The Anarchists – Is HBO Trying to “Chump” their Audience about Anarchy?

The Anarchists exposes how the organized crime CIA & monopoly media control perception using propaganda, engineered “reality”, and controlled opposition media to “steer and smear” political movements

By Etienne de la Boetie², Investigative Journalist, Founder of the Art of Liberty Foundation and multi-year Anarchapulco speaker and attendee.

The Anarchists – A Six-Part Propaganda-Series from HBO
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There is a new propaganda series from HBO on the Anarchapulco conference (Anarchy in Acapulco) that is held every February in Acapulco, Mexico.   I have been an attendee since the initial conference in 2015 and have only missed 2017, 2021 and 2022 (although in 2022  I attended and spoke at the anti-Anarchapulco conference, Agorapulco, which is held at the same time in Acapulco by and for those who have figured out the scam of Anarchapulco. My book, “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! was the best-selling book at Anarchapulco in 2018, 2019, and 2020. I was a speaker in 2019 and a main stage speaker in 2020 where author and Macroagression’s host Charlie Robinson said my speech burned the house down”! My foundation threw one of the biggest and the absolute coolest party of the conference (The Art of Liberty on the Beach aKa The Turtle Party) that has drawn as many as 300 attendees to our annual fundraiser at our favorite turtle sanctuary. I don’t think there is another attendee and/or speaker better positioned to pull the curtain back on the scam of Anarchapulco and the HBO docu-series: The Anarchists and expose how the CIA steers political movements while their control-of-perception Hollywood propagandists create “reality television” in an attempt to trick their audiences by controlling the information they receive on a given topic: I.E. voluntaryism/peaceful anarchy – the most powerful political movement in the world… because Anarchists are exposing the illegitimacy and criminality of “government”!

I believe the Anarchapulco conference is an intelligence agency (organized crime) operation to steer the modern peaceful anarchist/voluntaryist, anarcho-capitalist and crypto-anarchist movements into drugs, controlled opposition voices / media operations, unintelligible, unwholesome or controlled artists, infighting, etc. while smearing/tarring the movement through association with con men, drug dealers, and murder while stealing the oxygen from legitimate liberty movement conferences, artists and authentic voices.  The operation is very similar to the now admitted CIA’s creation/promotion of admitted CIA asset Gloria Steinem and Ms. Magazine to steer the agency-created and controlled “feminist movement” documented by the book: The Mighty Wurlitzer – How the CIA Played America.

Why Would the Organized Crime “Government” Want to “Steer and Smear” the Voluntaryist/Peaceful Anarchism Movement?

The peaceful anarchism/voluntaryist movement has the potential to be the most important political movement in the world for a number of reasons.  First, voluntaryists and peaceful anarchists expose the illogic and immorality of Statism in the only principled defense of real freedom against the artificial fake two-party political system.  Second, because the ideas of peaceful anarchy and voluntaryism have been suppressed and purposely mischaracterized, the people in the movement who have been able to see through the lies and propaganda of Statism are an amazing and very powerful group.  Additionally, because voluntaryism and anarchy are morally and intellectually consistent, advocate non-violence and have the potential to unite society behind the non-aggression principle, and is the only political solution that is fair for all (no one gets the ring of power) it has the potential for, and indeed is destined for viral growth. Finally, the crypto-anarchist and liberty movements were at the forefront of studying, understanding and developing uncensorable, stateless currencies like e-Gold, GoldMoney and Digital Liberty Dollars so having one of the world’s first conferences focused on crypto-currencies would offer the opportunity to steer some of the developing crypto-anarchists into NSA-developed crypto-solutions and rob a portion of them by ensuring that crypto scams are featured prominently in both the conference and the podcasts supporting it.

Controlling the opposition is a tactic that the liberty movement has seen played out over and over again.  Some recent examples include:

The Tea Party Movement – Dick Armey, Sarah Palin, and Freedom Works hijacking the largely (small “l”) libertarian tea party movement with tens of millions of dollars and co-opting it into the Republican Party.

The Women’s March on Washington – I have broken down in detail how 60+ George Soros connected groups front-ran the opposition to organized crime puppet Trump by bringing 500,000 women to Washington Dc for the Women’s March on Washington and steering them into worthless slogans, leftist speakers, “acceptance of suffering” while dressing the crowd in “Pussy Hats”.

Given the incredible importance and potential power of Voluntaryism wouldn’t we be naïve not to believe that organized crime “governments” wouldn’t attempt to steer our movement as well?  So if the odds are that there is an organized attempt to steer the movement then let’s look around and see who is doing to the steering and where it is being steered. 

The #1 Suspects – Anarchapulco and “The Anarchists”

Cross-dressing Hollywood horror weirdo Jason Blum mischaracterized “Anarchy” as dystopian chaos if the “government” goes off-line for even a single day… So we can completely trust him to accurately portray anarchists and anarchy?

