Is Monopoly Media and Algorithmic Censorship Creating A Modern Version of Plato’s Cave?

Etienne Breaks it Down for Jeremy “Jerm Warfare” Nell on TNT Radio

Here is a GREAT Interview with South African political cartoonist and commentator Jeremy “Jerm Warfare” Nell on his TNT Radio Show. We covered how the inter-generational organized crime system is using monopoly media and the algorithmic censorship of the DARPA Internet to trick the population about the reality of their existence in something akin to a modern Plato’s Cave. If you want to jump to the discussion of Plato’s Cave it begins at 6:15.

Listen to the Interview on Podbean:

References From the Interview:

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

How the CIA Made Google – Article by Nafeez Ahmed in: The Liberator

1973 Maps of the US Military’s ARPA Net (Early Internet) showing dozens of organizations connected in 1973.

The Amish don’t have Autism, UPI reporter Dan Olmsted’s investigation

Teacher’s Rebel Against Teaching Whole Language That Stunts Children’s Intellectual Development

The Art of Liberty Foundation’s White Rose MUCHO GRANDE Poster 19 on what Matt Taibi has termed the “Censorship Industrial Complex” – A network of around 50 Big Tech, Government Agencies, NGOs, Think Tanks, Academic Initiatives and “Fact Checkers” caught censoring information (frequently algorithmically) or denigrating truth tellers on the DARPA Internet. They have been caught admittedly censoring factual information if it would cause “vaccine hesitancy.” Much of the evidence exposing this network came out in the Twitter files and the House of Representatives’ hearings on the weaponization of “government.”

I might have misspoken on anxiety being the #3 comorbidity in pre- “vaccine” Covid deaths as I can’t find the specific statistic. Here is a CDC graph showing anxiety and fear-related disorder as the #8 underlying medical condition in hospitalizations but I can’t seem to find the numbers broken out for deaths. Please email me at if you know where that information resides.

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Etienne Breaks Down the Science for James Corbett of the Corbett Report

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