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Videos of the week

The 7th Annual Fake News Awards

by The Corbett Report

And now, from a deep underground military base on the other side of the flat Earth, it’s time for the 7th Annual Fake News Awards!

How did the disinformation specialists of the mockingbird media lie to the public this year? What rich, creamery nothingburgers did they use to whip the public into hysteria over matters of no consequence whatsoever? And what real scandals of earthshaking importance did they ignore? And who will walk away with the most coveted Dino of them all: the Fake News Story of the Year? Find out in this face-meltingly, apocalyptically horrifying extravaganza of media mendacity known as the Fake News Awards!

Are you looking for a complete, hyperlinked transcript of this entire show along with references to every story and a comment section? Then you’re in the wrong place! They’re at The Corbett Report website. Just follow this link:

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763 Celebrities and Athletes Dead Or Injured From the Covid “Vaccines” Evidence of Eugenics

This video is a compilation of videos and news articles produced by the German media company KLA.TV showing the death and injuries caused by the Covid “Vaccines” which are being purposely covered up and misrepresented by a monopoly media system owned and operated by the same inter-generational organized crime system exposed in the book: “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed!  

This crime syndicate centered around banking and central banking has been buying up the world using dollars created out of thin air using a technique called fractional reserve banking, which steals the value out of everyone else’s money. 

Get the book: “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! at

Follow the Art of Liberty Foundation’s work at and

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“Government”, Media and AcademiaCriminality Exposed

Etienne Note: These articles also appears in “Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed, A digest of HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of articles exposing and suggesting inter-generational organized crime’s control of the “Government,”  Media and Academia by the Art of Liberty Foundation.  You can view the other articles or subscribe on Telegram:

Impeachment witness says no record of work, loan to James Biden before payment to brother

By Steven Richards

the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability has released a transcript of its impeachment inquiry interview with a representative of Americore, the now-bankrupt healthcare company that loaned presidential brother James Biden hundreds of thousands of dollars before it went under.

Carol Fox, the trustee who represented Americore during its bankruptcy proceedings, said she could neither determine what role James Biden played nor identify any paperwork backing up the loans made to him from the struggling company in 2018.

According to the transcript of her testimony reviewed by Just the News, Fox told the committee that Biden purportedly provided consulting services to the company through his firm, Lion Hall, but in her financial investigation she could not determine exactly what those services were, nor Biden’s role at Americore despite a business card listing him as a “Principal.”

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Daily News of The Week

Doug Casey Recommends Off-Shore Gold in Foreign Safety Deposit Boxes after FBI Raid of US Safety Deposit Boxes

By Diehl Richard

International Man: Recently, the FBI raided 700 safe deposit boxes in Beverly Hills.

They opened and searched through the content of every single box, regardless of whether there was any probable cause that individual box owners had committed any crime.

The FBI then attempted to confiscate anything worth more than $5,000 through civil asset forfeiture proceedings. Again, this was regardless of whether there was any evidence of wrongdoing by the individual box owners.

What do you make of this story?

Doug Casey: This is another of many indications that the FBI is totally corrupt and out of control. There’s no indication the agent-in-charge was even reprimanded, much less fired. It’s just one agency, but the fifteen other Praetorian agencies are no better.

An even bigger problem is that the rule of law itself is dead. At this point, almost any federal agency can do whatever they want. If you don’t like it and want to fight them, it’s going to cost a ton of legal fees.

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Financial Big Brother is Watching You

by Matt Taibbi

A few weeks ago, Ohio congressman and Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan’s office released a letter to Noah Bishoff, the former director of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FinCEN, an arm of the Treasury Department. Jordan’s team was asking Bishoff for answers about why FinCEN had “distributed slides, prepared by a financial institution,” detailing how other private companies might use MCC transaction codes to “detect customers whose transactions may reflect ‘potential active shooters.’” The slide suggested the “financial company” was sorting for terms like “Trump” and “MAGA,” and watching for purchases of small arms and sporting goods, or purchases in places like pawn shops or Cabela’s, to identify financial threats.

Jordan’s letter to Bishoff went on:

According to this analysis, FinCEN warned financial institutions of “extremism” indicators that include “transportation charges, such as bus tickets, rental cars, or plane tickets, for travel to areas with no apparent purpose,” or “the purchase of books (including religious texts) and subscriptions to other media containing extremist views.”

