Etienne de la Boetie² Author, Speaker & Activist
...</p> <p>Etienne de la Boetie² is the nom de plume of a voluntaryist author, father, technology entrepreneur, cyclist, runner, hot yogi, multi-disciplinarian truther, armchair economist, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and neo-abolitionist who is experimenting with large-scale cult deprogramming. Mr. Boetie² distills 20+ years of research into short, easily-digestible treatises on individual subjects and optimizes them for the 65% of society who are visual learners. Boetie includes references and links to more comprehensive research and the “authentic voices” of the developing alternative media.</p> <p>Mr. Boetie2 is the founder of a start-up public policy organization: The Art of Liberty Foundation that is developing voluntary and free market solutions to social issues while exposing the illegitimacy and criminality of “government”, and the hidden curriculum of organized crime’s mandatory government schools, scouting programs, and police/military “training”: The pseudo-religion of Statism, obedience, fealty, “order-following” and tax slavery. Mr Boetie is the author of “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! and its companion media: The Liberator – A viral flash drive, Dropbox and/or Data DVD full of liberty resources that both expose organized crime’s control system and provides the healthy alternatives of voluntaryism, freedom, love, tolerance, agorism, counter-economics, and crypto-currencies. The physical book and the flash drive are specifically designed for hand-to-hand distribution to get around organized crime’s “propaganda matrix” of six monopoly media companies running hundreds of subsidiaries and ~ two dozen internet search, social media, and video sites that offer the illusion of choice and diversity of opinion on the DARPA Internet.</p> <p>Mr. Boetie² is a misplaced Texan who splits his time between New Hampshire, as part of the Free State Project and Pre-State Project, and Arizona where where he stands ready to help federal, state and local law enforcement understand the people and organizations behind organized crime’s control of the government and media.

Henry Reyes Operations Director
...</p> <p>Henry is responsible for IT operations and customer service at the Art of Liberty Foundation.

Grant Ellman
...</p> <p>Grant Ellman is a musical fellow of the Art of Liberty Foundation.</p> <p>He's a multi instrumentalist and producer from Oregon whose work attracted more than a half million streams on Spotify, and a Billboard feature.</p> <p>His purpose is to spread freedom, truth and love through Reggae. He is half of the conscious reggae duo Prezence, (they put the “Zen” into “Presence”.) and his liberty ballads include: Scam ( and Losin Dey Minds</p> <p>Grant and David, two independent Reggae artists that joined forces to center-hustle on their shared passion for conscious music.</p> <p>Inspired to speak truth to power in a time of universal deceit, Prezence finished a Debut EP AND a 75 minute Live Set in just a few months! Summer, 2020 — Audiences across the Western US hear Prezence for the first time…</p> <p>Self produced, original sounding tracks, live drums, intricate vocal arrangements and a CONSCIOUS MESSAGE!

Howard Lichtman Author, Researcher, Speaker
...</p> <p>Howard S. Lichtman is a visual collaboration-focused technologist and consultant with specialties in organizational and individual productivity. He is the founder and president of the Human Productivity Lab, an independent consultancy and research firm that helps organizations design visual collaboration strategies and deploy solutions. Mr. Lichtman has specialties in designing visual collaboration strategies, visual collaboration for Agile methodologies, and evaluating next-generation technologies for their ability to improve individual and organizational productivity.</p> <p>He was the founder and publisher-emeritus of Telepresence Options a boutique publishing company devoted to next-generation visual collaboration and telepresence technologies.</p> <p>Mr. Lichtman is also the author, editor and/or co-author of Deloitte’s TEKculture/Modern Meetings Magazine, Telepresence Options Yearbook (multiple editions), The Inter-Company Telepresence and Videoconferencing Handbook, The Telepresence and Videoconferencing Exchange Review, Telepresence, Effective Visual Collaboration and the Future of Global Business at the Speed of Light, and Emerging Technologies for Teleconferencing and Telepresence.</p> <p>Mr. Lichtman is a frequent commentator on next-generation technologies for improving both individual and organizational productivity including: augmented reality, virtual reality, telepresence, videoconferencing and effective visual collaboration and his writings on and analysis have been featured by Forbes, US News and World Report, Telephony Magazine, CXO Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Reuters, Pro AV Magazine, Killer App Magazine, ABA Banking Journal, Bank Systems and Technology Magazine and CFO Magazine among others.

Derrick Broze
Derrick Broze
...</p> <p>Derrick Broze is a freelance investigative journalist, documentary film maker,author, and public speaker seeking to expose corruption, find solutions to the problems that affect all of humanity, and promote localization and decentralization. Derrick is a Houstonian who has survived depression, drug addiction, and prison. Since 2010, he has dedicated his life to improving the City of Houston and the world at large, as an activist, journalist, and radio show host. In 2019, Derrick joined the race for Mayor of Houston. As a Mayoral Candidate, Derrick called for giving away the power of the Mayor of Houston and amplifying the voices of Houstonians. As of 2020 he is the author of 5 books and writer of 5 documentaries.

David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez
...</p> <p>David is a Voluntaryist who believes that all human interactions should be voluntary, that no one should be allowed to use violence and extortion on anyone else, and not even “Government” should have an exemption from basic morality.</p> <p>He is the head of the Gatto Project with the mission of helping parents remove their children from forced schools so they can pursue an education with dignity, respect, and empowerment. David was republishing the works of John Taylor Gatto, New York State’s teacher-of-the-year turned whistleblower. These works expose the unethically manipulative hidden curriculum in the Government’s mandatory schools.