Controlling Perception with Crisis Actors, Created Legends and Mockingbird Media

The organized crime media system controls reality by controlling the information that the population receives. The ability to control perception is most powerful weapon in the US arsenal, and three key components are crisis actors, created legends, and mockingbird media.

Crisis Actors – A crisis actor is an individual who plays a role in an intelligence agency staged event to manipulate public opinion by controlling the information that the public receives about the event. When the organized crime system stages a false flag like 9-11 to transfer trillions to the military-industrial complex, a hoax event like the Boston Marathon Bombing to roll out and justify military-style armored vehicles in almost every town and city, or stages a global scam like “The Covid” to hand out trillions to Wall Street in “bailouts” and “stimulus” crisis actors are used to play heroes, victims, experts, and witnesses frequently interviewed at the scene to ensure that: #1 – Real eyewitnesses donʼt say anything and #2 – that the TV audience receives the specific talking points that reinforce the narrative or steer the audience to accept the pre-determined “solution” that was organized crimeʼs goal all along. Other Crisis Actors: Every Single “Witness” at the Fake Borderline Bar & Grill “Shooting”, Norman C. from Hoax Orlando Pulse Nightclub “Shooting”, Dr. Leana Wen at the hoax “Boston Marathon Bombing”.

Mockingbird Media – The CIAʼs program to control the media is rumored to be called Operation Mockingbird and the speculation is that if the intelligence agencies can control the “head-ends” of the information food chain (networks, wire services, “newspapers-of-record”, etc.), then most regional newspapers and radio/television stations will simply “mockingbird” what the big boys report and most people will simply “mockingbird” what the national and regional media says.

Screenshot of the BBC’s Jane Standley explaining how and why WTC 7 collapsed with WTC 7 still visible in the skyline behind her. Click HERE to see the full video from: The Liberator.

Example: WTC 7 was the 3rd building in the World Trade Center to collapse on 9-11. WTC7 held the largest CIA base in the world outside of Langley, VA and also held the New York Emergency Command

Center, built the year before 9-11 with blast-proof windows, military-grade communications, and widely believed to be the intelligence agenciesʼ control center for 9-11. The building wasnʼt hit by a plane, and collapsed completely and symmetrically into itʼs own footprint at 5:20 PM, seven hours after the collapse of WTC 1&2, displaying all the hallmarks of a controlled demolition: visible squibs, symmetrical collapse, and free-fall speed to name a few. At 5:00 PM Fox News, CNN and the BBC began announcing that the building had collapsed with pre-written explanations why. In the case of the BBC, their reporter Jane Standley was doing a live shot from NYC with WTC 7 still standing visibly behind her as the anchor in London explained that the collapse of WTC7 was because it had been “weakened.” The Director of television for the BBC at that time was Mark Thompson, who was also the head of the New York Times when the paper produced the first fake videos and stories about pandemic conditions at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, which we break down elsewhere in the book. Other Examples of Mockingbird Media: CNN Caught Interviewing Their Cameraman, CNN Charles Jaco Fake Gulf War Broadcasts, BBC Fakes Tripoli Scene with Crowd Shot from India.

Created Legends – In the intelligence agencies, a “legend” is the background story, identity documents, degrees, and other assets a spy needs to pretend to be someone else. Frequently “legends” are created to provide the background to explain frequent foreign travel. Business International Corporation, a known CIA front organization that gave Barack Obama his first job out-of-college, is an excellent example. The firm purported to be a publishing and advisory firm, and provided cover stories for agents to be traveling the world. The agents can simply hand a business newsletter with articles written under the agentʼs by-line as proof they are an “international journalist.” Some “Created Legends” appear to have been created starting as early as high school or college, where they are artificially elevated in status to create a legend that gives them the artificial gravitas to be elected to public office or serve as an “expert” in the control-of-perception media. Barak Obama is a textbook example where the apparent prodigy of an agency-connected family was groomed and artificially elevated into the presidency, creating a “pure puppet.” Skull and Bonesman George Bush Jr., who was the son of former CIA Director, US President, and Skull & Bonesman George Bush Sr. was similarly artificially elevated I.E. He was made a fighter pilot, Harvard MBA, and given the high-profile job of General Manager of the Texas Ranger baseball franchise before being elected Governor of Texas and US President, but at least his dad had a seat on the “Board of Directors,” which gave him a modicum of independence vs. pure “created legend” puppets like Obama. Other Examples of “Created Legends”: JD Vance-CIA/CNN Republican.

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