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Five Meme Friday – December 17th

Five Meme Friday! The Art of Liberty Foundation is taking 5 Meme Friday to the next level. We have professionalized our weekly newsletter with 5 dank memes and the best of the alternative news, censored videos, etc. Read on, enjoy this week’s issue.

Enjoy these pokes at the powers that shouldn’t be.

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Still More Memes

Videos of the week

Why You Can’t Get Pfizer’s ‘Approved’ Comirnaty Vaccine – The Defender –
Alix Mayer, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) board member and president of CHD’s California chapter, explains why Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine isn’t available in the U.S., and why vaccine makers are targeting kids.

Hugo Talks About the English Booster Queues – It’s All Fake! –
Mass hysteria over Omicron, desperate Brits queuing for the jab… mainstream media is pushing a narrative designed to induce panic. In reality, the lineups are photo ops that vanish once reporters leave.

Covid/Vaccine discussion: Dr. Peter McCullough with Joe Rogan – “Early on there was an intentional very comprehensive suppression of early treatment in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalization, and death… and it seemed to be completely organized and intentional in order to create acceptance for and then promote mass vaccination.”

Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, is a board-certified cardiologist who has testified before committees of the US and Texas Senate regarding the treatment of COVID-19 and management of the ongoing pandemic.

Data Scientist Tells RFK, Jr.: ‘VAERS Is Telling a Very Frightening Story’ – The Defender – “Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. interviewed data scientist and immunology researcher Jessica Rose, Ph.D., about the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and what it tells us about COVID vaccine injuries, especially among children.
“If you consider the under-reporting factor, which I’ve based on the Pfizer phase 3 clinical data — which is probably questionable data anyway — the under-reporting factor is 31,” she said. So to get an accurate count of adverse events, “you need to multiply the VAERS numbers by at least 31,” Rose explained. “It’s really staggering. We’re in the millions.”
Rose said the VAERS data also shows there are “children being inappropriately injected with these products.”
She told Kennedy reports submitted to VAERS show young children receiving COVID vaccines not yet authorized for their age group. As of Oct. 29, 38% of those children who died following the vaccine were under 2 years old.”

Free State Project Corner

New Hampshire Bill Would Effectively Government Ban Facial Recognition Databases – The Tenth Amendment Centre – A bill filed in the New Hampshire House would effectively ban government facial recognition databases in the state. The growing movement to prohibit the use of facial recognition at the state and local levels could hinder the operation of a growing national facial recognition network.

New Hampshire Bill Would Set Foundation to End Unconstitutional National Guard Deployments – The Tenth Amendment Centre – A bill pre-filed in the New Hampshire House for the 2022 legislative session would require the governor to stop unconstitutional foreign combat deployments of the state’s National Guard troops. Passage into law would take a big step toward restoring the founders’ framework for a state-federal balance under the Constitution.

Free State Project Corner – The Free State Project is moving 20,000+ libertarians to New Hampshire with the goal of reducing “Government” to just protecting life, liberty and property. We are supporting and reporting on this dynamic.

“Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed

Reiner Fuellmich Presser on Nuremberg 2.0 & Covid-Crimes Against Humanity
Attorney Reiner Fuellmich and the Corona Investigative Committee hold a press conference to discuss the upcoming trial set to take place in Poland in the coming weeks.

A recurring segment in Five Meme Friday where we chronicle the news that makes the case that the “Government” is being run by inter-generational organized crime who are stealing trillions.  Join our Telegram Channel devoted to evidence of “Government” criminality here:

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Grant Ellman and I had a great conversation with Chris McMillon on his TruthConduit Podcast. Topics included censorship, natural law, the Thick Red Line project, and upcoming projects.

I also had a great talk on The Ripple Effect Podcast. It was a rich discussion around the power of music, staying firm in our fundamental values in an era of heightened tyranny and the scam of covid, and how we can get these important messages out to the world.