I have been working on an expose of Anarchapulco and Jeff Berwick for over a year and will pick that back up to have something shortly after the upcoming 5th edition of my book: “Government” and “The Covid” – The Biggest Scams in History.. Exposed! ships and before the sixth episode of The Anarchists airs with a complete review and background on Blumhouse Television (the producer, rhymes with Scumhouse) who also produced, among other drivel: The Purge – Anarchy which denigrates Anarchy and makes it appear that a world without “Government” even for a day would see the population descend in lawless and murderous dystopia.

It gets even more suspicious… You just can’t make this stuff up... Executive Producer Jeremiah Crowell was the executive producer of a docu-series called: Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak featuring Bill Gates predicting Covid-19 and pumping vaccines that was released on propagandist Netflix in January of 2020.. a month before Covid 19 hit!  Alex Jones alleges that Bill Gates funded the documentary but I have not seen anything conclusive on that yet but Bill Gates and vaccines are definitely the heroes of this very prescient documentary… err… predictive programming1 propaganda piece that set the stage for the scam of Covid and demonstrated foreknowledge of the “pandemic” on the part of these propagandists!

But wait… there is more! Another Executive Producer Mary Lisio appears to actually specialize in making movies that reinforce the “official story” of historical events where the CIA, FBI or organized crime media was either the main suspect in “government” criminality or was involved in covering it up including CIA assassinations, hoax shootings for gun control, and a government massacre of 80+ men, women and children.

Here is some of Mary Lisio’s other “documentaries” with links to information exposing the real story from our uncensorable Flash Drive (and Dropboxes!) of freedom: The Liberator

Enough – 2022 – In Production – From IMDB: A look at the last 20 years of mass shootings in the United States”. Smells like a retelling and reinforcement of the hoax shootings that the “government” and media have been staging for gun control. We break down the best evidence of “government” and media criminality in staging hoax shootings in: The Liberator. Including: Sandy HookParklandOrlando Pulse NightclubLas Vegas Route 91, and the Borderline Bar (Thousand Oaks, CA)

The Walkout – 2022 – In Production – Apparent reinforcement of the official story of the hoax shooting at Marjory Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida used to push for gun control in an on-going coordinated media campaign including this “documentary”.
Best evidence of “government” and media criminality @ Parkland fromThe Liberator

Ten Weeks – 2020 – TV Series – From IMDB: “Five Americans go through 10 weeks of basic training, showing their transformation from civilians into soldiers.” Translation: Pro-military recruitment infomercial where five Americans human beings are tricked using classic, textbook unethically manipulative techniques and Hollywood propaganda (mind control) into adopting a completely indoctrinated worldview and pseudo-religion (Statism) where they sell their souls (soul-diers) by agreeing to kill whomever they are told in foreign wars based on lies and manufactured intelligence.

Best Evidence of the unethically manipulative mind control techniques used on troops during their “Ten Weeks” of “basic training” from: The LiberatorThe Military is a Cult9 Reasons NOT to join the US Military, and How and Why Military Basic Training Brainwashes Recruits.

Killing Kennedy (2013) and Killing Reagan (2016) – Most people already know that the CIA is a prime suspect in the killing of John F. Kennedy but many people don’t know that the 1981 assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan was connected to George H. W. Bush Sr., the former Director of the CIA who was vice president and stood to benefit personally from the assassination. John Hinckley Jr., was the son of a major donor and family friend of George Bush Sr. and one of Bush’s son’s, “Sweet Deal Neil Bush”, disgraced in the Silverado S&L Scandal, was reported to have dined with the assassin’s brother Scott Hinckley on the very evening of the assasination attempt. What a coincidence that Ms. Lisio does two different documentaries on two different assassinations where the CIA was a suspect?

Finally, Ms. Lisio was the executive producer of a 2013 propaganda series called: Crimes of the Century that is whitewashing and reinforcing the official lies around events that were really “government” engineered terrorism for police state including:
– The Oklahoma City Bombing – Best evidence of “government” and media criminality in the OKC Bombing from: The Liberator
– The Massacre of 80+ Men, Women and Children at Waco – Best evidence of “government” and media criminality in the Waco massacre from: The Liberator:

Are you starting to understand how the organized crime media’s control-of-perception program works?

