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Crisis Actor and Covid Suspect: Dr. Leana Wen

A Physician who was a leading voice in the Covid Pandemic where she has appeared frequently as an analyst on MSM where she targeted blame on “Anti-Vaxxers” countless times. Problematically for Ms. Wen she was also used as a crisis actor in a staged hoax event for the police state: “The Boston Marathon Bombing” where she was interviewed by CNN.  She is a Rhodes Scholar, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.  She is also connected with the eugenics movement as a past president of Planned Parenthood.

Dr Leana Wen on CNN after Boston Bombing saying she cared for bombing victims

“We Can’t Trust the Unvaccinated”: Dr. Leana Wen on Vaccine Mandates

Understanding the Scam of the Boston Marathon “Bombing”


Here is a link to all the resources in The Liberator exposing the Boston Bombing and the best documentary: The Boston Marathon Unbombing by Plasmaburns.


A documentary from our Flashdrive and dropboxes of Liberty: The Liberator. Get all of our other evidence of “government” and media involvement in this hoax event for police state measures here. This video was made by Plasmaburns and you can find his work here.