The Anarchists – Episode 2 Review & Crowd Sourced Investigation Strikes Gold!: Witness: “[Anarchapulco] drugs came from the CIA”

It’s the Organized Crime CIA and Hollywood trying to “steer and smear” voluntaryism and anarchy because they expose the illegitimacy and criminality of “Government”, the media, and academia.

The complete investigation, reviews, backstory, and propaganda reveal.

This is the 2nd article in a series about the scam of HBO’s propaganda series: The Anarchists and Anarchapulco, a conference of peaceful anarchists set up by an intelligence agency, most likely the CIA, to “Steer and Smear” the most powerful political movements in the world: voluntaryism, peaceful anarchism, anarcho-capitalism, and crypto-anarchism because they are exposing the illegitimacy and criminality of the “Government” and crypto-anarchy, with its focus on honest, stateless money, threatens the dishonest, crooked money system.

This is a review of episode 2 of The Anarchists, Forking Freedom. 

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In the 1st article, The Anarchists – Is HBO Trying to “Chump” Their Audience About Anarchy?, we break down the suspicious background of the Executive Producers who had a documentary crew embedded with the conference for six years.  We expose the shady history of many of the “anarchists” being held up as leaders and examples of “Anarchists” and how they were almost designed… nay… Cast! to make anarchism and cryptocurrencies look seedy and disreputable.

In this review of the 2nd Episode in the series we will expose the shady executive producers on the HBO side of the house, Nancy Abraham and Lisa Heller, who appear to be some of the most prolific propagandists in Hollywood… If I was the Senate holding a “Church Committee II” hearing on CIA propaganda efforts directed against the global population, I would start with interviewing these two under oath! HBO is owned by Warner Bros Discovery that also owns CNN. 

CNN is fake “government” news and HBO is fake “government” documentaries and Ms. Abraham and Heller appear to be whitewashing criminality and suspected criminality of the intelligence agencies. (Covered in more depth behind the paywall)!

Most Importantly, leading with the punchline: Our open source, crowd sourced investigation has already turned up first hand witnesses to: Jeff Berwick confessing to being the controlled opposition in the voluntaryist/anarchist movement and Paul Propert confessing that the cocaine came from the CIA!

The Evidence of Propaganda/Deception Gets Even Better and More Obvious in Episode 2!  We have screenshots and examples of the Directors and editors using unethically manipulative subliminal techniques including: control-of-perspective, subliminal images, and psychologically upsetting subliminal words throughout the “documentary”!

Have we caught the CIA dealing drugs into the liberty movement and running a control-of-perception propaganda campaign to denigrate the only social and political movement that both exposes the illegitimacy and criminality of “government” and offers the ONLY alternative fair for everyone: voluntaryism/anarchism – No one gets the ring of power, everyone has the exact same rights, no one has rights that other people don’t, no one gets an exception from morality.. not even “government”.

Finally, since the 1st article in this series was published, Dropbox has begun censoring our evidence of “Government” and Media Criminality… The links we included in article one in the series to expose the evidence of what really happened in intelligence agency false flag events like 9-11 and hoax shootings for gun control that the executive producers have been deceiving the population on with their documentaries are now being blocked on Dropbox!! Read on for details and screenshots and how we have turned on a mirror of the evidence on Mega Upload to get around the cartel censorship!

The Evidence of Unethically Manipulative Propaganda Techniques on HBO’s Unsuspecting Audience.

One of the biggest “tells” that this is a propaganda operation is the use of unethically manipulative subliminal messages.  These subliminal messages are integrated into the story line and used to disgust/offend the audience to the characters (“The Anarchists”) without the audience really understanding why… after watching HBO’s mind control attempt… they just don’t really like “Anarchists” even though many have never really met an “anarchist”

Subliminal Techniques Used Include:

Subliminal Imagery – Subliminal messages are words/symbols that are flashed on the screen for a very short time.  Long enough for your brain to register disgust or pleasure BUT not long enough for the propaganda victim to understand that it happened.

The flashing of “Baphomets”/ and or flipping-the-bird-at-the-camera –  The Baphomet is a hand sign associated with the occult and satanism in pop culture BUT given multiple meanings (Rock and roll!, Hook em Horns, I Love You(Sign Language) to allow it to be used in propaganda BUT easily used to offend Christians (and people who understand the propaganda technique!)

Having images of your characters flipping-the-bird-at-the-camera (I.E. “The Viewer”) accomplishes the same dynamic and is being used in the series as well! Above are three examples from Episode 2.  There are more in Episode #1 and we are going to start keeping an episode-by-episode-Baphomet-tracker! This week: Three (3) Baphomets and Two (2) Flipping-the-birds! ! If someone wants to go back and count em up and screen shot em in episode 1 then please e-mail me with, ideally, screen times visible and the final counts.

The Cutting of Bloody Meat – Bloody meat can be psychologically disturbing to some and off-putting to vegetarians and vegans… by design…

Psychologically Upsetting Text Flashed on the Screen – Sometimes the propagandist will just flash an image on the screen where the focus is the images (like in the example above) BUT the brain is able to read the rest of the text on the screen and be unsettled by something being “covered in dark blood” and “…blood up and around the entire inside of the bus” especially when paired with an image that looks like every parent’s nightmare.

