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“Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed

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Why The Pentagon Is A Multi-Trillion Dollar Fraud

by Scott Ritter

Recently, the Pentagon admitted it couldn’t account for trillions of dollars of US taxpayer money, having failed a massive yearly audit for the sixth year running.

The process consisted of the 29 sub-audits of the DoD’s various services, and only seven passed this year – no improvement over the last. These audits only began taking place in 2017, meaning that the Pentagon has never successfully passed one.

This year’s failure made some headlines, was commented upon briefly by the mainstream media, and then just as quickly forgotten by an American society accustomed to pouring money down the black hole of defense spending.

The defense budget of the United States is grotesquely large, its $877 billion dwarfing the $849 billion spent by the next ten nations with the largest defense expenditures. And yet, the Pentagon cannot fully account for the $3.8 trillion in assets and $4 trillion in liabilities it has accrued at US taxpayer expense, ostensibly in defense of the United States and its allies. As the Biden administration seeks $886 billion for next year’s defense budget (and Congress seems prepared to add an additional $80 billion to that amount), the apparent indifference of the American collective – government, media, and public – to how nearly $1 trillion in taxpayer dollars will be spent speaks volumes about the overall bankrupt nature of the American establishment. 

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Videos of the Week

A Farewell To Virology – Part Two (Dr Mark Bailey and Steve Falconer)¿

This is Part 2 of the film version of Dr Mark Bailey’s essay A Farewell to Virology (Expert Edition), produced by Steve Falconer. Part 1 of the film can be found here, and Part 3 is currently in the early stages of production. The essay can be downloaded from here. (French, German, and Spanish versions are also available.)

While many will be aware of A Farewell to Virology, the history of its development is known to only a few. In 2021, Heterodoxies Society led by Dr John Bevan-Smith prepared an extraordinary legal take down of the perpetrators of the COVID-19 fraud. The plan was to not only expose the meaningless case definition and manufactured numbers through the misapplication of the PCR but to demonstrate the foundational fraud of SARS-CoV-2 existence. John had done a brilliant job in his critiques of virology but he was advised to get Mark involved to ensure that the scientific case was watertight. Shortly after this PCR expert and microscopist Dr Robin Wakeling was also welcomed into the team. The Statement of Claim weighed in at over 200 pages with around 500 references and Mark described it as like nothing the world had ever seen.  

As a supporting essay, Mark and John also published The COVID-19 Fraud & War on Humanity in 2021. Originally meant to be around 5000 words it rapidly expanded to over 14,000 as the two authors went back forth with additions. They lost track of its distribution after it reached over 200,000 people and had been translated into several other languages. I then produced a three part video series of The COVID-19 Fraud which also gained hundreds of thousands of views despite being banned on mainstream platforms. 

By the time they published The COVID-19 Fraud & War on Humanity essay they were able to report that the epic Statement of Claim had been blocked by the courts:

“As part of the process of peacefully taking back that which belongs to the people of NZ, Heterodoxies Society Incorporated filed a proceeding on 6 August 2021 in the Auckland High Court, CIV-2021-4041599. Regretfully, since then, on the basis of a legal contrivance that has no apparent statutory basis or value to the law, the case has been stayed, that is, confined to the equivalent of legal quarantine.”

Other nefarious events also took place in the background which indicated that interference in the case was authorised at the highest levels. 

Perhaps as Marvin Haberland discovered this year, the public courts are not going to allow the pseudoscience of virology to be placed on trial. After all, Dr Stefan Lanka embarrassingly exposed the lack of scientific evidence for the measles “virus” in 2016 with the German Higher Court accepting that none of the presented virology papers followed the scientific method. It would certainly be interesting to see the entire virus model on trial with Drs Andrew Kaufman, Mark Bailey and Stefan Lanka cross-examining the world’s top virologists in front of a jury. 

In 2022, Mark and John planned to follow up with a second COVID-19 Fraud essay. Mark was tasked with writing a systematic refutation of the claims of SARS-CoV-2 existence and John would document the wider aspects of the global fraud. However, as the year progressed John was increasingly busy with his work and pursuit in establishing whether government agencies would uphold supposedly inviolable civil rights in New Zealand. Mark felt that the timing was right to publish an essay so it was agreed that he would publish a refutation of the virus model as a stand alone treatise. It was modified to go beyond refuting just SARS-CoV-2 and A Farewell to Virology was born.

