Controlled Opposition Watch

Vladimir Lenin once said that the best way to control the opposition was to lead it ourselves. That model is the unfortunate reality that the liberty and truth movements must contend with today: Well-funded, usually slick media operations that typically provide good information (on the topics that are already well known) but stand ready to gate-keep or deceive when needed or required. We have a number of these operations in our sights: Anarchapulco, InfoWars, Vice News, and others. Stay tuned or submit evidence to

Notable Articles

Video – Explaining the Alex Jones/Tucker Carlson Controlled Opposition Limited Hangout

Here is a great video exposing just a few aspects of the Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson scam. I wish I had the time to break down all the data points of why I think Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson are controlled opposition, but I am slammed, so I’ll just start the list and let folks add to the list in the comments.

Tucker Carlson: Limited Hangout. He is playing an important role in the globalist takeover

Sounds odd, right? His monologues on Fox News were very insightful and he’s enjoying more freedom to speak his mind on his new independent platform. His recent speech in Alberta calling attention to the political prisoners there is “on the money,” too. What’s not to like?

HBO Releases ‘The Truth vs. Alex Jones’ Trailer From Producers Behind “The Anarchists”

In The Truth vs. Alex Jones, filmmaker Dan Reed shows how Jones built an empire peddling supplements to listeners of his popular InfoWars radio show and then fueled his own collapse by promoting a conspiracy theory that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was staged.

Chumped: The Unfortunate Truth About Anarchapulco and HBO’s Series: The Anarchists

Anarchapulco is an annual conference that takes place each February in Acapulco.  The current conference of 100-200ish? attendees going on this week is the rotting corpse of the original conference that once attracted thousands before.

HBO’s The Anarchists – Episode 3 – Propaganda Breakdown and Backstory

I’d like to break down the whole scam of “Anarchapulco” and “The Anarchists” before we get into the specific propaganda scams of Episode 3 to highlight how the CIA steers political movements in the age of controlled social media. If you are new to the series then please check out my review of Episode 1 to understand why the CIA would want to steer the voluntaryist and peaceful anarchism movements.

The Anarchists – Episode 2 Review & Crowd-Sourced Investigation Strikes Gold!

This is the 2nd article in a series about the scam of HBO’s propaganda series: The Anarchists and Anarchapulco, a conference of peaceful anarchists set up by an intelligence agency, most likely the CIA, to “Steer and Smear” the most powerful political movements in the world: voluntaryism, peaceful anarchism, anarcho-capitalism, and crypto-anarchism.

The Anarchists – Is HBO Trying to “Chump” their Audience about Anarchy?

There is a new propaganda series from HBO on the Anarchapulco conference (Anarchy in Acapulco) that is held every February in Acapulco, Mexico. I have been an attendee since the initial conference in 2015 and have only missed 2017, 2021 and 2022 (although in 2022  I attended and spoke at the anti-Anarchapulco conference, Agorapulco