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Audio Cloning can Take Over a Phone Call in Real Time Without the Speakers Knowing

By Joel McConvey

Generative AI could be listening to your phone calls and hijacking them with fake biometric audio for fraud or manipulation purposes, according to new research published by Security Intelligence. In the wake of a Hong Kong fraud case that saw an employee transfer US$25 million in funds to five bank accounts after a virtual meeting with what turned out to be audio-video deepfakes of senior management, the biometrics and digital identity world is on high alert, and the threats are growing more sophisticated by the day.

A blog post by Chenta Lee, chief architect of threat intelligence at IBM Security, breaks down how researchers from IBM X-Force successfully intercepted and covertly hijacked a live conversation by using LLM to understand the conversation and manipulate it for malicious purposes – without the speakers knowing it was happening.

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These Are The World’s Richest Countries, Across 3 Metrics

By Tyler Durden

How do you measure the economic success of a country?

By one classic measure, GDP per capita shows individual economic prosperity. But comparing countries simply by this metric doesn’t tell the whole story. To get a better idea of living standards, it helps to look at how far your money will go along with adjusting for labor productivity.

This graphic, via Visual Capitalist’s Niccolo Conte, shows the world’s richest countries by three different measures, based on data from The Economist and Sondre Solstad. All figures are in U.S. dollars.

As the table below shows, smaller countries fare much better—of the top 10 richest countries, eight of them have populations under 10 million people.

Luxembourg, whose financial sector makes up 25% of its GDP, is the world’s richest country by GDP per capita.

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NYCB Downgraded to Junk; Shocking Charts for Citigroup, Barclays and Deutsche Bank

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens

New York Community Bancorp (NYCB) closed out 2023 with a share price of $10.23. At the closing bell yesterday, its share price was $4.20 – a year-to-date decline of 59 percent. More pain is expected today as the credit rating agency, Moody’s, cut the regional bank’s credit rating two notches to junk after the market closed yesterday.

Moody’s noted in its downgrade that a third of the bank’s deposits lack FDIC insurance. Uninsured deposits were a key factor in the rapid meltdown of Silicon Valley Bank in March of last year as $146 billion in deposits attempted to exit the bank in the span of 48 hours, leading to the FDIC being forced to take the bank into receivership.

NYCB’s rapid share price descent began on January 31 when the bank filed an 8K form with the SEC indicating a $260 million net income loss in the fourth quarter; a dividend cut from 17 cents to 5 cents; and a $552 million provision for credit losses on commercial real estate – an area of growing concern by the credit rating agencies.

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Control the Food and You Control The World

by 2Nd Smartest Guy In The World

Since time immemorial political leaders have created artificial food shortages as a means of controlling populations.

Tiberius Julius Alexander, a Roman prefect of Egypt during the 1st century CE, was referred to in the Bible as the butcher who starved the people of Judea by withholding vital shipments of grain to the region.

Tiberius Julius Alexander’s boss Emperor Vespasian recognized Alexander’s extraordinary abilities, and entrusted him with important positions, including commander of the Roman army during the siege of Jerusalem. One of Alexander’s most effective military tactics was starving the people of the region.

Fast forward to The Holodomor famine in the Ukraine (1932-33), which resulted in an estimated 3-7 million deaths, with similar famines occurring in other regions. The sheer scale of death suggests intent to inflict extreme suffering, exceeding all pretenses of normal policy failure.

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The Military Routinely Disperses Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass Into the Air

by Dr. Joseph Mercola

In addition to the weather modification1 going on around the world, militaries around the world are also routinely dispersing tiny bits of aluminum-coated fiberglass and plastic — known as “chaff” — into the air column, to shield aircraft and ships from enemy radar.2 Not surprisingly, this has been done for decades, without clear evidence that it’s safe for humans and the environment.

According to a 1998 General Accounting Office report3 and a 1999 follow-up report4 by the Naval Research Laboratory, the environmental, human and agricultural impacts of chaff used in military training scenarios at the time were “negligible and far less than those from other man-made emissions,” but does that really mean it’s safe? As explained in a 2001 Navy Medicine paper:5

“Radiofrequency (RF) chaff is an electronic countermeasure designed to reflect radar waves and obscure planes, ships, and other assets from radar tracking sources.