While we have seen many awful things during the COVID era we continue to focus on all the gifts we have been given. For many of us it has been a true awakening and the revelation of the path to complete physical and spiritual well-being. It has been a privilege to have so much support across the world and many supporters have been incredibly generous with time and resources. The new friendships we have forged have been invaluable and had it not been for the tyrannical measures employed by the New Zealand government from 2020 onwards it is unlikely that we would ever have known Dr Bevan-Smith and Dr Robin Wakeling. Now they are like family to us, as are other members of this wider community we find ourselves in. While the supranationals, governments and their stooges can try on all the deception in the world, they will never defeat the ideas and way of being that comes from a place of truth, love and friendship. As our good friend Dr Tom Cowan would say, “we got this!” 

Part 2 of A Farewell to Virology is very technical in places and it takes a film maker like Steve Falconer to turn it into something that captivates the audience for over two hours! I hope you enjoy it as much as Mark and Steve enjoyed bringing it to the world. Thank you for all your support and we look forward to producing more. 

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Daily News Of The Week

Is the Next American Revolution Going to Take Place in Our Minds

by Reinette Senum

Imagine living in a world where a single event rewired the brains of an entire generation. For instance, the Great Depression did more than cripple the economy—it plunged the American psyche into a perpetual ‘fight-or-flight’ mode. This wasn’t just a fleeting moment in history; it was a seismic shift that echoes in our collective consciousness, shaping how we perceive and react to the world around us. Let’s dive into how this pivotal era set the stage for our current state and uncover transformative steps to navigate our inherited legacy of fear.


Wrapping up 2023 and reflecting upon the impact of fear and conditioning on our personal and collective consciousness, there’s plenty of historical context on how we got here, tracing back to events like the 300-year-long European witch hunts and the Great Depression, leaving a lasting imprint on our societal DNA, intergenerational trauma, and why many Americans have such an overriding addiction to fear.

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Won’t Someone Save Us From” The COVID-19 Inquiry

by Iain Davis

I’m starting to think millions of Brits have been hypnotised. Independent inquiry? Are you on acid?

Believing that the COVID-19 inquiry will reveal anything even remotely “real” is like trusting the outcome of internal police investigations into deaths in police custody. It is like asking Crippin to review food safety standards or requesting Tony Blair investigate war crimes. It is beyond ridiculous.

Of course it isn’t an actual “inquiry!” It is a state cover-up and propaganda operation. As I recently discussed with Rick Munn on TNT radio, there is nothing of any value that will ever come out of it.

For a start, there is no such thing as an “independent” inquiry established under the the UK Inquiries Act (2005). That Act put paid to any vague hope of independent inquiries in the UK. It is a government cover-up and propaganda operation, run by the government for the government’s benefit.

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Critics Respond to UN Climate Deal to Phase Out Fossil Fuels: ‘Soviet-Style Central Planning

By Alex Newman

The UN said its ‘global stocktake’ requires a 43 percent drop in emissions by 2030 if planetary temperature increases are to stay below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

DUBAI—Governments from around the world agreed to a global transition away from “fossil fuels,” greater limits on energy use, and a new fund to compensate governments of poorer nations for alleged damages caused by CO2 emissions from wealthier countries.

The outcome follows two weeks of negotiations at the United Nations climate summit held in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates.

The deal, adopted by consensus of the nearly 200 governments in attendance, is being framed by U.N. officials as a turning point for the world.

Critics, however, are sounding the alarm, saying the agreement and the broader process threaten both prosperity and liberty while doing little to nothing for the environment.

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US Army faces ‘TikTok mutiny’ as Gen Z recruits whine about low pay, ‘sh***y’ food and FITNESS TESTS while on bases in unifor

By Alice Wright For Dailymail.Com

The Army expects to end up about 15,000 short of its target of 65,000 recruits for 2023. 

Similarly, the Navy expects to fall short by 10,000 personnel and the Air Force is projected to miss its goal by 10 percent.

The traditional allure of military recruitment is failing to register with Gen Z.

Last year only 9 percent of young people ages 16-21 said they would consider military service, according to Pentagon data, sliding 13 percent from before the pandemic.

The military has faced criticism for using ‘wokeadvertising campaigns focused on diversity, equity and inclusion as well as drag shows for troops, to appeal to Gen Z. 

