RFK Jr. & Understanding Zionist/Statist Domination of “Government”, Media and Banking

Ryan Cristian of TLAV & Etienne Break Down RFK Jr.’s promise to be a “Champion of Israel”

There is no domination of the media, banking and “government” by the Jews.

There is complete domination of the media, banking and “government” by inter-generational organized crime, some of whom happen to be Jewish and specialize in banking, technology (Talpiot Program) and media (control-of-perception propaganda, distraction and cultural debasement).

Ryan Cristian, founder and editor of The Last American Vagabond and Etienne de la Boetie2, founder of the Art of Liberty Foundation, break down RFK Jr.’s promise to be a “Champion of Israel” on the AM Wake Up Show with Steve Poikonen:

In the same way that the Italian mafia is dominated by overwhelmingly Catholic Italians who promote their own because of familial and community relations, Jewish organized crime promotes their own for the exact same reasons. Additionally, the ultrareligious of any stripe are useful to intergenerational organized crime because they are essentially “programmed human beings” with an “instituitionlies belief system“ who have been raised into a particular world-view before they are old enough to evaluate the historical accuracy, logic and morality of the Talmud, Bible, Koran or “government.”

The Real Jewish People are the Victims

There are many voluntaryist, peaceful anarchist, libertarian or completely apolitical Jews who don’t support the Jewish state of Israel (or the legitimacy of any “government”). They frequently face criticism from their politically aware friends as if they are personally involved with the transfer of $3.1 Billion a year to Israel, AIPACʼs interference in US elections, Israelʼs Apartheid policies, or the massacres and land thefts of Palestinians.

The real religion of Israel isn’t Judaism; it’s Statism because the organized crime “government” of Israel is running the same unethically manipulative cult indoctrination techniques on their citizens as the US, the Soviet Union, and the Nazis: Flags, mandatory schools, youth programs, fiat money, conscription and military “training,” engineered enemies, controlled media, and forced “vaccination” for “The Covid.”

Video: Compilation of Zionists and Jews in the Media/Social Media/Search Engines (Control-of-Perception), Pornography (Cultural Debasement), Banking/Central Banking (Theft through fractional reserve banking), and “Government”/Politics to the hip hop beat of “I’m Not White, I’m Jewish” by Matt Bar Mitzvah:

Many people will only see the alleged religion of these employees of monopolized media companies or similar visualizations of (some) Jews in “Government,” media and banking and not realize there is another religion that ties and unites these organizations: Statism – The completely indoctrinated pseudo-religious belief in the legitimacy, desirability and necessity of having a “government” which they all push as legitimate. Besides Statism the other unifying factor in all these organizations is they have been caught lying and propagandizing the public: These are the organizations who lied to you about Iraqi WMDsKuwaiti babies tossed out-of-incubatorsthe 9-11 false flag“The Covid,” the safety and efficacy of “vaccines,” the murder of 80+ men, women and children in WacoThe Boston Marathon BombingThe Oklahoma City Bombing and other propaganda crimes.

BTW, the author of this article was raised Jewish and Bar Mitzvahed (now self-describes as spiritual), loves his family, the Jewish people and the Lord, and is not the least bit “Anti-Semitic.”

About the Author

Etienne de la Boetie2 is exposing how inter-generational organized crime is using “government” and control of the media and academia to rob and control populations. He is the founder of the Art of Liberty Foundation, the author of “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! and the editor of the Art of Liberty Daily News on Substack and Five Meme Friday, which delivers hard-hitting voluntaryist memes and the best of the alternative media. All his important links can be found at

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