was done to associate the largest conference of voluntaryists and anarchists with murder, drugs, and riff raff which HBO then filmed as if that was the “reality” of the majority of attendees… which it most assuredly was not!

Episode 3 – Currency – Backstory and Propaganda Breakdown

In 2018 the conference blew up to 1700 people from around the world.. unlike what is being portrayed in “The Anarchists”, the overwhelming majority of the attendees are entrepreneurs, digital nomads, crypto investors and other cool folks. The voluntaryist crowd was coming for Larken Rose, James Corbett, and others.. NOT Jeff Berwick Somehow the “documentarians” spent all their time hanging out with drug dealers and riff raff.

Drug Dealing At Anarchapulco

What an amazing coincidence that the “documentarians” spent all their time with the three (dead?) drug dealers (Nathan Freeman, John Galton, and Paul Propert) + Lily.

I say “Dead?” with a question mark since we are dealing with Hollywood and the CIA… They do illusion man, they do illusion… more in that next review…


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Update on 5th Edition of “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! Investigation into “The Covid”

Update on the 5th Edition of “Government”
Latest Estimate: Book Should Ship to Printer by Sept 1st.

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Liberator #1
 – Companion media to “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History. Exposed!

Liberator #2 – Evidence of False Flag terror for police state and hoax shootings for gun control:

Liberator #3 – Evidence that “The Covid” has been a scam and the vaccines are killing people:

Liberator #4 – Voluntaryism and more evidence of “Government” corruption:

Liberator #5 – Prepping and Self-Sufficiency – Hundreds of resources:

Since we are behind on getting the 5th edition out, we are sharing what we are reading, watching, evaluating to both deliver real value to the folks who pre-ordered books and to crowd-source a fact-check and get feedback on the direction and sources.  You can subscribe to the Art of Liberty Foundation Substack: Telegram Channel here:

“Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed

Click through the image above to see the two videos that lay out the virus challenge.

The hardest part about our investigation into “The Covid” has been trying to figure out if there is a “virus” at all. When I say “virus”, I am talking about a specific pathogenic particle called SARS-CoV-2 that has been isolated and purified where the purified “virus”, when introduced into a new host through natural airborne or surface contamination then produces the exact same disease. 

Many people will be shocked to learn that there is no credible evidence that the WHO/CDC/NIAID have been able to actually isolate a virus. It has taken months of research for me to get comfortable making that statement. Here is the basics of the controversy:
The claim that specimens studied by the WHO/CDC/NIAD virologists simply means some sequences that were previously deposited on genetic databases, and fraudulently declared to be “viral,” were being detected again.  This seems to be the foundational issue of the entire COVID-19 fraud: there is no virus, simply sequences falsely claimed to be evidence of an actual virus. Researcher Christine Massey has submitted HUNDREDS of FOIA requests to the CDC, WHO, NIAID, and any other research institution including dozens of health agencies in other countries, major universities claiming to do to have isolated OR have access to isolated SARS-CoV-2

The World Health Organization helped orchestrate the deception when it declared that a confirmed ‘case’ of infection with the invented virus is simply the detection of some of these sequences. BUT it is even BIGGER than just SARS-CoV-2… because it isn’t just the SARS-CoV-2 virus we are talking about.  It is the basic premises of virology that are being re-examined by the broader medical and scientific community because of the lies and suspicious nature of “The Covid”

Could virology be the 3rd biggest scam in history after “Government” and “The Covid”?  What if viruses aren’t really pathogenic at all? The Virus Challenge – See Below for the details of the proposed experiment that would settle the matter once and for all.

