Five Meme Friday

Five Meme Friday – July 15th

My apologies for being radio silent but I just returned from a 4300+ mile road trip to the Porcupine Freedom Festival in New Hampshire and my son’s high school graduation in Northern Virginia (and back!) on crutches!

Get an update and sneak peak of the 5th Edition content and my take and investigation into HBO’s The Anarchists along with a link to see it free on Bitchute.

Enjoy these pokes at the powers that shouldn’t be.

Video of the Week

The Ananrchists – A Six-Part Docu-Series from HBO
See 1st Episode free on Bitchute here

Etienne’s Review: There is a new docu-series from HBO on the Anarchapulco conference that is held every February in Acapaulco.  I have been an attendee since the initial conference in 2015 and have only missed 2017, 2021 and 2022 (although in 2022  I attended the anti-Anarchapulco conference, Agorapulco, which was held around the corner at the same time. My book, “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! was the best-selling book at Anarchapulco in 2018, 2019, and 2020. I was a speaker in 2019 and a main stage speaker in 2020 where Charlie Robinson said my speech “burned the house down”I routinely threw the biggest party of the conference (The Turtle Party) which drew as many as 300 attendees as a fund raiser for the Art of Liberty Foundation to a turtle sanctuary outside of Acapulco each year.

I believe the Anarchapulco conference is an organized crime intelligence agency operation to steer the modern peaceful anarchy/anarcho-capitalist and crypto-anarchist movements into drugs, controlled opposition voices / media operations, infighting, etc. while smearing/tarring the movement through association with conmen, drug dealers and murder while stealing the oxygen from legitimate liberty movement conferences and authentic voices.  The operation is very similar to the now admitted CIA’s creation/promotion of Gloria Steinem and Ms. Magazine to steer the feminism movement documented by the book: The Mighty Wurlitzer – How the CIA Played America. 

I have been working on an expose of Anarchapulco and Jeff Berwick for over a year and will pick that back up to have something shortly after the 5th edition ships and before the sixth episode of The Anarchists airs with a complete review and background on Blumhouse (rhymes with scumhouse) who also produced, among other drivel: The Purge – Anarchy which denigrates Anarchy and makes it appear that a world without “Government” even for a day would see the population descend in lawless and murderous dystopia.

The Documentary – I have watched the documentary crew working on this for years and only interacted a couple of times… I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt so I will save the complete review for after the sixth episode BUT I am suspicious already in the fact that Berwick appears to be elevated as a leader in the liberty movement and that organized crime Hollywood would have a documentary crew embedded with Anarchapulco for six years… not to mention the documentary has already been reviewed by Time, CNN, The Guardian, Salon, The Daily Beast, and more right-out-of-the-gate.

It gets even more suspicious… You just can’t make this stuff up… Executive Producer Jeremiah Crowell was the executive producer of a docu-series called: Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak featuring Bill Gates predicting Covid-19 and pumping vaccines that was released on propagandist Netflix in January of 2020.. a month before Covid 19 hit!Alex Jones alleges that Bill Gates funded the documentary but I have not seen anything conclusive on that yet but Bill Gates and Vaccines are definitely the heroes!

Producer Mary Lisio was the executive producer of a 2013 Docuseries called: Crimes of the Century and while I haven’t had the opportunity to review every episode the ones that I have seen appear to reinforce the official stories of what was really “government” engineered terrorism including the Oklahoma Bombing, the massacre of 80+ men, women and children at Waco and the intelligence agencies murder of John Lennon.

Starting to understand how the media’s control-of-perception program works?

So Who Got Featured in Episode #1
First, I am not suggesting that every speaker, sponsor or employee of the Anarchapulco or was featured in the documentary is controlled opposition. In the same way that rat poison is overwhelmingly good food, the overwhelming majority of speakers, attendees and employees of Anarchapulco appear to be good people. I am not suggesting that every single person who I highlight below as being chosen by the filmmakers to poorly represent the movement or tar it through association are “In On It”.  Some are likely “Useful idiots” whose personas were chosen and words were taken out-of-context.  I myself have been an attendee and was a speaker even after I began to suspect in 2018 that Anarchapulco was another organized-crime, controlled opposition scam to create, crowd-gather and herd one of the largest audiences of voluntaryists, anarcho-capitalists and peaceful anarchists in the world.

