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The Art of Liberty Foundation’s plan to accelerate the liberty goals of the Free State Project

The Art of Liberty Foundation has had a plan to rapidly accelerate the liberty goals of the Free State Project by widely exposing the illegitimacy and criminality of “Government” in New Hampshire.  We call it The Pre-State Project, and the basics of the plan is that for around a million dollars, we could drop 100,000 copies of“Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed!, a Liberator flash drive, a TBD documentary, and a letter explaining the illegitimacy and criminality of the “Government” and how they have been controlling perception through monopoly media and the algorithmic censorship of the media.  Each letter would contain four tickets to a town hall meeting where we would answer questions and introduce the liberty organizations in the State in an expo-style meeting.  We have had interest from a crypto centimillionaire but it fizzled when crypto crashed.

We decided to get started on a smaller scale while we were in New Hampshire for the Liberty Forum!  In addition, to selling dozens of copies of “Government” and dozens of Liberators at the conference, we:

1. We began opening Pop-Up Guerilla Bookstores in the state with our 1st at the Wearehouse, an FSP clubhouse and co-working space in Weare.

2. Sending and donating copies of “Government” to super cool Free Staters, including a 1/2 dozen State Reps, FSP Board Members, and Heavy Hitters in the FSP.

3. Sending copies to misguided FSP and Secession critics, including Zandra Rice Hawkins of Granite State Progress and Brodie Deshaies to name a few.

4. Donating copies to libraries in the state, including Weare, Manchester, and Peterborough.  One library director was a Free Stater and committed to getting the book into the intra-library loan program, where it will be available to every other library.

5. Donating copies to little mini-neighborhood libraries starting in Weare.

6. Donating copies to Police Chiefs in the state starting with Weare.

7. Creating an option in the to donate a Pop-Up Guerrilla Bookstore to a liberty organization for $300.  They keep 100% of the proceeds (Between $450 – $600 depending on the ratio of $45 Book+Liberator Bundles sold)

8. Creating an option in to sponsor a single copy of “Government” + Liberator for $50 OR  sponsor ten copies of “Government” + Liberatorbundles to politicians, libraries, journalists, bloggers, podcasters and police chiefs in the state for $300, including postage.  You can give us your list, OR we can direct them where the need is greatest. 

9. Sponsoring ads in FSP publications, including the Liberty Block and for the book and project.

10. Starting the search for an Executive Director for the Pre-State Project from the Pre-Staters in the Free State Project to run the project and start a friendly race with the Free Staters for which group engineers secession 1st: Natives or Liberty “Carpet Baggers” 😉  Let me know if you know anyone who would be right for the gig!

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Free State Project
New Hampshire’s Free State Project – How Freeing a Single State from “Government” Could Free Us All