The Army is in the middle of a five-year plan to become a ‘model example of diversity, equality and inclusion’, with the blessing of the White House

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FULL CHARGE New road plans promise to ‘charge electric vehicles while driving’ – people are calling it a ‘tremendous evolution

by Jacob Willeford

The Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) confirmed the approval of an expressway development between the counties that would link Highway 27 and State Road 429 on Thursday, per NBC affiliate WESH.

CFX’s governing board unanimously approved the first phase of the toll road’s construction, which will be called State Road 516.

The authority’s Manager of Community Engagement, Brian Hutchings, told the outlet that the conception came out of data that showed only a few roads connected the counties, which are among the fastest growing areas in the state.

“They’re two of the fastest-growing regions in the entire state of Florida,” Hutchings emphasized of Lake and Orange County.

The first phase of the roadway is expected to cost about $218 million.

Its total completion price sits at around $534 million, something that Lake County Commissioner Sean Parks noted as well worth it considering it could relieve traffic congestion and provide revolutionary services to electric vehicle drivers.

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When the Occupier Plays the Victim: The Mysteries of October 7 as the Trigger for the Gaza Massacr

By Prof. Anthony J. Hall

“Make no mistake, what Israel is doing in Gaza now will haunt Israelis for decades. Now is the time to make sure all Israelis understand this. And this understanding should start with full disclosure about the events of October 7, 2023……

The question of who killed some Israeli civilians haunts us. It emerges from several reports that some were killed by the Israeli military. Whether they were caught in the crossfire, or deliberately shot at with tanks or helicopters in order to eliminate Hamas fighters or prevent Hamas from taking more captives, we deserve an answer. 

We demand answers because a genocide is being perpetrated in Gaza in the name of Israeli victims, even though bereaved families are strongly opposed to this vengeful atrocity. We demand answers and so should you.

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Washington Lawmaker Wants To Toss People In Jail For Using Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers Because They “Contribute To Climate Change”

By Tyler Durden

State Rep. Amy Walen (D-Kirkland) has pre-filed legislation which would radically alter the state’s Clean Air Act, according to Jason Rantz of MyNorthwest, who reports that HB 1868 would ban “gasoline-powered and diesel-powered landscaping and other outdoor power equipment” for “contributing to climate change.”

As Rantz further explains, the bill contains a laundry list of unintended health consequences tied to the tools as well, including a claim that they cause asthma.

The bill gets to the ban by empowering the Department of Ecology to “adopt rules to prohibit engine exhaust and evaporative emissions from new outdoor power equipment”by either January 1, 2026 or sooner, if the state determines it’s feasible to do so earlier. Washingtonians are expected to upgrade their equipment to zero-emission alternatives. Government work, however, is partly exempt.

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Put These 11 Things In A Safe Deposit Box

By Byron Armstrong

A safe deposit box can be a very good idea for the storage of items that will be important to you in the future. Usually not much more than 10 inches high and 15 inches wide, these storage devices often require dual key access during bank hours, with a key in possession by both you and your bank. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), some approved items to store in a safe deposit box are birth certificates, U.S. Savings Bonds not part of an electronic securities portfolio, and moving or still images of your insured material items. The benefit of keeping these items in a bank versus your home is the additional layers of protection — security guards, state-of-the-art surveillance systems, and several inches of bank vault between the public and your stuff — making them more secure. 

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Revolutionary house paint reduces heating and cooling energy consumption by 36%

by JJ Shavit

In a groundbreaking discovery, scientists from Stanford University have unveiled a novel paint technology that has the potential to significantly alter the way we approach building insulation.

Promising significant reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, this discovery could be a game-changer in the fight against climate change.

Space heating and cooling are not merely a matter of personal comfort; they have significant global implications. According to data, these account for approximately 13 percent of worldwide energy consumption and roughly 11 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Yi Cui, a distinguished professor with multiple affiliations at Stanford and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, noted, “Energy and emissions from heating are forecast to continue to fall due to energy efficiency gains, but air conditioning use is on the upswing, particularly in burgeoning economies experiencing global warming.”

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Smoking Shrinks The Brain, And Quitting Doesn’t Restore Size: Study

by Amie Dahnke via The Epoch Times

But there is good news: As soon as someone stops smoking, the shrinking stops.

The study, published in Biological Psychiatry: Global Open Science, looked at data from 32,094 individuals of European descent who smoked daily. The data came from the UK Biobank, a biomedical database available to the public that contains genetic, health, and behavioral information on approximately 500,000 people.