Control of Perspective is a propaganda technique used to deceive audiences by controlling the narrative around an event like Anarchapulco by controlling where the camera is aimed and who is being covered, held up, associated with, and interviewed which is easily apparent when you understand what to look for.

Control of Perspective –  The ability to control the focus of the camera is the advantage of the propagandist.  Anarchapulco was a conference of thousands of people who each spent thousands of dollars on the conference tickets, travel, and accommodations at a five-star resort.  It was a high-end crowd with many-to-most focused on health, spiritual enlightenment and personal development.  96-ish% of people didn’t have anything to do with hard drugs like Cocaine. The average attendees were entrepreneurs, business owners, digital nomads, retired expats, investors, crypto-investors, and free thinkers…  By focusing on the 0.25% of people at the conference that are drug dealers, free-loaders and mental cases suffering from “government” induced PTSD, Schramke/BlumHouse/Warner Bros Discovery/HBO are tarring the 99.75% with their visual toilet brush.

Most attendees weren’t coming for Berwick.. they were coming for the legitimate speakers like Larken Rose, Derrick Broze, Kenny Palurintano, Carey Wedler, David Rodriguez and Artists like Rob Hustle, and others used to “crowd-gather” the voluntaryists and anarchists but who appear to be deliberately left out of the Schramke’s conference footage while widely suspected controlled opposition media figures like Jeff Berwick, Luke Rudikowski, Dayna Martin, and Adam Kokesh are being featured prominently.

Guilt By Association –  Because the genuine voluntaryist / peaceful anarchist, anarcho-capitalist movement is being purposely hidden from the population on the weaponized controlled media platforms most people have never met or seen accurately represented what a genuine voluntaryist/anarchist or anarcho-capitalist believes in… especially in this “documentary”…

So… What is the HBO Audience Deceived into Believing About “Anarchists” From Warner Bros Discovery-HBO/Blumhouse Television/Schramke?

Here is a summary: 

Anarchists are diseased, nasty, unkempt, adulterous, unstable, drunks with PTSD that flash satanic  baphomets,  live in dumps with nasty toilets, where they burn flags, say: “Fuck the Troops”, live off their wives, hate Santa Claus, and are associated with the scam of the Bitcoin Ponzi scheme which they get from ATMs they steal from strip clubs.

Without giving context as to why the troops deserve a Fuck! Here is more of the actual speech:

I have a dozen more examples but I think you get the idea… Most people in the audience are formulating their opinions about Anarchists based off a Warner Bros Discovery – HBO trick… they are purposely lying to the audience about what Anarchists believe and who the true leaders of the movement are should some people be interested in learning more about “anarchy” or “unschooling” … They are chumping their audience in a way that protects the organized crime “government” and their 7 figure paychecks are being paid for by the theft-of-trillions made possible by “government” and their monopoly media companies.  “Government” is robbing you and stealing the value out-of-your-money and Warner Bros Discovery – HBO is lying to you and distracting you away from who really did it!

The Crowd-Sourced Investigation Into HBO’s The Anarchists and Anarchapuclo

I did two interviews this week with first hand witnesses including an ex-employee of Berwick’s previous operations and an ex-employee of Anarchapulco, who was mentioned in the documentary, and intimately connected with most of the main players.  First Hand Witness #2 isn’t contemplating suicide and wishes to remain anonymous for now but would be interested in speaking on the record if there was  real documentary or investigation (Congressional, Legitimate Publication/Honest Journalist or State AG)

James Guzman First Hand Witness #1 –   Multi-year employee of Jeff Berwick’s operations prior to Anarchapulco including AnarchoCondos and Galt’s Gulch Chile up until the 1st Anarchapulco conference.  Has publicly blown the whistle on Berwick’s criminality previously and has been amassing his own collection of evidence on his website:


“Berwick walked around coked up all the time… We couldn’t figure out where the money was coming from…  …Berwick was spending money like crazy…  [even though] “Every one of his businesses was losing money for years at a time… He had his whole family on the payroll.. Worst businessman I have ever seen in my life…. He would disappear for a week at a time… Not even his right hand man could reach him… you couldn’t text him… you couldn’t call him… I would look into who pumped him early on.. It was Doug Casey and the ExPat Money Show… They were how Berwick got his initial audience…”

Confidential (for now) First Hand Witness #2 – Female employee of Anarchapulco and close personal friends (at the time) with Jeff and Kena Berwick, Luke Rudkowski, Paul Propert, The Freemans, Lily and John Forrester and the entire crew..


“I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this was a government operation”

“Berwick believed he was possessed and when he would get drunk he would be taken over”

 “His wife, Kena, practiced Santeria” and he described her as “the most powerful witch in Mexico but a good witch” and “Kena will murder people… She doesn’t give a fuck”

Berwick made a drunken confession on a Skype call that “He and Luke {Rudkowski] were the controlled opposition in the anarchy movement”

The Freemans would throw drug parties and distributed low-grade ecstasy at their wedding reaffirmation ceremony.  They were polyamorous and shopping for a 2nd wife for Nathan.

Nathan told her that he “had participated in a government hacking event”

Witness is convinced that Paul Propert had Gino murdered and personally heard him say: “Gino had gotten into the meth and had to be put down”

Paul told her he pretended to be dumber than he really is.

Paul told the witness: “the cocaine was coming from the CIA.”

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