So Which “Anarchists” Were Featured in Episode #1

First, I am not suggesting that every speaker, sponsor, attendee or employee of the Anarchapulco or subject featured in the documentary is controlled opposition. In the same way that rat poison is overwhelmingly good food, the overwhelming majority of speakers, attendees and employees of Anarchapulco are amazing free-thinking individuals which is what made the conference so amazingly cool!
I am also not suggesting that every single person who I highlight below as being chosen by the filmmakers to poorly represent the movement or tar it through association are “In On It” as controlled opposition shills.  Some are likely “Useful Idiots” whose personas were chosen and words were taken out-of-context OR legitimate leaders in the movement like Larken and Amanda Rose who participated to reach the HBO audience and are being used by the film makers to give a gloss of authenticity.  I myself have been an attendee and was a speaker even after I began to suspect in 2018 that Anarchapulco was another organized-crime, controlled opposition scam. I continued to participate to reach the audience and get hard copies on my book into the hands of important people from around the world.

With that said let’s see who is being featured as being representative of “Anarchists”:

Jeff Berwick – Cross-dressing, suspected controlled opposition media figure2 connected to the Obama and Biden administrations through Jessica Kill, the producer of Anarchapulco in 2019 and 2020.  If you were trying to make the voluntaryist/anarchist movement look seedy, you couldn’t have propped up a better seedy-AF con man than Jeff Berwick.  From defrauding voluntaryist investors in the Galt’s Gulch Chile scam, selling fake passports to anarchists, to promoting Ponzi schemes like BitClub and a dozen+ shitcoins you couldn’t ask for a worse representative.

Jessica Kill – The Producer of Anarchapulco in 2019 and 2020 – An Obama and Biden-connected Washington DC insider brought in to manage everything for drunken Jeff Berwick. Nothing suspicious here…

I personally saw Jeff Berwick speak at FreedomFest 2017, a largely small “l” libertarian/Republican event that appears to be controlling and steering that wing of the Liberty movement using an admitted “Ex” CIA agent named Mark Skousen running an almost identical investor newsletter + media operations + conference full of statism and the fake left-right paradigm. Berwick was the only “Anarchist” speaker and he showed up to his morning speech on legalizing drugs with a drink in his hand.  He told a friend of mine that he is thinking about importing meth into Central America because “the US has a competitive advantage in meth” and at one time was promoting having Anarchapuclo events at a strip club and/or bringing in strippers to the hotel… again to make Anarchy look seedy…

“Anarchist” Dayna Martin flashing a Baphomet at a Disney Creator Conference where she is, evidently, a Disney MAKER ALLSTAR

Dayna Martin – promotes a fringe version of unschooling (no rules at all for kids… Similar to the Satanic “Do as Thou Whilst” ) that DOES NOT EVEN VAGUELY RESEMBLE the version of homeschooling and unschooling popular with the voluntaryist/anarchist movement. Voluntaryists usually support self-directed learning represented by Montessori, Waldorf and other educational systems proven superior to the mandatory government indoctrination centers, that could be embraced by all vs. Dayna’s version supported by.. umm… no one else. Tattooed, pierced and frequently displaying satanic symbology Dayna seems designed to offend those unfamiliar with CIA/Scumhouse/Disney/ABC/HBO’s little scam.

One of Dayna Martin’s daughters – The Poster child for “Anarchist” Unschooling – Don’t Fall for It!

Dayna dresses her kids in clothing designed to offend the masses in what appears to be an effort to tar homeschooling and unschooling.  She has been featured in other Hollywood “reality” shows (Disney/ABC’s Wife Swap) where she engages in behavior designed to make anarchy, homeschooling and unschooling look bad to the uninitiated like taking her teen son to have his septum pierced instead of trying to talk him out of it. Once took her teen daughter to buy her 1st vape instead of talking her out of it.

Adam Kokesh – Suspected controlled opposition media figure who promotes and distributes drugs in the liberty movement. Connected to exposed crisis actor Carlos Arredondo who was made a manufactured hero in a staged bombing for police state measures: The Boston Marathon Bombing which was used as an excuse to roll out pre-purchased armored vehicles in cities and towns across the US and other police state measures.

Nathan Freeman – Designed to offend the uninitiated from burning books to having his kids say fuck on screen in the documentary.

Suspected controlled opposition media figure Luke Rudkowski and Juan Galt – Our representatives!

Luke Rudkowski – Suspected controlled opposition media figure associated with suspected controlled opposition media figure Alex Jones, suspected controlled opposition media figure Tim Pool, and close friend of Jeff Berwick.  Promoted to create, control and steer an alternative media voice. Evidently, his handlers forced him to promote masks and the official line during “The Covid” making him a complete joke within the community.

John Galton & Lily Forrester – Tattooed and pierced drug dealers designed to offend Joe SixPack and Jane BagLunch and associate anarchy with drug dealing and murder by association.

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CIA Google’s definition of “Anarchy” and “Controlled Opposition Wikipedia’s definition of Agorism vs… say… the Mises Institute’s definition of Agorism or their definition of Anarchy which would have exposed the audience to the Mises Institute…

CIA Search Engine Google vs. say… (or any search engine except CIA Google)

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