The Viral Challenge – Settling the Debate for Good – Step One

5 virology labs worldwide would participate in this experiment and none would know the identities of the other participating labs. A monitor will be appointed to supervise all steps. Each of the 5 labs will receive five nasopharyngeal samples from four categories of people (i.e. 20 samples each), who either:

1) are not currently in receipt of, or being treated for a medical diagnosis;
2) have received a diagnosis of lung cancer;
3) have received a diagnosis of influenza A (according to recognized guidelines); or who4) have received a diagnosis of ‘COVID-19’ (through a PCR “test” or lateral flow assay.)
Each person’s diagnosis (or “non-diagnosis”) will be independently verified, and the pathology reports will be made available in the study report. The labs will be blinded to the nature of the 20 samples they receive.Each lab will then attempt to “isolate” the viruses in question (Influenza A or SARS-CoV-2) from the samples or conclude that no pathogenic virus is present.
Each lab will show photographs documenting the CPE (cytopathic effect), if present, and explain clearly each step of the culturing process and materials used, including full details of the controls or “mock-infections”. Next, each lab will obtain independently verified electron microscope images of the “isolated” virus, if present, as well as images showing the absence of the virus (presumably, in the well people and people with lung cancer). The electron microscopist will also be blinded to the nature of the samples they are analyzing. All procedures will be carefully documented and monitored.

ALL of the samples will then be sent for genomic sequencing and once again the operators will remain blinded to the nature of their samples. It would be expected that if 5 labs receive material from the same sample of a patient diagnosed with COVID-19, each lab should report IDENTICAL sequences of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 genome. On the other hand, this genome should not be found in any other samples.
(Note: this statement is a brief outline of the suggested experiments – a fully detailed protocol would obviously need to be developed and agreed upon by the laboratories and signatories.)
If the virologists fail to obtain a satisfactory result from the above study, then their claims about detecting “viruses” will be shown to be unfounded. All of the measures put in place as a result of these claims should be brought to an immediate halt. If they succeed in this first task then we would encourage them to proceed to the required purification experiments to obtain the probative evidence for the existence of viruses.
It is in the interest of everyone to address the issue of isolation, and the very existence, of alleged viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. This requires proof that the entry of morphologically and biochemically, virus-like particles into living cells is both necessary and sufficient to cause the appearance of the identical particles, which are contagious and disease causing.
We welcome your support and feedback for this initiative.

Thomas Cowan, MD
Jitendra Banjara, MSc
Mufassil Dingankar, BHMS
Andrew Kaufman, MD
Paul McSheehy,
Saeed Qureshi, PhDAmandha Vollmer, NDoc

Mark Bailey, MD
Kelly Brogan, MD
Michael Donio, MS
Valentina Kiseleva, MD
Prof. Timothy Noakes, MD
Stefano Scoglio, PhDMichael Yeadon, PhD

Samantha Bailey, MD
Kevin Corbett, PhD
Jordan Grant, MD
Christine Massey, MSc
Sachin Pethkar, BAMSMike Stone, BEXSc

“Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed is a recurring segment in Five Meme Friday where we chronicle the news that makes the case that the “Government” is being run by inter-generational organized crime who are stealing trillions. Join our Telegram Channel devoted to evidence of “Government” and media criminality here:

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News Of The Week

Global Planned Financial Tsunami has Just Begun

By F. William Engdahl (6 minute read)


“… Now the Fed has begun to unwind that and withdraw liquidity from the economy with QT or tightening, plus rate hikes. This is deliberate. It is not about a stumbling Fed mis-judging inflation.

Sadly, the Fed and other central bankers lie. Raising interest rates is not to cure inflation. It is to force a global reset in control over the world’s assets, it’s wealth, whether real estate, farmland, commodity production, industry, even water. The Fed knows very well that Inflation is only beginning to rip across the global economy. …”

“… The global shortages of fertilizers, soaring prices of natural gas, and grain supply losses from global draught or exploding costs of fertilizers and fuel or the war in Ukraine, guarantee that, at latest this September-October harvest time, we will undergo a global additional food and energy price explosion. Those shortages all are a result of deliberate policies. …”

“… Fed has pulled the plug.