The research team from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that total brain volume, including gray and white matter, decreased when a person smoked daily. Gray brain matter decreased more than white brain matter did, according to the analysis. Gray matter houses neural cell bodies, axon terminals, and dendrites; much of it is found in the cerebellum, cerebrum, and brain stem. It is responsible for the central nervous system, which enables a person to control movement, memory, and emotions. White matter is filled with bundles of axons coated with myelin. Its job is to send signals up and down the spinal cord when the brain receives a stimulus.

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Sasha Latypova’s Summary of Everything and Quick Links, Updated – Year End 2023

Etienne Note: Check out our monograph: Solving Covid – The Covid 19 Vaccine Drug Scam Timeline at and its companion article: The Covid 19 Suspects and Their Ties to Eugenics and Population Control/Reduction at to understand who is behind “The Covid”

I have a lot of new readers since I started publishing this Substack. This is an orientation post for anyone new or a quick reference for existing readers.

I appreciate paid subscribers, for those of you who are in a position to do so. I use the funds in support of several legal cases that I am assisting, and for grass roots legislative initiatives to prepare written materials and deliver testimonies. Writing this publication takes a lot of hours. I generally post every other day, and while I cannot guarantee that I will always be able to do so, if for some reason I stop posting or need to reduce the volume significantly, I will put the subscriptions on hold (in which case you will not be charged). I am still able to offer all new posts for free. They are available for 2 months, after that they are archived and available to paid subscribers only. Annual subscription is discounted (=10 month).

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Lying Was the Only Plan Biden, U.S. Ever Had in Ukraine

by Matt Taibbi

A series of remarkable events with enormous consequences for Ukraine tumbled in rapid succession this week, lifting the veil on years of untrammeled and proud — yet ultimately purposeless and sociopathic — lying by the Biden administration and the Pentagon about the war there.

First, ahead of a crucial vote on military aid to both Ukraine and Israel Wednesday, Joe Biden went on TV to denounce Republicans for threatening to halt the $110 billion national security package. GOP leaders had told the White House they wouldn’t support the bill without border-sealing assurances of the type they knew Democrats wouldn’t accept, so Biden was cornered and clearly pissed. Eyes snapped wide open as the (surely fantastic) drugs aides must pump in by the gallon before public appearances kicked in, Biden went off:

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Israel ‘is planning a new ground war against Hezbollah after Gaza campaign’ with officials warning October 7 massacre would be ‘nothing compared’ to a terror attack from the north

By Elena Salvoni

Israel is planning to invade Lebanon to push Hezbollah back from its northern border, according to reports, amid a barrage of rocket attacks since the war in Gaza broke out and fears that the terror group is ‘worse than Hamas‘.

After weeks of exchanging cross-border fire, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) are said to be keen to launch a ground offensive into southern Lebanon which would aim to push the terror group north past the Litani River. 

Military and government officials in Israel have said they are determined to prevent a repeat of the October 7 invasion from Gaza, with warnings that the scale of a Hezbollah raid could be even more deadly than the massacre of 1,200 people. 

‘What happened in the south is nothing compared to what they could do here,’ a senior Israeli officer told The Times. ‘Israeli doctrine is to take the war to the other side.’ 

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Eagle Pass, Texas “Completely Overrun” With Illegals As Encounters Hit New Records

By Tyler Durden

The Biden administration’s southern border crisis worsens by the day. New figures from Fox News field reporter Bill Melugin show US Customs and Border Protection encounters on the border in the last 24 hours have smashed a new record high. 

“Per CBP sources, there were more than 12,600 migrants encountered at the southern border in the last 24 hours, the highest single day total ever recorded,” Melugin wrote in a post on ‘free speech’ platform X. 

He continued:

“The true number is *significantly* higher because there are thousands still waiting to be processed in Eagle Pass and they do not count in the numbers until they are put into the computers. The official numbers yesterday include over 11,000 Border Patrol apprehensions of illegal immigrants and more than 1,600 migrants encountered at CBP ports of entry. This breaks the record of 12,000 encounters that was set just two weeks ago.”

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The World’s First Randomized Controlled Trial On Fluoridation Is Targeting Children

by Fluoride Action Network

The children of Lenoir County, North Carolina are being recruited for an unethical human experiment that will expose them to levels of fluoride that have been shown in many peer-reviewed studies to cause harm to the developing brain. Parent’s aren’t being warned about the potential risks involved, so the Fluoride Action Network has started a collaborative campaign with locals citizens, community leaders, and professionals in North Carolina to warn parents and protect these vulnerable infants and toddlers.

