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FiveMemeFri – Never forget which “celebrities” pumped the C-19 “Vaccines”

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This week we are featuring an interview that I did with Dr. Peter Breggin, the most esteemed psychiatrist in the world. Dr. Breggin and his wife Ginger also did an investigation into the scam of “The Covid” and came to the same conclusion that we did.  It was a fake pandemic pushed by regulatory captured “government” health agencies (WHO, NIH, CDC, NIAID) aided and abetted by a monopoly media system owned by the same inter-generational organized crime system running the “government.” The goal was to trick the population into taking a bio-weapon disguised as a “vaccine” for eugenics, depopulation and debilitation of a population that, thanks to the Internet, is rapidly figuring out the illegitimacy and criminality of “government.”

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The G7 group of nations is meeting in Italy… What a bunch of losers…

Top Story of the Week

Are Covid-19 “Vaccines” Eugenics and Depopulation? – Dr. Peter Breggin (and Ginger!) Interview Etienne de la Boetie2

Dr. Peter Breggin is arguably the most esteemed psychiatrist in the world. Known as “The Conscience of Psychiatry,” the Harvard-trained Dr. Breggin, along with his wife and frequent co-author Ginger, has authored more than two dozen books and 70+ peer-reviewed scientific papers in the field. More importantly, he has taken well-publicized stands against the barbaric practice of lobotomy, electro-shock “therapies,” the harmful effects of SSRI and other anti-depressant medications, and the drugging of children with ADD/ADHD drugs.

Dr. Breggin and Ginger are also unabashed advocates for individual liberty and, similar to Etienne, didn’t believe what they were being told about “The Covid” and began their own investigation, which resulted in the best-selling book: Covid-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey, which has been called Dr. Breggin’s “Magnum Opus.”

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Videos of the Week

Richard Grove IMPLODES Ben Shapiro’s Logic re: Gaza | #GrandTheftWorld 186 (Clip)

By Freedomsphoenix Readerfour

Deceased Dr Rashid Buttar accurately predicted death of CNN anchor Drew Griffin from C-19 “Vaccine” during interview.

by carltonsue

Deceased Dr Rashid Buttar accurately predicted death of CNN anchor Drew Griffin during interview. Drew Griffin:”I’m vaccinated. You think there is a ticking time bomb in me and I’m going to die?” and yes he died within 2 years….while Dr Buttar was murdered.

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“Government”, Media and Academia
Criminality Exposed

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Congressman Thomas Massie On “Aipac Babysitters”

By Cryptogon

Congressman Thomas Massie reveals to Tucker Carlson that his Republican colleagues have an “AIPAC babysitter” to ensure they vote in the interests of Israel at all times. “It’s the only country that does this,” Massie adds. Follow: @AFpost

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$490 Million Given To Ukraine Has Been Embezzled Or Stolen

by Mac Slavo

Etienne Note: This article also appears in “Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed, A digest of HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of articles exposing and suggesting inter-generational organized crime’s control of the “Government,” Media and Academia by the Art of Liberty Foundation. You can view the other articles or subscribe on Telegram:

According to politician Mikhail Bondar, Criminal proceedings are underway in Ukraine in relation to dozens of cases of alleged embezzlement and theft of funds earmarked for the military. Nearly $500 million given to Kiev for the construction of “defensive fortifications” to repel Russia’s advance has been embezzled or stolen, media reported on Sunday, citing Bondar.

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“Daily News of The Week”

Russia’s victory over Ukraine is drawing near

by Scott Ritter

As Russia’s military operation in Ukraine enters its 28th month, the conflict can be said to have gone through several distinct phases, all but one (the opening gambit) of which prioritized attritional warfare as the principal guiding military philosophy. For Western military observers, schooled as we are on what we deem the ‘modern’ military philosophies of maneuver warfare, the Russian approach to fighting appears primitive, a throwback to the trench warfare of conflicts past, where human life was a commodity readily traded in exchange for a few hundred meters of shell-pocked landscape.

Upon closer scrutiny, and with the benefit of 27 months of accumulated data, the Russian approach to warfare emerges as a progressive application of military art that considers the totality of the spectrum of warfare – small-unit tactics, weapons capability, intelligence, communications, logistics, the defense economy and, perhaps most importantly of all, political reality. It is critical to keep in mind that while Russia may have entered the conflict facing a single adversary (Ukraine), within months it became clear that Moscow was confronting the cumulative military capability of the collective West, where NATO’s financial, material, logistical, command and control, and intelligence support was married to Ukrainian manpower resources to create a military capacity designed by intent to wear Russia down physically and mentally, to strategically defeat Russia by promoting the conditions for its economic and political collapse.

