Eugenics Investigation

MUST SEE: New RFK Jr. documentary exposes WHO caught sterilizing women in Kenya with vaccines

So the thesis of the Art of Liberty Foundation’s investigation is that “The Covid” has been a scam of inter-generational organized crime running a eugenics program to cull the population and create infertility in women to further reduce humanity. A strong piece of evidence emerged this week from RFK Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense that produced a mini-documentary on the World Health Organization (WHO) being caught in Kenya in 2013 running a secret sterilization program using a sterilant called HCG that was added to a campaign in the country to, allegedly, vaccinate women against neo-natal tetanus.  There is absolutely no way that the very expensive HCG was added accidentally and the 5 shot schedule that they used in the country is the same 5 shot schedule needed when HCG is used to sterilize women.

Finally, the World Health Organization had been researching HCG as a sterilant SPECIFICALLY for population reduction in the years prior to their campaign in Kenya.  Is “The Covid” an extension of the same program for sterilization and depopulation? Here is a fact-check on the documentary with a summary of the evidence:

Here is the link to the documentary:

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