The study–named waterBEST and led by University of North Carolina (UNC) dental researcher Dr. Gary Slade–is giving bottled water with fluoride levels of 0.8mg/L to 100 infants starting at age 3–6 months and continuing to age 4 years. It’s intended to test whether fluoridated water reduces cavities for infants and toddlers, and ultimately justify an expansion of the practice.

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THE GREAT TAKING – “If You Want To Survive What’s Coming, You Need To See This” | Mike Maloney

by GoldSilver

This video is a condensed compilation of information from David Rogers Webb’s book, “The Great Taking.” This is dipping toes into the deep waters that Webb plumbs in detail. So it’s an introduction to what are most likely the most important sets of hidden facts we collectively need to understand to negotiate the future ahead in the next few years. A next step could be seeing the recently released video scripted and narrated by David Webb, with the same title as his book. It’s up on several channels on Bitchute, one of them is: – (1hr, 12minutes).

“What is ‘The Great Taking’? Mike Maloney and Alan Hibbard analyze this intriguing book, which offers a sobering account of the potential consequences of the next financial crisis. The authors point to the overleveraged derivatives market underpinned by securities dependent on a strong working class. If the working class falters, it could create a cascading crisis leading to bank failures and a consolidation of assets by surviving big banks. This threatens the “you’ll own nothing and be happy” dystopian scenario. The book also explores the stagnant velocity of money in the U.S. economy, suggesting major underlying issues have been worsening for decades. Overall, it presents a stark warning about the fragility of the system and how ordinary people stand to lose assets with little legal recourse in the next crash.”

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Legal shockwaves: Lawsuit alleges Verizon cell tower caused life-threatening cardiac events

by Patrick Tims, staff writer

(NaturalHealth365)  Not too long ago, the mainstream media often portrayed those expressing concerns about 5G wireless technology as on the outskirts of public opinion.  However, a recent lawsuit alleges that Verizon’s cellular signal towers may have detrimental effects on the human body.

The plaintiff in the case asserts a direct connection between exposure to these towers and severe, life-threatening heart problems.  This legal action marks a shift in the conversation about the safety of 5G technology, prompting a reevaluation of potential health implications associated with wireless infrastructure.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) has funded a lawsuit recently filed in the United States District Court for the District of Idaho Southern Division, taking aim at Verizon in what might set an important legal precedent.  The lawsuit alleges that plaintiff Henry Allen referred to as “Hank”, suffered negative health outcomes after Verizon cell towers were placed by his home.  Hank, a resident of Idaho, is sensitive to electromagnetic waves that are invisible to the human eye.

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The Benefits of Technocracy in China

by GoldSilver

Since the Reform and Opening initiated by Deng Xiaoping in 1978, any casual observer of China’s leaders might note how many of them were educated as engineers. Indeed, at the highest level, former presidents Jiang Zemin (1993–2003) and Hu Jintao (2003–2013) as well as Xi Jinping (2013–present) all studied engineering, although Xi subsequently did academic work in management and law. And an engineering influence exists not only at the very top. A high proportion of government officials at city, provincial, and national levels have had some form of technical education. For example, of the 20 government ministries that form the State Council, more than half are headed by persons who have engineering degrees or engineering work experience. As a result, foreign analysts have suggested for some time that China functions as a kind of technocracy—a nation run by people who are in power because of their technical expertise—and have often criticized it as such. This assessment reflects a common Western view that technocratic governance is inherently anti-democratic and even dehumanizing.

But what does technocracy mean today, especially in China? Given China’s remarkable emergence in recent decades as a vibrant player on the world economic and political stage, might technocracy in the Chinese context have some positive characteristics?

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Whistleblower nurse exposes DEADLY COVID-19 protocols in Bay Area hospital

by Ava Grace

A whistleblower nurse has stepped forward to expose the deadly hospital protocols at her hospital during the height of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Gail McCrae worked at a hospital at California’s Bay Area, notoriously one of the most strictly compliant populations in the country. “We were compliant, not just with the lockdowns and the masking, but also with the COVID-19 injections,” she said in an interview. McCrae started her stint at Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Medical Center in 2015, but was fired in October 2021 for refusing to take the COVID-19 injections on religious grounds.