Jeff Berwick – Cross-dressing, suspected controlled opposition media figure connected to the Obama and Biden administrations through Jessica Kill, the producer of Anarchapulco in 2019 and 2020.  If you were trying to make the voluntaryist/anarchist movement look seedy, you couldn’t have propped up a better seedy-AF con man than Jeff Berwick.  From defrauding voluntaryist investors in the Galt’s Gulch Chile scam, selling fake passports to anarchists, to promoting ponzi schemes like BitClub and a dozen+ shitcoins you couldn’t ask for a worse representative. I personally saw Jeff Berwick speak at FreedomFest 2017, a largely small “l” libertarian/Republican event that appears to be controlling and steering that wing of the Liberty movement using an admitted “Ex” CIA agent named Mark Skousen running a similar investor newsletter + media operations + conference.  Berwick was the only “Anarchist” speaker and he showed up to his morning speech on legalizing drugs with a drink in his hand.  He told a friend of mine that he is thinking about importing meth into Central America because “the US has a competitive advantage in meth” and at one time was promoting having Anarchapuclo events at a strip club and/or bringing in strippers to the hotel… again to make Anarchy look seedy…

“Anarchist” Dayna Martin flashing a Baphomet at a Disney event where she is, evidently a Disney #MAKERALLSTAR

Dayna Martin – promotes a fringe version of unschooling (no rules at all for kids… Similar to the Satanic “Do as Thou Whilst” ) that is NOT the version popular with the voluntaryist movement (self-directed learning represented by Montessori, Waldorf and other educational systems proven superior to the mandatory government indoctrination centers) that could be embraced by all. Tattooed, pierced and frequently displaying satanic symbology she seems designed to offend the normies.

One of Dayna Martin’s daughters – The Poster child for “Anarchist” Unschooling – Don’t Fall for It!

Dayna dresses her kids in clothing designed to offend the masses in what appears to be an effort to tar homeschooling and unschooling.  She has been featured in other Hollywood reality shows (Wife Swap) where she engages in behavior designed to offend normies like taking her teen son to have his septum pierced. Once took her daughter to buy her 1st vape. WTF?

Adam Kokesh – Suspected controlled opposition media figure who promotes and distributes drugs in the liberty movement.

Nathan Freeman – Designed to offend normies from burning books to having his kids say fuck on screen in the documentary.

Suspected controlled opposition media figure Luke Rudkowski and Juan Galt – Our representatives!

Luke Rudkowski – Suspected controlled opposition media figure associated with suspected controlled opposition media figure Alex Jones, suspected controlled opposition media figure Tim Pool, and close friend of Jeff Berwick.  Promoted to create, control and steer an alternative media voice.

John Galton & Lily Forrester – Tattooed and pierced drug dealers designed to offend “normies” and associate anarchy with drug dealing and murder by association.

CIA Google’s definition of “Anarchy” and “Controlled Opposition Wikipedia’s definition of Agorism vs… say… the Mises Institute’s definition of Agorism or their definition of Anarchy which would have exposed the audience to the Mises Institute…

The Use of CIA Search Engine Google vs. say… (or any search engine except CIA Google)

Stay tuned for next installment!

Let’s Crowdsource an Investigation Into Anarchapulco and: The Anarchists!
I am looking to talk to anyone who has information and evidence about Anarchapulco and the docu-series: The Anarchists.  I am specifically looking for photos of Paul Propert and the video he made threatening John and Lily in 2018 while working out on a heavy bag. I am also looking for the Anarchapulco 2019? 2020? logo with the masonic single eye (Girl taking off the blindfold).  Please send to: and subscribe to Five Meme Friday @ to stay in the loop with the investigation.