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Murdering a corpse.

by Clif High

Murdering a corpse.

Rene Descartes’ double death is necessary.

Rene Descartes, along with Spinoza, and Liebnitz, is credited with beginning the Age of Reason in the 1600s. In a very real sense, this is a true appraisal of the situation. These were great thinkers. Brilliant. They left their imprint on our science and math which still influence us to this day. They were there at a pivotal point in history and the development of humanity.

Another perspective is that humanity was going to enter the Age of Reason at that time as we were coming out of the Kali Yuga. In this view, these individuals were filling roles that would have emerged with other personalities, had Descartes and his bros not existed.

The Age of Reason was foretold by the astronomy, as concluded by Sri Yukteswar. He was a mathematician in India, and an astrophysicist, who derived that the most recent Kali Yuga ended in the year 1700. Yukteswar believed the Yugas were controlled by the influence of another mass on the orbital path of our solar system. The current thinking is that our solar system trajectory is affected by the central mass of our galaxy as a whole, and that sinusoidal nature of the orbital mechanics are the proximate cause of the effects that humanity perceives as the Yuga cycle.

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Heavily Armed Federal Agents Show Up at Home of Texas Doctor After He Blew Whistle on Sex-Change Program at Texas Children’s Hospital, Serve Him Federal Indictment

By Cristina Laila

Biden’s corrupt Justice Department indicted a Texas surgeon who blew the whistle on a sex-change program at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

In May 2023, Dr. Eithan Haim leaked the sex change documents to investigative reporter Christopher Rufo. Dr. Haim was careful not to disclose any patient information but the Biden DOJ indicted him on four felony counts related to HIPAA violations.

One day after Dr. Haim exposed the Texas Children’s Hospital, the Texas state legislature voted to ban transgender medical treatment and procedures on minors.

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. @EithanHaim exposed the child sex-change program at Texas Children’s Hospital. Now the Biden Administration has indicted him on four felony charges. This is an outrageous political persecution—and must be resisted.

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$1bn flying air taxi startup receives green light to operate commercially

by Nalin Rawat

Archer Aviation is a leading electric aviation company that has just received the green light for commercial operations for an on-demand air taxi service.

It is a California-based company based in San Jose with a market capitalization of $1 billion.

Just recently, the company announced that it had received a Part 135 air carrier certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

This marks a major step forward for the flying car industry as Archer becomes the second firm to receive Part 135 certification from the FAA.

The first company was Joby Aviation which signed a deal with Dubai to launch air taxi services.

This will also help pave the way for vertical-take-off-and-landing aircraft or eVTOLs — often referred to as air taxis.

Soon flying cars and eVTOLS will become a common sight as you look up at the sky.

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How Can a Christian Be a Libertarian?

By Laurence M. Vance

At the recent Libertarian Party national convention, principled libertarians like Michael Rectenwald and Jacob Hornberger were rejected as the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee in favor of a homosexual, CDC libertarian who defends drag queen story hours, opposes legislation “to limit therapies and care specifically for young people who may be trans or nonbinary,” and thinks that “Lew Rockwell and his work is bigoted tripe.”

It took seven rounds of ballots before cultural leftist Chase Oliver received the nomination with 60.6 percent of the vote. “I will continue to bring a hopeful and positive message of liberty to both those who consider themselves libertarian and those who don’t know they are libertarian yet,” said Oliver in his victory speech.

But as Tom Woods has well said, Oliver “will attract zero disaffected right-wingers (and since no disaffected left-wingers are considering the LP, it’s a gratuitous minus with no upside), who will now simply hold their noses and vote for Trump.”

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What Can Be Done to Prevent DNA-Sized Plastics From Invading Our Bodies?

By Amy Denney

Plastics that break down into particles as tiny as our DNA—small enough to be absorbed through our skin—are released into our environment at a rate of 82 million metric tons a year. These plastics, and the mix of chemicals they are made with, are now major contributors to disease, affecting the risk of afflictions ranging from cancer to hormonal issues.

Plastic pollution threatens everything from sea animals to human beings, a problem scientists, activists, business groups, and politicians are debating as they draft a global treaty to end plastic pollution. These negotiations have only highlighted the complexity of a threat that seems to pit economic growth and jobs against catastrophic damage to people and the planet.

