What is being censored off the Internet? – The Reality Czars Interview Etienne de la Boetie2

What is being censored off the Internet? (and other topics)

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Art of Liberty Foundation founder Etienne de la Boetie2 joined Nate and Thomas from the Reality Czars podcast.  Some of the topics discussed on the show (with references and proof-of-claims) include:

What is being scrubbed off of YouTube and other social media?  In the video, I mentioned that in addition to having two strikes for talking about forbidden topics, YouTube was also deleting videos from our channel without giving us a strike, and I mentioned this video from Dr. Mark and David Geier.  They were the 1st outside researchers to be given access to the CDC’s Vaccine SafetyLink Database.  Their story is absolutely unbelievable and showcases that what the organized crime, control-of-perception social media companies are deleting off the platforms is evidence of neurological damage from the vaccines and the criminality and regulatory capture of agencies like the CDC, NIH, and NIAID.

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Click on the Image Above or the Link Below to Understand How the CDC Hides Neurological Damage from Autism and CIA YouTube Censors it Off the Net

What else is being censored off the Internet?

13:30 – Etienne breaks down Controlled Opposition Alex Jones and Kanye West ridiculous and “Clownifcation of the Opposition”

15:00 – Etienne breaks down how someone had the internet publishing platform Medium take down the Insurge Intelligence article on the military and intelligence agencies being behind 800+ movies and thousands of television shows.

17:50 – Are actors getting paid by how much of your time and attention they are able to waste on propaganda and distraction?

19:00 – Etienne breaks down how organized crime Hollywood uses tools like product placement of the flag and anchoring to build the audience up to a moment of high positive emotion and then show you the flag to “anchor” that emotion to the flag.

Example of Anchoring from the Matt Damon movie: “The Martian” where the movie builds to a moment of high positive emotion, and then the audience is shown the American flag.

20:00 – Thomas breaks down how Rhetoric and Logic have been occulted by the mandatory school system so the organized crime system can use Rhetoric against them.

22:00 – Thomas breaks down how the original drug dealers (British East India Company, Russell Trust, etc.) took control of the academia and the intelligence communities.

22:50 – Etienne breaks down the Trivium as a “firewall for the mind” and how knowledge of logic prevents people from using language as a weapon against you. 

23:27 – Etienne and Thomas break down how debate in high school has been changed from the classical “Lincoln-Douglass” type debates, where kids are trained to craft intelligent and persuasive arguments, to “Policy Debate” where the kids vomit out arguments so fast to be completely unintelligible.

A Short Three Minute Video from Wired Magazine showing kids engaged in “Policy Debate” Where they Are “Spreading” or talking as fast as they can to make as many points as possible in the shortest amount of time vs. being trained in classical rhetoric to make compelling arguments about, say, the illegitimacy and criminality of “government”

26:55 – Etienne breaks down how the “government” “runs game” on the kids in the mandatory “government” school system. How the kids are neutered intellectually… culturally, and intellectually poisoned so they can be “chumped” and tax farmed.

30:00 – How do you solve the problem of parents who don’t care?  Etienne breaks down the fluoridated, vaccinated, “government”-schooled, corporate food-eating, tell-a-vision watching, dumbed-down public.  Etienne breaks down the chemical warfare and debilitation program being waged against humanity. Many people are incapable of effective thought and passively watch tell-a-vision propaganda and children’s games played by adults.

33:30 – Etienne breaks down the most important thing he learned working for one of the “Big Four” think tanks in Washington, DC.  The battle for the intelligentsia.

35:45 – Etienne breaks down the new content from the 5th edition of “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed.

  We have released these visualizations/articles to our substack:

CIA News Networks and The Mighty Wurlitzer -Are you getting your news from the CIA?

CIA Democrats (and Republicans!) – Are you getting your politicians from the CIA?

43:40 – Thomas breaks down the statistical improbability of two members of the Skull & Bones secret society (which has less than 600 living members at any one time) being both the “Democrat” and “Republican” candidates for president in the same election.

Don’t Taze me, Bro! – Video of a college student being tazed and arrested for asking John Kerry if he was a member of intelligence-agency connected secret society Skull and Bones like his “competitor” for the presidency: George Bush Jr.

49:30 – Etienne breaks down the murderous reality of the Murder Inc. CIA vs. the Hollywood version.

51:00 – Thomas relates a first-hand account of criminality from when he was in the military, where members of the military’s media team would bring over high-cost video and camera equipment, sell it, and pack the cases back with heroin and cocaine and fly it back into the US in the same military cargo planes that brought them over.

53:00 – Etienne breaks down how “Government” makes the drug problem worse by creating a black market for illegal drugs that creates a financial incentive for drug dealers to spend their own money to get kids hooked that would not exist absent the prohibition system.

55:05 – Nate brings up how the police are involved in the drug trade.

56:05 – Thomas breaks down how the drug war makes certain drugs off-limits to legitimate drug researchers.  Examples Cited: Mescalin,

58:40 Etienne breaks down “regulatory capture,” Regulatory capture is an economic phenomenon that describes when regulatory agencies are dominated by the industries or interests they are charged with regulating. The result is that an agency charged with acting in the public interest instead acts in ways that benefit incumbent firms in the industry it is supposed to be regulating.

These are just a few Venn Diagrams from Etienne’s book “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! showing regulatory capture and the revolving door of regulators leaving the agencies they regulate for way better-paying positions at the companies they formerly “regulated”

1:01:00 – Etienne breaks down how chemical weapons companies that make poisons for the military (Bayer, Monsanto, Dow and DuPont) are now putting dangerous chemicals into the food supply and developing dangerous GMO seeds while buying up all the seed companies.

1:05:20 – Etienne speculates that many of the employees of Monsanto and Pfizer have been installed there because they are believers in eugenics.

1:09:30 – Etienne speculates on the NSA creating and releasing Bitcoin and other cryptos to pave the way for Central Bank Digital Currencies.  Evidence: The NSA’s white paper How to Make a Mint – The Cryptography of Anonymous Electronic Cash

1:15:00 – Etienne explains programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies and how they are bad for freedom and great for tyranny.

1:17:00 – Is the World Economic Forum being used to organize the C-level executives of companies bought up with fractional reserve banking?

1:20:48 – Etienne breaks down how the BRICS countries are running “government” on their own populations to rob and control them.  Russia was funded to be a credible enemy to the US, so the organized crime “government” could menace the US population


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