Maybe there will be an Episode Seven where film makers Jason Blum, Jeremiah Crowell, Todd Schramke Mary Lisio and Kim Kylland are exposed as betraying their friends, families, colleagues and neighbors while working for the same organized crime media system that we break down in the upcoming: “Government’ and “The Covid” – The Two Biggest Scams in History… Exposed! – How Inter-Generational Organized Crime Runs the “Government”, MEDIA, and Academia!

How the Media Secretly Carries Out Assignments for the CIA – By Dr. Joseph Mercola

…As explained by Jimmy Dore in the featured video, the UK’s Paul Mason is basically pretending to be a left-leaning journalist but is working with the intelligence community to destroy political opponents. Emails obtained by The Grayzone and reviewed by Dore shows Mason is in favor of “relentless deplatforming,” getting people kicked off PayPal, demonetized by YouTube and so on. The Grayzone writes:

“Amidst his campaign to neutralize the UK antiwar left, Paul Mason declared in an email to several academics willing to inform on and undermine their own colleagues: ‘the far left rogue academics is who I’m after … The important task is to quarantine their ‘soft’ influencers and expose/stigmatize the hard ideologists.’
Mason’s fishing expedition was conducted in apparent coordination with Andy Pryce, a senior British intelligence official involved in a series of malign information warfare and censorship initiatives:

Update on 5th Edition of “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! Investigation into “The Covid”

Update on the 5th Edition of “Government”

Bad News / Good News

The Bad News: because we are so behind on the 5th edition it is now spilling over into previously scheduled commitments most notably my son’s high school graduation and the Porcupine Freedom Festival in New Hampshire. Progress slowed considerably while I drove 4,300+ miles from Sedona, Arizona to Lancaster, New Hampshire for “PorcFest” where we joined 2700+ voluntaryists, libertarians, and peaceful anarchists for the Free State Project’s biggest get-together of the year!

I spoke in three different sessions and The Art of Liberty Foundation was an exhibitor in “Agora Alley” with the crew from Autonomy. On the way to PorcFest I stopped in Virginia for a couple of days to attend and celebrate my son’s high school graduation and see my boys!  From Memphis, TN to New Hampshire and back I was towing a 4700lb travel trailer which is like having a 2nd job! I have also been on crutches for a week trying to recover after PorcFest…  It’s been quite a trip!..

The Good News
I am back in Memphis which, along with Fort Worth, Texas, is one of my two “Home Towns” where I spent my formative years.  I am now stationary for the next couple of weeks and back to slamming and jamming on the book every single day! I am cranking. I think we are two weeks away and I am releasing some more content below to assure everyone that progress is being made!

What Is Taking So Long?

This is a HUGE project!  It isn’t just the book… It is a new and expanded 64GB Liberator that will have a retail package for the first time. It is a new product: The Pop-Up Guerrilla Bookstore with packaging, sub-components, etc.  It is getting ISBN numbers for multiple editions and The Liberator, It is getting ready with a launch campaign where we are already working with our marketing firm to get ready while we are trying to continue to publicize what we are learning in the investigation through Five Meme Friday and our other social media outlets. Please be patient and my apologies again for the delays.  Here are a couple of tidbits to whet the whistle and I am happy to refund anyone’s order that is sick of the wait.

The White Rose – MUCHO GRANDE! – SNEAK PEAK! Shhhh…
Another part of the campaign we are getting teed up and that we test-marketed at the Porcupine Freedom Festival is The White Rose – Much Grande!  The White Rose Society is an international group of activists that make pro-liberty, anti-lockdown, anti-covid stickers available globally.  The campaigners make a file of stickers available for free and anyone with a low-cost brother sticker printer (~$100 new or $40-50 used on E-bay) can print cool, hard-hitting stickers at a very low cost.  Those are then distributed at liberty events like Porcfest. Richard Grove had a huge bowl of them available for free at the Autonomy cafe.

