Example Cease and Desist Order to School District to Stop Testing, Masking and Quarantining

We are constantly adding to our repository of resistance: The Liberator.  Today’s addition is a Cease and Desist order to Dr. Faris Sabbah of the Santa Cruz, California school district to stop testing, masking and quarantining healthy kids. Santa Cruz county has an especially nasty organized crime “government” with county officials paying themselves salaries and compensation totaling over $350,000 a year while persecuting freedom activists like David Rodriguez for trumped up victimless crimes for exposing their corruption.  The freedom organizations in Santa Cruz county include: Santa Cruz Voluntaryists and Keep Santa Cruz Free which can be contacted on Facebook.

We are expanding the Liberator to 32GBs of content including the new folders:

Secret Hack: Order the 8GB Liberator Flash Drive and get the 32GB beta drive.


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