The Propaganda Matrix

How monopolized media and the algorithmic censorship of the DARPA Internet keep humanity brainwashed and enslaved

The most powerful weapon on the planet is control of perception and it is a “binary weapon” made up of hundreds of companies, government agencies, and organizations that give the population their information to create and control their “culture.” Cult-ure is the dominant belief system, and the root word might as well be cult, which is why police/ judges/ bailiffs/ sheriffs/prosecutors/prison guards and “soul-diers” and other “order followers” can’t be reasoned with.

Plato tells this story in his Allegory of the Cave, where prisoners were chained facing the wall of a deep cave. Behind the prisoners was a walkway, and behind the walkway, was a fire. Puppeteers crossed the walkway holding objects that cast shadows on the wall. The “shadow play” became the prisoner’s life, and even when one prisoner escaped to see the reality of the world, he could not explain that reality to his former friends because they had no frame of reference, because all they ever knew was the shadow play.

The Modern Plato’s Cave of Monopolized Media and Algorithmic Censorship

Organized crime “governments” have used this system to convince their populations that the world is a certain way and it is everyone’s duty to turn over 50% of their income in overt/covert taxes while using the theft of fractional reserve banking inflation, military procurement fraud, no-bid contracts, government-granted monopolies and dozens of other invisible means of robbery and economic warfare against them. This allows organized crime to steal trillions and easily spend hundreds of billions a year controlling every screen and distracting/deceiving every audience.

Obscene criminal profits are generated in many ways: the theft of taxes, which are laundered through the governments to the organized crime “slave owners” through their monopoly banking/oil/pharma/militaryindustrial-complex companies. Interest on the national debt, “bailouts,” “stimulus,” and free money from fractional reserve banking for Big Banking, mandatory profits from mercury and aluminum-laced vaccines for Big Pharma, ethanol and agricultural subsidies for Big Ag, unneeded military spending benefits the big militaryindustrial-intelligence complex who continually menace the population with staged wars and false-flag terrorism.

Download the entire visualization as a printable White Rose MUCHO GRANDE poster

“Deception becomes more difficult as the number of channels of information available to the target increases. However, within limits, the greater the number of controlled channels, the greater the likelihood the deception will be believed.”
Deception Maxims Fact and Folklore, CIA deception research program paper – June 1981

The fact that the world is a self-organizing system that produces spontaneous order, both political parties are run by the same criminal interests, and there is no need for “governments,” and the force and violence they employ are ideas that are never presented to the tax slaves… on any channel… until now.

The Art of Liberty Foundation White Rose MUCHO GRANDE Poster showing six monopoly media companies running hundreds of subsidiaries to give everyone the illusion of choice in the media while operating as a cartel to widely control perception.

My favorite analogy about the LameStreamMedia is that the former Soviet Union was a very poor country. They could only afford two state propaganda organs: Pravda and Izvestia. In Russian, Pravda means “Truth,” and Izvestia is loosely translated as “The News.” The running joke in the Soviet Union was: “There is no truth in Pravda, and there is no news in Izvestia.” We are/were a very wealthy country… We have six major propaganda organs. The organized crime oligarchy that controls the country and much of the planet has been using its complete control of virtually everything that the average person sees on a given day to weave an artificially-created reality with regard to politics/economics/history/current events when they are not distracting us with sports & mindless entertainment, corrupting our morals, predictively programming us, or other propaganda crimes.

Control-of-Perception baked into the Internet by ARPA / DARPA from the beginning. 

Key companies/technologies like Google and others received over-investment, other DARPA technologies (Keyhole/Google Earth), and advertising/media partnerships/support from Cartel companies. Multiple examples of ostensibly private companies censoring specific individuals across multiple platforms simultaneously and Google News steering news traffic to a small handful of Cartel companies.

The main identifiable vehicles for creating/managing/controlling the content of MainStreamMedia are the World Economic Forum, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) control of the Media and the CIA’s control of key journalists that was made public during the Church Committee hearings in 1975. The Church Committee disclosed that the CIA had hundreds of journalists on the payroll. A quote from the commission:

“The CIA currently maintains a network of several hundred foreign individuals around the world who provide intelligence for the CIA and, at times, attempt to influence opinion through the use of covert propaganda. These individuals provide the CIA with direct access to a large number of newspapers and periodicals, scores of press services and news agencies, radio and television stations, commercial book publishers, and other foreign media outlets.”

This article is an excerpt from the book: “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed!

You can find part two of the series here: Control of Media and, by Extension, Human Perception.

Resources to Learn More

“Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed!, from which this essay is adapted, reveals how inter-generational organized crime runs the “government,” media and academia. The book is designed to wake up family, friends and colleagues. $30 (or $45 with Liberator flash driveGet a copy + Liberator for “Going Paid”

The Liberator – Companion media to “Government” = The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! Full of documentaries, short videos, essential books on PDF, dank liberty memes, and truth music from the liberty movement’s hottest artists. Everything that is disappearing off the internet. $30 (or $45 with a copy of “Government”Get a copy + Liberator for “Going Paid.”

What is Behind the Paywall Today?

Two of the best short videos from The Liberator exposing the mind control of the media, including one showing how the Arab people have been cast as villains in the majority of movies. Out of 1000 films that have Arab & Muslim characters (from yrs 1896 to 2000), 12 were positive depictions, 52 were even-handed, and the rest of the 900 and so were negative. Also, some of the best evidence of CIA Google algorithmically censoring information.

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