Rapid growth in plastics didn’t begin until the 1950s, and since then, annual production has increased nearly 230-fold, according to two data sets processed by Our World in Data. More than 20 percent of plastic waste is mismanaged—ending up in our air, water, and soil.

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GPT-4 autonomously hacks zero-day security flaws with 53% success rate

By Joe Salas

Researchers were able to successfully hack into more than half their test websites using autonomous teams of GPT-4 bots, co-ordinating their efforts and spawning new bots at will. And this was using previously-unknown, real-world ‘zero day’ exploits.

A couple of months ago, a team of researchers released a paper saying they’d been able to use GPT-4 to autonomously hack one-day (or N-day) vulnerabilities – these are security flaws that are already known, but for which a fix hasn’t yet been released. If given the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) list, GPT-4 was able to exploit 87% of critical-severity CVEs on its own.

Skip forward to this week and the same group of researchers released a follow-up paper saying they’ve been able to hack zero-day vulnerabilities – vulnerabilities that aren’t yet known – with a team of autonomous, self-propagating Large Language Model (LLM) agents using a Hierarchical Planning with Task-Specific Agents (HPTSA) method.

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MAJOR: Russia Officially Becomes World’s 4th Largest Economy, Passing Japan

By Simplicius

But first a little background:

This may seem like old news, as people have posted Russia’s putative overtaking of Japan’s economy several months ago. However, there was much confusion as the source most used was a UK website called World Economics, which they conflated with the World Bank but which is in fact not an ‘official’ source of any kind.

What has happened now is that the World Bank announced last week that they have revised their GDP figures from 2021 onward, and in those revisions they have found that Russia had already surpassed Japan even as far back as 2021, and has continued pulling ahead up to now.

WASHINGTON, May 30, 2024 — New purchasing power parities (PPPs), which provide a standardized way to assess the relative buying power of different economies, were released today by the International Comparison Program (ICP) for the reference year 2021.

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How Anthony Fauci Weaponized Science Against America

By A Midwestern Doctor

One of the biggest problems in our government is that people are promoted based on their loyalty (and sociopathy) rather than their competency (and integrity). In turn, the leadership of federal bureaucracy tends to be infested with individuals who habitually cover up the crimes of the government and those who are eager to sell out America to corporate interests—rather than the best minds our country has to offer who could genuinely move America forward.

Because of this, the employees of the federal government (e.g., our scientists) are often trapped in a position where they want to do the right thing but can’t because a president appointed a boss for them whose only qualification was lifelong loyalty to the corporation which funded the president’s election. RFK Jr. for example, has shared this was what he learned from repeatedly suing the Federal government, likewise numerous CDC employees signed a letter attesting to this, and more recently, when the GAO conducted an investigation, they found employees in the Federal agencies responsible for the pandemic response reported that they had seen political interference prevent scientifically correct policies from being enacted within their agency.

In my eyes, this reality is a product of the fact America is a superpower in decline which has gotten such an excess of wealth and power (and propaganda) that its government no longer has to produce results to stay in power (e.g., consider how pivotal institutions in the country such as the current presidential administration are now filling their ranks with grossly unqualified individuals who meet DEI metrics and then not being held to account for the horrendous failures of these individuals).

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Autonomous marine trash gobbler takes on invasive weeds too

By Paul Ridden

Clear Robotics is expanding its fleet of autonomous marine trash collectors. Its Class 3 vessel boasts more onboard storage capacity plus towed barge potential for extended cleanup operations, and has also been designed to tackle invasive weeds.

Looking for a way to automate the labor-intensive task of cleaning floating waste from local waters, a pair of Hong Kong University graduates came up with a robotic vessel dubbed Clearbot. The basic idea was to send the little trash gobbler into harbors, lakes and canals, where it would take a bite out of floating debris with its gaping mouth (open bow) and collect it in bins for responsible disposal or recycling.

The design got a funky makeover from gaming company Razer mid-2021, and numerous Clearbots have started work in the years since. Now the company has stepped things up a notch with the launch of a Class 3 vessel in the North East Region of India.

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The Military-Industrial Complex Is Killing Us All

By David Vine

We need to talk about what bombs do in war. Bombs shred flesh. Bombs shatter bones. Bombs dismember. Bombs cause brains, lungs, and other organs to shake so violently they bleed, rupture, and cease functioning. Bombs injure. Bombs kill. Bombs destroy.