The White Rose – Mucho Grande! is our homage to the White Rose society!  Instead of stickers we are going to be be making a free file available of POSTERS featuring the full-size, high-res visualizations from “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed!  and a series of visualizations showing the monopolization of: Media, Consumer Goods, Defense Contractors, Beer, Beverages, Meat Processing, Airlines, Community Newspapers, and banks among others. 

We are going to make our file available for free to the White Rose network so anyone who has access to a large format printer / plotter can print posters for their favorite coffee shop, university commons, bookstore, or have your own “art exhibition” where you invite your friends and neighbors over to help them better understand how the organized crime banks are buying up the world with their little paper tickets. 

We are looking for a sponsor to help with the launch of this if this your your kind of Banksy-esque mischief!

The Good News – Book Should Ship to Printer Second Week of July to ship by August 1st

64GB Liberator Coming – We are expanding: The Liberator to 64GBs.  Everyone who ordered the 32GB Liberator will get many additional GBs of material for free!

Funding: Since we only raised $20,000 ($15,250 from IndieGoGo and ~$4,750 in Epic Cash) of our $35,000 goal we are looking for a heavy hitter or two to help us get the book out in a BIG way.  If you or anyone you know might be interested then please e-mail me at where I can take you through the new edition and plans. 

Free Download of the 4th Edition for IndieGoGo and Five Meme Friday subscribers – We are making the 4th edition of the book available for free download to our IndieGoGo backers, Five Meme Friday subscribers, and anyone who downloads the full Liberator.  You can find the 4th edition with all the hypertext links in the Liberator#1 Dropbox here:

The Liberator – Our archive of “government” and media criminality

Important Note: New additions are added to the authoritative Liberator Dropboxes regularly but will not appear in the physical credit card-sized flash drive until we launch the next version.  Anyone can download the current contents of the Liberator FOR FREE including all the primary sources and evidence from our investigation into “The Covid”.

Liberator #1
 – Companion media to “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History. Exposed!

Liberator #2 – Evidence of False Flag terror for police state and hoax shootings for gun control:

Liberator #3 – Evidence that “The Covid” has been a scam and the vaccines are killing people:

Liberator #4 – Voluntaryism and more evidence of “Government” corruption:

Liberator #5 – Prepping and Self-Sufficiency – Hundreds of resources:

Since we are behind on getting the 5th edition out, we are sharing what we are reading, watching, evaluating to both deliver real value to the folks who pre-ordered books and to crowd-source a fact-check and get feedback on the direction and sources.  You can subscribe to the Art of Liberty Foundation Substack: Telegram Channel here:

“Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed

‘Cost-Free’: Biden Admin may soon infuse the IMF with $650 billion ‘for Ukraine’

Democrats in Congress and their globalist billionaire backers are lobbying the Biden Administration to deploy hundreds of billions of dollars into the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The initiative is being advertised to “save Ukraine” and impoverished nations, but it acts as an instrument to further centralize monetary power.

“Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed is a recurring segment in Five Meme Friday where we chronicle the news that makes the case that the “Government” is being run by inter-generational organized crime who are stealing trillions. Join our Telegram Channel devoted to evidence of “Government” and media criminality here:

To send articles and evidence for consideration and to report “Government” and media criminality in your town or city, please send to:

News Of The Week

The Abe Assasination – by James Corbett
As you no doubt know by now, Shinzo Abe, the former prime minister of Japan, was assassinated in broad daylight on Friday. So what happened? Who was responsible? And what does it mean?

Following are the results of an open-source investigation conducted by The Corbett Report community to compile all the known information about the incident and to put that information into its proper context.

Metabiota, Ukraine, and the CIA

If you are not angry after reading this thread, then something is profoundly wrong with you.

Peter Hambro – BIS, central banks are rigging gold market using bullion banks’ paper gold

This week an intriguing and eye-opening article by the well-known Peter Hambro was published by British economics and politics news site Reaction.