McCrae said two things bothered her during the height of the pandemic – the media coverage of hospitals, and the protocols in place at the time. As COVID-19 cases become more widespread in 2020, media reports showed hospitals becoming overpopulated with patients.

However, this was far from what McCrae saw – leading her to conclude that everyone was being lied to. In reality, the hospitals were locked down; elective surgeries were stopped; and the hospital she worked in became completely empty. (Related: Former nurse describes hospital Covid-19 protocols as “medical murder).

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“Armageddon Lobby”: How Christian Zionists Influence U.S. Policy

by Leonid Savin

Despite the fact that not only hospitals and mosques but also Christian churches were destroyed during the bombardment of the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces, many people who call themselves Christians and who are not ethnic Jews actively support Israel’s actions. Where did this phenomenon come from?

The fact is that Zionism as a Jewish political movement emerged in the late 19th century, but similar ideas appeared much earlier. And, paradoxically, they were born in a Christian environment.

The Birth of Puritan Zionism

One of the first supporters of the immigration of European Jews to Palestine were the Puritans. This Protestant sect emerged in the late 16th century and became quite influential in England and later in the American colonies. They showed considerable interest in the role of the Jews in eschatology, or end-time theology.

For example, John Owen, a seventeenth-century theologian, member of Parliament, and administrator at Oxford, taught that the physical return of Jews to Palestine was necessary for the fulfillment of end times prophecy. And in 1621, Sir Henry Finch wrote a sermon calling for the support of the Jewish people and their return to their biblical homeland.

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Now scientists say BREATHING is bad for the environment: Gases we exhale contribute to 0.1% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions

By Jonathan Chadwick For Mailonline

Whether it’s eating less meat or cycling instead of driving, humans can do many things to help prevent climate change.

Unfortunately, breathing less isn’t one of them. 

That might be a problem, as a new study claims the gases in air exhaled from human lungs is fueling global warming.

Methane and nitrous oxide in the air we exhale makes up to 0.1 per cent of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, scientists say. 

And that’s not even accounting for the gas we release from burps and farts, or emissions that come from our skin without us noticing. 

The new study was led by Dr Nicholas Cowan, an atmospheric physicist at the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Edinburgh. 

‘Exhaled human breath can contain small, elevated concentrations of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), both of which contribute to global warming,’ Dr Cowan and colleagues say. 

‘We would urge caution in the assumption that emissions from humans are negligible.’

As most of us remember from science classes at school, humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. 

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Rickards’ Five Forecasts For 2024

by James Rickards

An Election of Dire Consequences

It’s a cliche to write that the next presidential election will be the “most important in our lifetimes.” Yet in 2024 that cliche will actually be true.

The divide between the two parties is probably greater than at any time in U.S. political history since the Civil War. The choice could not be more stark and the stakes could not be higher.

That’s why this election is so important.

First off, I don’t think that Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee for president.

Biden’s problem is not just his age, but the fact that he actually is mentally and physically impaired. He’s simply not fit to be president, and everyone knows it even if Democratic operatives and media sycophants don’t want to mention it. But who will replace Biden?

The most likely replacements are Gavin Newsom, J.B. Pritzker, Gretchen Whitmer and Jennifer Granholm. All four were or are state governors. They’re all about the same ideologically; take your pick. Forget Kamala Harris; she’s simply too much of a liability.

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Arizona: Free Your Mind AZ (Phoenix), The Independent Network (The IN Group, Prescott), Sedona Freedom Movement, Sedona Conscious Collective California: Complete Liberty(San Diego), San Diego Freedom Alliance, Santa Cruz Voluntaryists, Bay Area Voluntaryists , The Mises Circle Orange County (Newport Beach) Colorado: We Are Change(Denver),Liberty on the Rocks(Denver), Kansas: Libertarian Free Thinkers of Kansas City, Massachusetts: Boston Liberty Hang Out, Michigan: The Michigan Peace and Liberty Coalition(Detroit) New Hampshire:Free State Project, Free State Project Calendar of NH Liberty Events (statewide), The Praxeum (Liberty Center in Dover/Portsmouth, NH), The Wearehouse (Liberty Center in Weare, NH), The Quill (Liberty Center in Manchester, NH) The Shell (Liberty center in Rollinsford, NH) New YorkAnarcho-Capitalist Meet up,  Pennsylvania: Don’t Tread on Philly Philadelphia Texas:Voluntaryists of Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston Free Thinkers, Voluntaryist of Austin Utah: Bountiful Voluntaryist Meet Up Virginia – Liberate Richmond Washington State: Seattle Ancaps Voluntarists Libertarians, Tacoma Liberty on the Rocks.