Bombs also make people rich.

When a bomb explodes, someone profits. And when someone profits, bombs claim more unseen victims. Every dollar spent on a bomb is a dollar not spent saving a life from a preventable death, a dollar not spent curing cancer, a dollar not spent educating children. That’s why, so long ago, retired five-star general and President Dwight D. Eisenhower rightly called spending on bombs and all things military a “theft.”

The perpetrator of that theft is perhaps the world’s most overlooked destructive force. It looms unnoticed behind so many major problems in the United States and the world today. Eisenhower famously warned Americans about it in his 1961 farewell address, calling it for the first time “the military-industrial complex,” or the MIC.

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Government Raid Seizes $90,000 of Healthy Food Grown by Nourish Cooperative

by Ashley Armstrong

Five-Hour ‘Inspection’ Leads to Cease and Desist Letter

What began to unfold over the next four to five hours was these four inspectors, going through our fridges and freezers, tossing products around, and deciding that all of our raw dairy and a few other products were placed under seizure. Including the raw cheese.

The issue they had with the raw cheese was that the plant number was “not identifiable” on the label. However, Brandon read off the plant number to the inspectors directly from the label in front of them, and this information was also given to the main human food inspector the week prior verbally during a phone call.

So, we provided the plant number where our cheese is made … but they said they couldn’t read it on their own. Even if the font size was too small, why did the product have to be put “UNDER SEIZURE”?

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California will refund more than $52 million to federal government for immigrant care

by Emily Alpert Reyes

Etienne Note: This article also appears in “Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed, A digest of HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of articles exposing and suggesting inter-generational organized crime’s control of the “Government,” Media and Academia by the Art of Liberty Foundation. You can view the other articles or subscribe on Telegram:

California needs to repay more than $52 million to the federal government after improperly claiming reimbursement from the Medicaid program for some immigrant patients, according to a recently released report from federal inspectors.

The findings, released by the Office of the Inspector General at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, come as California has been staring down a $44.9-billion deficit.

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Plastic Food Packaging from Five Countries Contains Endocrine- and Metabolism-Disrupting Chemicals

by Ana Maria Mihalcea, Md, Phd

This recent article on food packaging had some very important news. We know that plastic polymer can produce highly toxic effects in the human body. I have extensively written about this in relation to the self assembly nanotechnology polymers. The reason this paper is so important is this: while there were only a few polymers identified, that one polymer had SEVERAL THOUSAND individual chemicals in them. Imagine what that means for humans and the health of our biosphere with microplastics being ubiquitous – any nobody knows what kind of disease processes exactly these chemicals are causing in the human body. The chemicals from the packaging also go into the food. The scientists tested specifically for endocrine disruption, which we know that phthalates, which are chemical derivatives of plastics, can cause.

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The Real Scam of Trump’s Indictment was America Wasting Its Time on a Staged Courthouse Drama

The scam of the Trump indictment is much different from what most people think that it is.  Trump is obviously part of the “Deep State” (The inter-generational organized crime system running “government” on the population to rob and control them) as evidenced by his participation in Operation Warp Speed, his encouragement for his supporters to take the “vaccine” (bio-weapon), his longtime friendships and business dealings with Jeffrey Epstein, George Soros, Roy Cohn, Wilber Ross, and others. 

Trump is an actor whose theatrical agent is Ari Emanuel, the brother of Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who famously said: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” and Ezekiel Emanuel, a eugenicist who is/was part of Biden’s Covid-19 task force.

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Hunter Biden Convicted On Felony Gun Charges

By Tyler Durden

Etienne Note: This article also appears in “Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed, A digest of HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of articles exposing and suggesting inter-generational organized crime’s control of the “Government,” Media and Academia by the Art of Liberty Foundation. You can view the other articles or subscribe on Telegram:

Update: Hunter Biden, the smartest man his father knows, has been convicted on all three felony gun charges (and not anything to do with ’10 held for the big guy’ of course) – so obviously the least of his alleged crimes and one which doesn’t implicate anyone important.

According to AP, Hunter stared straight ahead and showed little emotion as the verdict was read. The judge has since excused the jurors.

A sentencing date has not yet been set, but prepare to be bombarded with “I wasn’t aware Hunter was running for president” from the left.

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The Five Stages Of Denial When Skeptics Are Faced With Economic Collapse

by Brandon Smith

In light of the recent resurgence of inflation on top of increasingly rigged employments stats, declining manufacturing and stagnant wages I think it’s important to revisit a fundamental question: What does an economic collapse look like?

