The Religion of “Statism”

Is Organized Crime “Government” and Monopoly Media Using Unethically Manipulative Cult Indoctrination Techniques on an Unsuspecting Public?

Statism is the indoctrinated belief in the desirability, necessity and legitimacy of a State (“Government”) even though there is no iron-clad law of the universe that “government” is needed, desirable or legitimate.

It is a wholly indoctrinated belief system I.E. it has been mandatorily taught to the overwhelming majority of the public through government schools and Private schools where the “government” controls instruction content through accreditation, textbook amalgamation and tradition.

Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion featuring Larken Rose (12:35) (Liberator Download)

Statism is a pseudo-religious belief, I.E., “Government” is not a physical entity that can be touched. It is a supernatural entity that promises to make the world a better place for true believers who have accepted the belief system into their worldview. The multi-generational organized crime system ruling the planet from behind the scenes uses the same techniques that religions and cults use on their followers to brainwash the masses into accepting a ruling class.

These techniques include Religious symbolism in the form of the flag, the Presidency (Pope), “holy documents” in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, mandatory “church” schools, common prayer where children are required to recite the pledge of allegiance every day at school and scouting meetings,

More common prayer and militarism at sporting events where the government pays teams to propagandize the audience, taking school children on field trips to Washington DC (Mecca) where they are taken to the capital (that looks like the Vatican for a reason) and monuments (temples) to see the Founding Fathers (deities), where everything is hushed and reverent.

These techniques produce “citizens” (cult members) willing to hand over ½ their income (tithes), and, in the case of the enforcement class (police), the techniques produce a classic “shave-headed cult member” willing to kill and cage non-conformists who ignore or violate the laws ( commandments ) handed down by the Congress/ Courts (church leadership) who sit “above” the citizens and wear robes (vestments). In the case of the military (shave-headed cult members), they are willing to go abroad and kill whom they are told in wars/”police actions” (crusades)

There simply isn’t any way to sugar-coat this. If you are participating in the military, you are partially responsible for all of the death and destruction that the military is engaged in. If someone offers you a job, but you have to obey all orders no matter how morally repugnant, you should say: NO! Even if they are going to let you fly fighters…

Key Concepts

There is No Such Thing as “Government”
• You can’t go to Washington DC and touch “Government”
• It is an idea/belief system that is indoctrinated into kids by gov’t schools and most private/parochial schools through accreditation, tradition and textbook amalgamation

The word “Government” literally means “Mind Control” in Latin
• The translation of the original Latin is “To Control the Mind”.
The root words are:
• Gubenare – Control, Govern, Rule
• Mens/Mente – Mind

The belief in “Government” is mandatorily indoctrinated into the masses.

  • No one is born believing that handing over ½ your income in overt taxes, covert taxes, and inflation to a ruling class is a good idea
  • Human beings are free, sentient beings who don’t owe their allegiance/income to anyone just because they were born on one side or another of an imaginary line.
  • Mandatory “free” government K-12 schools & accredited private schools spend ~12,000 hours indoctrinating and legitimizing this belief system in a hidden curriculum
  • The belief is reinforced through government institutions, government, police/ military training, scouting (pre-military training & flag worship), paid-for militarism/statism at sporting events and a propaganda system where six companies running hundreds of subsidiaries give the illusion of choice but are controlling the information the masses receive to limit their knowledge and secretly reinforcing the status quo and “legitimacy” of the system in movies, television shows, magazines, etc.

Every Michael Bay American Flag Product Placement (8:32) – Liberator Version: Download Here

Organized crime’s media system reinforces this religiosity by product-placing the flag into hundreds of movies and television shows, which becomes painfully apparent in this short video above showing 469 “product placements” in just 12 Michael Bay movies. Hollywood propagandists frequently use a technique called “Anchoring,” where they create a moment of high positive emotion (Matt Damon escaping Mars in The Martian) and then “Anchor” that exhilaration to the flag by immediately cutting to people on Earth waving American flags or waiting for a player to score a touchdown and then cutting to the flag or military/police personnel celebrating in the audience. The NBA has added the flag to their backboards to “anchor” the exhilaration of a goal, and the NFL to helmets where players are forbidden to remove them and forced to show respect. The military and police unethically and manipulatively weave the flag into burial ceremonies so relatives associate it with their deceased loved ones.

The government schools use classical “cult indoctrination” techniques on kids.
• Most government teachers/administrators are ignorant/willfully ignorant of the hidden curriculum and brainwashed themselves and don’t know/refuse to research the history of the Prussian education system and its creator’s admissions that the system was designed to control the masses and instill obedience to authority:

It’s no accident that the MainStreamMedia (the propaganda arm of organized crime) is constantly using trick photography to give the ruler’s political puppets the appearance of holiness using religious symbolism. It is one of the many ways the rulers indoctrinate the masses with a pseudo-religion; Statism slipped to them using government schools, scouting, military and police training, and mainstream media propaganda in news, films, and tell-a-vision “programming.”

Indoctrination Techniques include:

  • Common Prayer: The pledge of allegiance at school and the national anthem at sporting events
  • Civics and social studies that teach kids the Statist worldview
  • Focus on learning about the Presidents (Popes) and the legitimacy of Gov’t
  • Socialization of the enforcement class (police) through the D.A.R.E. program
  • Promotion of military, selective service, and military recruiters in schools

Obedience Techniques include:

  • The inability to leave or even go to the bathroom without permission
  • Public shaming (Red, Yellow, Green) and collective punishment
  • Responding to Pavlovian bells, walking in line, obedience to police, etc

Resources to Learn More

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The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose – exposes the myth for what it is, showing how nearly everyone, as a result of one particular unquestioned assumption, directly contributes to violence and oppression without even realizing it. $14 ( or $60 with “Government” and a Liberator drive)

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