The article, which is titled “Don’t forget the golden rule: whoever has the gold makes the rules” is intriguing and eye-opening for a number of reasons, chiefly because it pulls no punches in highlighting the price manipulation of the gold price and naming the types of entities responsible, while explaining some of the mechanisms used in the fractional-reserve London paper gold game.

Our Entire Civilization Is Structured Around Keeping Us From Realizing We Can Do This
Sadly, the Great Posthuman Reset requires this very societal anger and violent revolution such that the likes of WEF swoop in with the “solutions” and that is when we get our true technocratic dystopian 4th Industrial Revolution.

UN Deletes Article Praising “Benefits of World Hunger” (2-minute read)

The Benefits of World Hunger
Captured image of article before deleted (3 minute read)
Deadlink at

An article entitled “The Benefits of World Hunger” published by the United Nations went viral on social media on Wednesday, with many users expressing shock and disbelief over the inhumane claims made in it. Facing the uproar, the organization took it down on Thursday.
The now-deleted piece, written back in 2008 by a professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Hawaii, George Kent, explains how hunger serves as a “foundation of wealth” and how it is beneficial for the world economy.

Turtle Party T-shirts

The Turtle Party is over but the T-Shirt lives on

We have about a dozen Turtle Party t-shirts of various sizes. Some are 100% cotton and some are 100% polyester. You can request either but we can NOT guarantee either so order fast to ensure your chance at your preference!

The Turtle Party is our annual fundraiser for the Art of Liberty Foundation around the Agorapulco conference in Acapulco, Mexico each February. The party typically draws 200+ to our favorite turtle sanctuary on Bonfil Beach for a magical evening where the Liberty movement’s leading artists combine with the local Bonfil vibe. 2022 headliners included: Grant Ellman of Prezence, Alais Clay, So/Below, and Burnt MD.   T-Shirts are $35 + S&H

Meme Bonanza

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Free State Project Corner

Thank You For Your Efforts!

RebuildNH Activists Help Pass 10 Pro-Liberty Bills into Law!
Now that all of this year’s RebuildNH bills have had their day on the governor’s desk, we’re pleased to announce that 10 of our legislative efforts from this year have passed into law. We could not have advanced this pro-liberty legislation without your help, and we are quite grateful for your efforts.

The following RebuildNH supported bills are now the law of the land:

Free State Project Corner – The Free State Project is moving 20,000+ libertarians to New Hampshire with the goal of reducing “Government” to just protecting life, liberty and property.  We are supporting and reporting on this dynamic.  If you have heard Etienne talk about the plan to accelerate this dynamic by dropping 100,000 copies of “Government”, the 32GB Liberator and a documentary to the influential in the state and want more details in our Executive Summary.

⭐ HB 1466: This law, effective immediately, allows medical practitioners to prescribe medicines for reasons other than their indication and would prohibit the state from punishing pharmacists for filling such prescriptions.

⭐ HB 1495: prohibiting the state from requiring businesses to require vaccine or documentation related to vaccination or immunity status.

⭐ HB 1439: This law, effective immediately, allows a designated family member to be present with a patient in a medical facility to serve as a patient advocate.

⭐ HB 1003: prohibiting health care providers from refusing to provide care or services based on patient vaccination status.

⭐ HB 1608: This law, effective immediately, requires the state to inform citizens of their right to withdraw their COVID vaccination status from the state’s vaccine registry.

Read more

Free State Project Corner – The Free State Project is moving 20,000+ libertarians to New Hampshire with the goal of reducing “Government” to just protecting life, liberty and property.  We are supporting and reporting on this dynamic.  If you have heard Etienne talk about the plan to accelerate this dynamic by dropping 100,000 copies of “Government”, the 32GB Liberator and a documentary to the influential in the state and want more details in our Executive Summary.

The Everything Bundle

The Everything Bundle – The Sampler of Liberty!
Give me Liberty… and give me more! The Everything Bundle includes the latest version of our flagship book on government, along with a collection of potentially life-altering introductions to anarchy, agorism and voluntaryism.

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