As I have said for years an economic collapse is NOT an event, it’s a process. When people think of a historic crisis they usually imagine something like the stock market crash of 1929 at the beginning of the Great Depression. However, there were numerous indicators and warning signs leading up to that crash that should have tipped people off. There were even a handful of economists that voiced concerns about impending instability, yet they were ignored.

Then, after the crash occurred numerous establishment economists denied that the system was in any real danger. They continually claimed that recovery was “right around the corner”, but the recovery never materialized. Instead, the crash spiraled onward for over a decade until world war erupted, largely because the Federal Reserve raised interest rates into economic weakness (a disaster they have openly admitted to causing and a policy they are instituting right now).

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Thefts of charging cables pose yet another obstacle to appeal of electric vehicles

By Tom Krisher

DETROIT (AP) — Just before 2 a.m. on a chilly April night in Seattle, a Chevrolet Silverado pickup stopped at an electric vehicle charging station on the edge of a shopping center parking lot.

Two men, one with a light strapped to his head, got out. A security camera recorded them pulling out bolt cutters. One man snipped several charging cables; the other loaded them into the truck. In under 2½ minutes, they were gone.

The scene that night has become part of a troubling pattern across the country: Thieves have been targeting EV charging stations, intent on stealing the cables, which contain copper wiring. The price of copper is near a record high on global markets, which means criminals stand to collect rising sums of cash from selling the material.

The stolen cables often disable entire stations, forcing EV owners on the road to search desperately for a working charger. For the owners, the predicament can be exasperating and stressful.

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Is there a healthy Popsicle? Watch out for these ingredients!

By Food Babe

Almost every brand is packed with so many unhealthy ingredients like tons of added refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, gums, and fake flavors.

Even most organic brands and those “Made With Real Fruit” bars contain added flavors and gums. And if you’re not careful, you might get sabotaged with artificial colors and artificial sweeteners too. 

HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP: Increases the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), weight gain, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and dementia.

JUICE CONCENTRATES: Fruit juice heated into a syrup, which makes it higher in sugar, lower in fiber, and lower in nutrients. Experts say it is similar to high-fructose corn syrup!

SUCRALOSE: Artificial sweetener made in a laboratory by reacting sugar with Chlorine. Has been linked to leukemia and related blood cancers in animal studies.

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“Who Will Build the Roads?” Part 1

by Wendy McElroy

Everyone who argues for the free market over government involvement in the economy has heard this common comeback: “Who will build the roads?” Sometimes, the question is sincere and deserves to be answered with patience.

Much of the time, however, it is the dismissal of a complex argument and is intended to close off discussion with a glib victory.

It is annoying to answer and re-answer the same question for decades, but it is important to do so because the question “Who will build the roads?” captures a key obstacle to achieving a free economy. Namely, many people believe the private sector is either incapable of producing the goods and services society needs or that it would produce them in a destructive manner; for example, the profit-driven free market would produce such an expensive health system that the poor would be left to die.

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Peso Tumbles Further After Leftist President-Elect Sheinbaum Confirms Drastic Reform

By Tyler Durden

The Mexican Peso has continued falling against the dollar on news that the country’s leftist President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum has committed to pushing through deeply controversial reforms of the judiciary widely seen as negative for Mexico’s efforts to create an attractive and prosperous business climate.

In a Monday press conference she previewed plans to put her cabinet in place, after which she confirmed that the “constitutional reform of the judiciary would be among the first reforms to be approved.” A fundamental change is that that federal judges will get elected by popular vote, instead of appointment.

The reform is not merely a future election plan when judge’s terms are up, but would replace an appointed Supreme Court with popularly elected judges, and would apply to some lower courts.

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Visualizing How Homicide Rates In US States Have Changed Since 2012

By Tyler Durden

How much safer or more dangerous is the United States? The answer largely depends on the specific metrics used, and compared to when.

For instance, if we look at state-by-state homicide rates from 2012 to 2022, there’s a noticeable increase in most states. However, these rates are still below those recorded in the 1980s and 1990s.

A graphic from USAFacts offers an analysis of age-adjusted homicide rates across states for the period from 2012 to 2022, illustrating these changes. This analysis utilizes CDC data covering 46 states, with New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming lacking available data.