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News Of The Week

The FDA is Working with the USPS to Stop Shipments of Ivermectin – Citizen’s Free Press –  People ordering Ivermectin through the mail are having their shipments detained by the United States Postal Service, as per the letter below.
Read the form letter detailing why the shipment is being detained.

The Christmas Baby Born in a Police State: Then and Now – John Whitehead’s Commentary – “What if, instead of being born into the Roman police state, Jesus had been born at this moment in time? What kind of reception would Jesus and his family be given? Would we recognize the Christ child’s humanity, let alone his divinity? Would we treat him any differently than he was treated by the Roman Empire? If his family were forced to flee violence in their native country and sought refuge and asylum within our borders, what sanctuary would we offer them?” Whitehead examines the moral and ethical questions raised by Jesus’ life, as well as some of the more practical possibilities he might encounter, including being flagged for surveillance by the FBI for having had contact with an “extremist” John the Baptist.

Teen Deaths up to 125% Higher than the 5-Year-Average Since They Started to be Given the Covid-19 Vaccine – The Exposé –
“An investigation of official ONS data has revealed that since the Covid-19 vaccine was offered and administered to teenagers in England and Wales there has been a significant rise in deaths among teens against the five-year-average with some weeks seeing an increase as high as 125%.

For children 12 to 15 years of age, the extremely short and small Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial found the overall incidence of severe adverse events which left the children unable to perform daily activities, during the two-month observation period to be 10.7%, or 1 in 9, in the vaccinated group and 1.9% in the unvaccinated group.

Consequently, children who received the vaccine had nearly six times the risk of a severe adverse event occurring in the two-month observation period compared to children who did not receive the vaccine. In addition, the incidence of Covid-19 in the unvaccinated group was 1.6%, therefore, there were almost seven times more severe adverse events observed in the vaccinated group than there were Covid-19 cases in the unvaccinated group.”
Selected Sources from Above:
Covid-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report Week 40
ACIP Covid-19 Vaccines Work Group Presentation
National Ambulance Syndromic Surveillance System: England Sept 21st

Brazilian Ministry of Health Suffers Cyberattack and COVID-19 Vaccination Data Vanishes – ZDnet – Hackers claimed to have copied and deleted 50TB worth of data from internal systems. The government claimed that it was a ransomware attack. This raises a number of questions. Is the government hiding information on deaths? Who benefits from this event?

The government subsequently claimed that it had recovered the data, but this was reported with little fanfare, and next to no followup in the general media. The Brazilian government now intends to store sensitive data in the cloud.

Twitter Thread Discussing the Hack

Myanmar’s Parallel Government Wants A Revolution Backed by Tether Crypto – Protos –  “Myanmar’s shadow government has acknowledged stablecoin Tether (USDT) as an official currency as it continues efforts to regain control from the military junta, reports Bloomberg.
Tin Tun Naing, the National Unity Government’s (NUG) finance minister, announced the adoption of the controversial dollar-pegged cryptocurrency in a Facebook post on Sunday.
The post claimed the pro-democracy group’s endorsement of Tether would “make it easy and speed up the current trade, services, and payment systems,” (translation via Bloomberg).

In May 2020, Myanmar’s central bank said it does not recognize crypto as an official currency. It effectively banned financial institutions in the country from dealing with digital assets.”

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Anarchy Exposed – A Former Police Officer Reports on his Investigative Journey.
A former police officer shares his investigative journey into anarchy, revealing unpopular truths that many people find to be discomforting. The author spent his adult life with a particular view of anarchism. After retiring from law enforcement, he became interested in philosophy, morality, reason, logic and being the best darn him that he could build. This included relational, financial and philosophical arenas.
Having married the best human on earth and having built businesses earning millions, he focused on philosophy. Anarchism came to his attention, and like a detective with a magnifying glass, he peered into a world that most are frightened of and hope to ignore. Anarchy. Driven by a search for understanding, Shepard sheds dogma and seeks absolute, unedited truth.

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