The Pre-State Project

Background: The Free State Project is an effort by voluntaryist and libertarian-leaning freedom activists to move to a single State, New Hampshire, with a history of liberty and a population low enough where migration or concentration of freedom activists could affect real change.  The Pre-State Project is our effort to accelerate the objectives of the Free State Project by widely exposing organized crime’s control system and offering the voluntaryist alternative of real freedom, non-violence, tolerance, and peace.  The goal is to introduce 25,000 of the libertarian-leaning among existing New Hampshire residents to voluntaryism, real freedom and activism through the effective distribution of physical books, Liberator flash drives, and DVD documentaries in a campaign that would promote town hall meetings where we would introduce the liberty-oriented social and political networks in the state.

Why is New Hampshire “the Achilles Heel” of Statism? In addition to having a history of individual liberty and a relatively small proportion of people that work for either the state or federal government, New Hampshire has the densest concentration of libertarians in the country.   The Free State Project has been on the ground since 2003; its members host 550 Meet-Ups a year in every corner of the state and have over 7,000+ activists on the ground, with an additional 20,000+ pledged to move.  1000+ moved in 2021, and more arrive every week.  In addition to the Free State Project, there is a myriad of liberty-oriented organizations working on everything from secession to police accountability to putting liberty-oriented mini-libraries in laundromats.  In short, New Hampshire has the social and political networks to absorb, educate, and organize new libertarians in provenly effective ways. It’s the perfect place to achieve the “100th Monkey Effect,” where a majority of the population adopts new knowledge somewhat simultaneously.  Goal: Peaceful and orderly secession from the US and/or widespread Gandhi / Martin Luther King-esque civil disobedience that can’t be ignored by the rest of the country.  We can win freedom everywhere, but first, we have to win somewhere, and we believe that somewhere is New Hampshire!  We believe that once successful, New Hampshire can serve as a template, laboratory and “proof-of-concept” for prosperous and harmonious voluntaryist societies.

Read our detailed Executive Summary Here (download link):

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