As Visual Capitalist‘s Omri Wallach notes, from 2012 to 2022, homicide rates increased in every state with available data except for ConnecticutNew Jersey, and Rhode Island. Here are the rates for all 46 available states as well as their 10-year change in percentage.

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George Clooney’s foundation to issue arrest warrant requests for journalists who say nice things about Russia

by Cassie B.

The Clooney Foundation for Justice’s Docket Project is pursuing secret arrest warrants for journalists in Europe whose reporting is favorable to Russia in a move that a Kremlin spokesperson has labeled “insane.”

By now, we’re all painfully aware that facts and truth don’t matter to a lot of people if they don’t align with their views, and now this foundation, which was founded by actor George Clooney and his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, is trying to use legal processes to stop professionals from doing their jobs.

The Docket Project’s legal director, Anna Neistat, recently told Voice of America radio that they are attempting to obtain the arrest warrants by appealing to the European countries that have laws against “war propaganda.” She announced: “We are submitting requests to initiate criminal proceedings in countries where this provision exists in the criminal code.”

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Tesla Robotaxi: Everything We Know

by Tim Levin

Lately, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has looked increasingly bored of the car business. He insists that Tesla’s future hinges not on selling more Teslas, but rather on artificial intelligence and robotics. A central piece of that vision revolves around self-driving cars that can be deployed as “robotaxis” that remove humans from driving entirely. 

But Musk apparently doesn’t want to lean on humdrum Model 3 sedans and Model Y SUVs for his Uber competitor. Tesla says it’s working on a purpose-built, dedicated robotaxi vehicle that Musk indicated may be called the “Cybercab” on a recent earnings call. 

It’s a wildly ambitious plan, one that feels like the ultimate extension of Tesla’s longtime bet on its Autopilot and so-called Full Self-Driving systems. It’s also extremely unproven, hinges on aggressive buildouts of brand-new technologies, depends on an uncertain level of consumer support, depends on regulations that don’t even exist yet and will require Autopilot and FSD can survive a maze of legal challenges and even a federal criminal investigation. 

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The hidden costs of owning a home are surging for Americans

By Matt Egan

The price for owning a home is rising rapidly – and we’re not just talking about mortgage payments.

US homeowners are now paying an average of $18,118 a year on property taxes, homeowners’ insurance, maintenance, energy and various other expenses linked to owning a home, according to a new Bankrate study.

That’s nearly the cost to buy a used car and represents a 26% increase from four years ago when it cost $14,428 annually to own and maintain a home.

All of these variable expenses are on top of the fixed cost of a mortgage, including property taxes, homeowners insurance, energy costs, internet, cable bills and home maintenance.

The findings are another reminder of how much more expensive life has become since Covid-19.

New data released on Wednesday underscored the pressure Americans are feeling from housing-related expenses.

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Coolest flying cars taking off in 2025

by Claire Reid

Growing up, you might have dreamed of one day seeing flying cars zipping through the sky, and that dream looks like it could be a step closer to reality.

Several companies are working hard on getting flying cars to market – taking the idea from science fiction and making it real.

The designs for flying cars have a fair bit of range, with some resembling mini-helicopters and others – such as the XPeng Aeroht – looking more reminiscent of an actual car.

If you’re hoping to get your hands on one day, then read on for a round-up of some of the most exciting designs that could be hitting the skies near you one day.

READ MORE! There is a town full of flying cars being established in China with 100 XPeng ordered

The Sky Switchblade

Dubbed ‘the world’s first flying sports car’, the Samson Sky Switchblade is a three-wheel, street-legal vehicle that you can drive around like any other car.

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The Blackstone Invasion: Is Your Rental Next on the Chopping Block?

By Reinette Senum

Hold onto your avocado toast because the notorious Wall Street mega-landlord Blackstone has set its sights on the Golden State’s housing market. And they’re not here to make friends or keep rents affordable. They’re here to make cold, hard cash on the backs of hardworking Californians, one outrageously priced rental unit at a time.

Blackstone, led by billionaire CEO Stephen Schwarzman (who raked in a cool $1.2 billion in 2023 alone), has been on a recent buying spree, snapping up a staggering 8,300 apartments across California with its recent $10 billion acquisition of AIR Communities.

That’s right, $10 billion.

I guess when you’re the world’s largest private equity firm with $975 billion in assets under management, dropping a few billion on some California real estate is just another day at the office.

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Tesla’s unsold inventory is creating stockpiles you can see from space massive pileup

by Rani Molla

Last quarter Tesla produced 433,371 Teslas. It delivered just 386,810, meaning there were about 47,000 extra Teslas around, more than double what it was a year ago and its biggest imbalance to date.