Europe:London Anarchy Meetup, Libertarian Meetups – Göteborg, Sweden
Asia: VOLUNTARYISM! Living Peacefully and Morally! ( Pattaya, Thailand)
Everywhere: Freedom Cell Network, Caledonia
Basic Rifle TrainingProject Appleseed (Everywhere) is a basic, low-cost day and 1/2 riflery training for everyone but especially dads, moms, and kids. Turns rifle owners into effective riflemen and women.

Combat/Tactical TrainingMax Velocity Tactical provides private next-level combat training to teach modern gunfighting techniques, gear, strategy and tactics.  Virginia/West Virginia Area and National.

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Meme Bonanza

Etienne Note:  I feel a little bad posting the meme above because I have good friends who bit hard on the flat earth psyop BUT it is important to nip it in its bud because I believe it was designed to get truthers to shoot their credibility with friends and family. Quick reminder that Anarchapulco is featuring Flat Earth heavily this year to sully the reputations of the good folks who have been tricked into speaking and attending and Jeff Berwick was the first person to introduce Flat Earth into the voluntaryist and peaceful anarchist movements by pumping it on Anarchast.  See our expose on the scam of Anarchapulco and HBO’s “reality” hit piece on anarchism in the link above. 

The Earth is Flat - REBUTTED! by Larken Rose

Voluntaryist Larken Rose’s Rebuttal to Flat Earth is above. 

Truth Music of the Week


This moderately funny Klaus Schwab Christmas video is making the rounds but craps out in the end when the the fake controlled opposition of Alex Jones, Fucker Carlson, Tate, and Tim Pool are featured as the “opposition”.  Don’t fall for it!

Free State Project Corner

NH Mint Run By Free State Project Members Releases 1/10 OZ Silver Barter Rounds with Lowest Premiums For The Weight

Etienne Note: We can’t find the silver rounds on-line yet?  Please call the Local Silver Mint directly at +1 603 748 7996. The rectangular barter pieces are in-stock at multiple on-line retailers.  Link in full article. 

by Elliot “Alu” Axelman

In mid-December, the Local Silver Mint released its latest game-changing product. For the past few years, the Weare-based business has offered a number of unique gold and metal products at the most competitive prices. In 2022, the mint began manufacturing small silver bits that contained 1/10th of an ounce of silver.

This week, the owner of the business and its mint unveiled its latest creation: a 1/10th ounce pure silver round!

The owner of the shop, who is known as ‘Silver Dave’ told The Liberty Block that he is very excited about the new shape. “It’s beautiful, useful, perfect for bartering, and it’s better than pre-1965 90% silver dimes because it says right on it that it’s a tenth ounce of pure silver,” Dave told TLB, adding that “It may be the lowest premium (cost over silver price) fractional silver in the world.” Indeed, the roughly $3.30 per item does appear to be less expensive than any other 1/10th Troy ounce silver product on the market. The large online sellers have already placed large purchase orders for the small rounds, according to Silver Dave.

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Pre-State “Project – How You Can Help

Free State Project Corner – The Free State Project is moving 20,000+ libertarians to New Hampshire with the goal of reducing “Government” to just protecting life, liberty and property.  We are supporting and reporting on this dynamic.  If you have heard Etienne talk about the plan to accelerate this dynamic by dropping 100,000 copies of “Government”, the 64GB Liberator and a TBD documentary to the influential in the state and want more details in our Executive Summary.

The Liberator

The Liberator– Our archive of “government” and media criminality

Important Note: New additions are added to the authoritative Liberator Dropboxes regularly but will not appear in the physical credit card-sized flash drive until we launch the next version.  Anyone can download the current contents of the Liberator FOR FREE including all the primary sources and evidence from our investigation into “The Covid”.

Liberator #1 – Companion media to “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History. Exposed!
Liberator #2 – Evidence of False Flag terror for police state and hoax shootings for gun control:
Liberator #3 – Evidence that “The Covid” has been a scam and the vaccines are killing people:
Liberator #4 – Voluntaryism and more evidence of “Government” corruption:
Liberator #5 – Prepping and Self-Sufficiency – Hundreds of resources:

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