With the 0.75% Fed rate hike, largest in almost 30 years, and promise of more to come, the US central bank has now guaranteed a collapse of not merely the US debt bubble, but also much of the post-2008 global debt of $303 trillion. Rising interest rates after almost 15 years mean collapsing bond values. Bonds, not stocks, are the heart of the global financial system.  …”


“… The heart of the world financial system, contrary to popular belief, is not stock markets. It is bond markets—government, corporate and agency bonds. This bond market has been losing value as inflation has soared and interest rates have risen since 2021 in the USA and EU. Globally this comprises some $250 trillion in asset value a sum that, with every fed interest rise , loses more value. The last time we had such a major reverse in bond values was forty years ago in the Paul Volcker era with 20% interest rates to “squeeze out inflation.”

As bond prices fall, the value of bank capital falls. The most exposed to such a loss of value are major French banks along with Deutsche Bank in the EU, along with the largest Japanese banks. US banks like JP MorganChase are believed to be only slightly less exposed to a major bond crash. Much of their risk is hidden in off-balance sheet derivatives and such. However, unlike in 2008, today central banks can’t rerun another decade of zero interest rates and QE. This time, as insiders like ex-Bank of England head Mark Carney noted three years ago, the crisis will be used to force the world to accept a new Central Bank Digital Currency, a world where all money will be centrally issued and controlled. This is also what Davos WEF people mean by their Great Reset. It will not be good. A Global Planned Financial Tsunami Has Just Begun.  …”

13 Unpleasant truths about the Moneypox vaccine

Very high rates of cardiac effects and HIV worsening compound the problem that there are no efficacy data from humans. Does it even work?

Definition of mass formation psychosis: repeatedly rolling the dice on ever more variations of the DEATHVAX™ for IFR’s of zero.

Gov’t database reveals 10,000% increase in cancer reports due to COVID vaccines

Researcher Brian Shilhavy compared VARES reports of cancer after COVID vaccine injections over the last 20 months with the same query of all FDA-approved vaccines throughout the last 30 years.

A researcher who queried the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) discovered a 10,661.4% increase in cancer reports as a result of experimental COVID-19 gene-base vaccines as compared with all FDA-approved vaccines over the last 30 years.

Pfizer Documents & Official Real-World Data prove the COVID Vaccines are already causing Mass Depopulation

Covid-19 vaccination is causing mass depopulation.

This is an extremely bold claim to make.

But unfortunately, this bold claim is backed up by a mountain of evidence contained in the confidential Pfizer documents and official Government data from around the world.

PART I: The History of Population Control is Important for Understanding COVID-19

There is a past precedent of using experimental vaccinations for sterilization.
Reducing global population has been a consistent goal of the ruling class for centuries.  While many support the abstract idea of population control, no one wants to volunteer to be the ones who are culled.  The business of population control has hence been a very messy subject.

When the COVID vaccine program began, I—and likely many others—suspected the COVID vaccines would have an “unexpected” side effect of reducing fertility.  Early in their development, Mike Yeadon (and others) at great personal risk publicly warned regulators of a clear fertility danger inherent to the vaccine (found in section IX of their petition).

PART II: The Complete History of Depopulation Vaccines

In part 1 of this ­­article, I attempted to make the case that there has been a longstanding interest within the ruling class of our society to reduce the population by targeting individuals deemed undesirable.  In the past, these programs typically targeted the poor, people of color, colonial subjects and those with genetic defects that were considered dangerous to the country’s gene pool.  For those of you interested in learning more about this topic and how common it is even in the present day, I would highly recommend reading the first part of this article and Chapter 10 of the book The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

In recent times, the targeted demographic appears to have been expanded to include most of the Western population.  Because of this, groups (that you, dear reader, likely belong to) that were not typically targeted for population reduction in the past now are.  We are all the prey now.

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Free State Project Corner – The Free State Project is moving 20,000+ libertarians to New Hampshire with the goal of reducing “Government” to just protecting life, liberty and property.  We are supporting and reporting on this dynamic.  If you have heard Etienne talk about the plan to accelerate this dynamic by dropping 100,000 copies of “Government”, the 32GB Liberator and a documentary to the influential in the state and want more details in our Executive Summary.

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