This surplus is happening as the electric car company deals with a number of headwinds, including slowing electric vehicle sales growth, growing competition, and chaotic leadership.

“The primary driver of this was an increase in inventory from a mismatch between builds,” Tesla Chief Financial Officer Vaibhav Taneja said of the company’s -$2.5 billion in free cash flow (spending on AI compute was also to blame). “We expect the inventory built to reverse in the second quarter and free cash flow to return to positive again.”

Until then, we wondered: Where have all the unsold Teslas gone?

I used satellite imagery and object detection analytics from the earth observation marketplace SkyFi, to take a look at some images of Tesla’s Gigafactory outside Austin, Texas. Comparing a Thursday from last October to a Thursday in March, you can see that the parking lots outlined in green in the images below became much more full.

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“Soylent Green” When A Conspiracy Becomes Truth. (Hidden Truth From Hollywood Series # 5) Forever Is A Long Time. That Deck Was Stacked Against Us.

by Anthony Blake

I had a few people contact me early on after I started my Substack and asked me how controversial I was going to be with my subject matter, and did I think anything really conspiratorial was going to hurt my credibility as a writer, or taint my perspective for future articles? I laughed. I only had a couple of hundred views at the time on my earlier articles and I told myself when I started my Substack that I was going to go after truth and substance over quantity. I’m writing about topics that interest me and that I think will stimulate my readers. I’m as honest and forthcoming as I can be with my research and being as truthful as the material will allow.

A little over 50 years ago, a movie was released that shocked people and made some people very sick at the thought of what the future might hold. Once again, I have to ask, was it science fiction or predictive programming from Hollywood, the CIA and the Global Elite to desensitize the public about the possibility of this happening in the future? That 1973 movie was “Soylent Green”. It predicted what would happen in 2022. We are right in that time window with what is going on in our world right now. Don’t believe me? Come along on this sick, twisted journey of the reality you live in and probably don’t even know about.

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H5N8 Bird Flu vaccine shipping to EU: up to 40 million doses of an untested vaccine designed for a disease that does not exist

by Meryl Nass

SUMMARY OF PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS (I cut and pasted from the label below except where I use my name)

Influenza virus surface antigens (haemagglutinin and neuraminidase)* of strain:

A/Astrakhan/3212/2020 (H5N8)-like strain (CBER-RG8A) (clade 7.5 micrograms** per 0.5 ml dose

* propagated in fertilised hens’ eggs from healthy chicken flocks

** expressed in micrograms haemagglutinin (HA).

Adjuvant MF59C.1 containing per 0.5 ml dose: [can cause autoimmunity—Nass]

squalene (9.75 mg), polysorbate 80 (1.175 mg), sorbitan trioleate (1.175 mg), sodium citrate (0.66 mg) and citric acid (0.04 mg).

Zoonotic Influenza Vaccine Seqirus may contain trace residues of egg and chicken proteins, ovalbumin, kanamycin, neomycin sulphate, formaldehyde, hydrocortisone and cetyltrimethylammonium bromide which are used during the manufacturing process (see section 4.3).

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Is LTCM Replaying Itself In US T-Bills?

By Tyler Durden

When the carnage of LTCM stopped it was understood that it was not a case of genius men wielding math models but rather an abuse of leverage. They were levered 30-1.

LTCM made big bets on pricing discrepancies. Arbitraging stocks, bonds, currencies, and derivatives with the expectation that prices would eventually converge.

Until… They were wrong.

When the unexpected happens markets suddenly find the smartest guys in the room are mere mortals, not God’s. Declining market opportunities expose that these capitalists have no special powers. Only special agreements allow them to ignore conventional risk-taking rules.

Their addiction to risky bets is the driver behind extreme levels of leverage.

With the collapse of LTCM, it looked like a single hedge fund was going down the tubes and about to pull the entire global financial system along with it.

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OffG’s last word on the “lab leak” theory: Illogical, immaterial and dangerous

by Kit Knightly

The “lab leak” theory is in the news again. It is essentially revealed as a mainstream position now. As we always predicted it would be.

Two weeks ago the New York Times ran a long opinion piece endorsing it (we covered it in This Week).

Last week economist Jeffrey Sachs endorsed it in his 2-hour interview with Tucker Carlson,

and yesterday RFK jr endorsed it as part of his presidential campaign:

Isn’t it amazing how quickly it has phased from “racist conspiracy theory” to the theory of choice for the fake-alternative?

