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Vladimir Lenin once said that the best way to control the opposition was to lead it ourselves. That model is the unfortunate reality that the liberty and truth movements must contend with today: Well-funded, usually slick media operations that typically provide good information (on the topics that are already well known) but stand ready to gate-keep or deceive when needed or required. We have a number of these operations in our sights: Anarchapulco, InfoWars, Vice News, and others. Stay tuned or submit evidence to

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  • Woman’s March on Washington August 27, 2021
    This article breaks down the connections between Donald Trump and George Soros and exposes how George Soros’s foundations steered these poor women into ineffectual slogans, demands, and disreputable speakers to blunt opposition to the status quo’s newly installed figurehead. This is the first article in a new series exposing the controlled opposition in the truth […]