Meet the VP of Development

Kirk Dennis

Kirk is a voluntaryist and seasoned business executive that leads our development efforts and is expanding our publications business. He was formerly the principal of Kirk Dennis Inc (KDI) – a management consulting firm that specialized in developing marketing plans and sales strategies for companies in the high-tech industry. Besides KDI, he has founded and built three other diverse companies, including a wholesale computer distributor, Boulder Computer Systems; a nationwide LAN/WAN systems integrator – SigmaCom, Inc; and a videoconferencing company, VideoCom, Inc.

Business highlights include:

  • $250M plus in personal sales over entire career
  • $110M sale to Lockheed Martin in 1986 (global conversion from IBM to Compaq computers)
  • Starting SigmaCom with one other person and a credit card and taking it public as Cavion, Inc. on the NASDAQ Exchange in 1999.

Kirk graduated from Wittenberg University (Springfield, Ohio) with a B.A. in philosophy. As a student, Kirk traveled to Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India for a one-year independent study consummated in a book-length manuscript entitled: “Bodh Gaya – The Holiest Buddhist Shrine.” Bodh Gaya is where the Buddha sat under the Bodhi Tree and received enlightenment. Just like Jerusalem for the Judeo/ Christian religion and Mecca for Islam, Bodh Gaya is considered the holiest place in the Buddhist world.

While living in India, Kirk stayed at the Bodh Gaya Ashram – the international headquarters for disciples of Mahatma Gandhi and the birthplace of the Indian independence movement that drove the British from India. After Gandhi was assassinated in 1949, Vinoba Bhave (1895 – 1982) became the new leader of the Gandhi organization. Bhave was an Indian advocate for nonviolence and human rights. Often called Archaya (teacher in Sanskrit), he is best known for establishing the Bhoodan Movement to provide donated land to the poor (over 1,000 villages) for cultivation.

As an eminent philosopher, he is considered the National Teacher of India and the spiritual successor of Mahatma Gandhi. Kirk met Bhave in 1971 and helped his successor, Dwarko Sundrani, with the Sarvodaya Movement – a powerful program to develop India’s socio, economic and moral independence for the poor people who inherited the donated land. The main objective of this organization was to establish a new India based on non-violence and love and to create a society that uses the politics of cooperation instead of the politics of power.

While working with the Sarvodaya Movement, Kirk was introduced to Surrendra-Ji (spiritual teacher and confidant of Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave, and Dwarko Sundrani). Kirk was very fortunate to receive spiritual instruction from Surrendra-Ji, and after becoming good friends, he asked Kirk to live with him one on one for an entire year. For the next 31 years, Kirk committed to spiritual practice with J. Krishnamurti (1972 – 1976), Adi Da Samraj (1976 – 1984), and A. H. Almaas (1986 – 2003) and during this timeframe, he attended 400-weekend meditation retreats and sixty-six 10-day retreats. As a result, Kirk has the experience and expertise for recognition/ reputation as a meditation master.

In 2003, Kirk created and established the Chalice Heart teaching for revitalizing the precious human soul within the Judeo/ Christian contemplative tradition. For the last 20 years, Kirk has worked with 100+ people in the Chalice Heart Community and recently completed a 310-page book entitled: “The Precious Human Soul.” He is currently conducting research for a new book entitled: “Unveiling the Holy Trinity – Origin-all Estrangement and Sacred Reconciliation”.