And somehow – despite publication in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post and the BBC and the Guardian and pretty much everywhere else – the “lab leak theory” is still sold as some kind of alternative.

It’s not. At all. It’s the mainstream narrative in different wrapping paper.

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The Most Comprehensive Control Studies of the Virological Methodology Ever Undertaken

by DPL

For the past 8 months a team of us including 30-year experienced biochemists and geneticists have been conducting the most comprehensive control studies of the Virological Methodology ever done.

Taking inspiration from the control experiments conducted by Dr. Stefan Lanka, we looked not only to replicate his findings but to expand on them, scrutinizing every single point of reference virologists quote as evidence that “viruses” exist.

We are conducting control experiments in respect of the following experiments and procedures:

Cell Culture Isolation.

Transmission Electron Microscopy.




Full Genome sequencing.

To date, we have conducted over 90 cell culture control studies. These cultures were not inoculated with a “virus” sample and consist only a cell line, antibiotics and fetal bovine serum (FBS). Despite the lack of a “virus” sample, cytopathic effect (CPE or cell death that is supposed to denote the presence of a virus) was observed in all 90 cell cultures.

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“Synthetic Biology” – The Science Delusion

By Sasha Latypova

I also very much recommend listening to this speech by Rupert Sheldrake on the same topic: Science Delusion. It is not specific to the claims of “synthetic biology”, but it is a great example how science dogma, and its product – misleading delusionary (not tied to reality) language lead into hubristic thinking:

The idea of “synthetic biology” is based on a delusionary – deeply flawed, mechanistic – approach to biology and life in general. It is delusional as it is based on indirect observations, modeling, cartoons, and, in more recent years, outright fraud for financial/power gains. As an approach to solving mysteries of the natural world it is a guaranteed dead end.

This is an interesting review paper on synthetic biology published in Nature:

This paper explains that “synthetic biology” comes in two broad classes:

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Hanging chads and the 2002 “Help America Vote Act” were designed bring in electronic machines to hack all future elections

by Meryl Nass

We are now five months away from the 2024 election — and Dominion’s electronic voting machines just failed in Puerto Rico’s primaries held on June 2nd!

The “failure” of Dominion’s machines was so obvious and widespread in Puerto Rico that even Biden regime media outlets like AP and ABC were forced to admit that it actually happened.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico’s elections commission said Tuesday that it’s reviewing its contract with a U.S. electronic voting company after hundreds of discrepancies were discovered following the island’s heated primaries.

The problem stemmed from a software issue that caused machines supplied by Dominion Voting Systems to incorrectly calculate vote totals, said Jessika Padilla Rivera, the commission’s interim president.

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Idaho Gov’t Shuts Down Water for 500,000 Acres of Farmland in Latest Effort to Engineer Mass Famine

by Natural News

Idaho Department of Water Resources (IDWR) director Matthew Weaver issued a curtailment order for farmers using groundwater irrigation in six districts that affects half a million acres. Thousands of farmers across the Snake River Plain must now abandon their fields or else face steep fines. Critic Adam Young warned that this order will upend the local and regional economies of eastern Idaho as family farms, grain merchandisers, potato warehouses, food processors, truckers, input suppliers and equipment dealers see their business models evaporate, and as banks face the prospect of widespread defaults. He says Idaho has plenty of water, the reservoirs are filled, the snowpack was above average, more than 200 billion gallons of water were released to prevent flooding, and the state’s rivers have swollen beyond their banks. 

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Bombshell: Senator Lindsey Graham Says the War in Ukraine Is Over $10 Trillion in Mineral Resources

by CBS and Jimmy Dore

US Republican Senator and war hawk Lindsey Graham spilled the beans that the war in Ukraine is over minerals and other natural resources. He said, “What did Trump do to get the weapons flowing? He created a loan system. They’re sitting on 10 to 12 trillion dollars of critical minerals and Ukraine could be the richest country in all of Europe. I don’t want to give that money and those assets to Putin to share with China. If we help Ukraine now, they can become the best business partner we ever dreamed of that 10 to 12 trillion of  critical mineral assets could be used by Ukraine and the West, not given to Putin and China this is a very big deal…” 

Senator Graham says the quiet part out loud, that Ukrainian resources are the reason for the war (the statement on Ukraine assets ends at the 4:55 time mark).

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