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mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Caused More Deaths Than Saved: Peer-Reviewed Study

by Naveen Athrappully

The peer-reviewed study, published in the Cureus journal on Jan. 24, analyzed reports from the initial phase 3 trials of Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. These trials led to the shots being approved under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in the United States. The study also looked into several other research and reviews of the trials. It found that the vaccines had “dramatically lower” efficacy rates than the vaccine companies claimed.

Moreover, based on “conservative assumptions, the estimated harms of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines greatly outweigh the rewards: for every life saved, there were nearly 14 times more deaths caused by the modified mRNA injections.”

“Given the well-documented SAEs (serious adverse events) and unacceptable harm-to-reward ratio, we urge governments to endorse and enforce a global moratorium on these modified mRNA products until all relevant questions pertaining to causality, residual DNA, and aberrant protein production are answered.”

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UPDATED: World Changing Liberty, Crypto, Yoga and Music Events – Kenny Palurintano’s Complete List Update

Cosmic Convergence Festival
    , > December 30 – January 2, 2024 > Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Goa Tantra Festival
    , > January 6 – 10, 2024 > Goa India

InterFusion Festival
    , > January 11 – 15, 2024 > Arlington, VA US Inc.

The Greater Reset
    , > January 17 – 21, 2024 > Morelia, Michuacan Mexico

Woodstock Fruit Festival
    , > January 24 – 31, 2024 > Miami, FL US Inc.

Florida Earthskills Gathering
    , > February 13 – 18, 2024 > Hawthorne, FL US Inc.

Wintercount Gathering
    , > February 18 – 24, 2024 > Florence, AZ US Inc.

Cantando La Vida
    , > February 23 – 25, 2024 > Finca Amrta Costa Rica

Ethereum Denver Innovation Festival
    , > February 23 – March 3, 2024 > Denver, CO US Inc.

Envision Festival
    , > March 4 – 11, 2024 > Costa Rica

Tribal Gathering
    , > March 9 – 24, 2024 > Panama Panama

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Summary of Day Two of the #FluorideLawsuit 2024 Bench Trial

by Bruce Lanphear

Attorneys for the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) called their second expert witness for the trial and their first for day two. Bruce Lanphear, MD, MPH, has studied the impact of toxic chemicals, including lead and pesticides, on children’s brain development for over 20 years. He works as an investigator at BC Children’s Hospital and as a professor of health sciences at Simon Fraser University. His research focuses on fetal and childhood exposures to environmental neurotoxins.

He testified that his research has been almost exclusively funded by federal agencies, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Health Canada. Dr. Lanphear has also served on multiple scientific advisory boards for the EPA and the American Academy of Pediatrics, and has earned various awards for his work, including the Research Integrity Award from the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology and the Advocacy Award from the Academic Pediatric Association.

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America Is Undergoing Genocide

By Paul Craig Roberts

It is not a conspiracy theory that the 300,000 immigrant-invaders (official count) entering the US unopposed each month are recruits organized by NGOs and not refugees from political persecution. The NGOs that are underwriting the invasion provide maps of the routes along which food and shelter are provided.  Roads and bridges are being constructed to aid the invasion.   

One of the NGOs is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), of which the current director of the US Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, himself a Jew,  was a board member until December 2020.  According to an article on substack, HIAS has received $100,000,000 from the US government in the past three years.

Mayorkas is foreign born and himself an immigrant-invader.  Yet, he is the director of Homeland Security for the United States.  On January 31, the House Committee on Homeland Security voted to approve articles of impeachment of Mayorkas for “willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law” in enforcing border policy and “breach of public trust.” There has been no investigation of whether it was Mayorkas who gave $100,000,000 of US taxpayers money to a Jewish NGO engaged in the organized invasion of the US.  

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Prisoners in the US are part of a hidden workforce linked to hundreds of popular food brands

By Robin Mcdowell And Margie Mason

ANGOLA, La. (AP) — A hidden path to America’s dinner tables begins here, at an unlikely source – a former Southern slave plantation that is now the country’s largest maximum-security prison.

Unmarked trucks packed with prison-raised cattle roll out of the Louisiana State Penitentiary, where men are sentenced to hard labor and forced to work, for pennies an hour or sometimes nothing at all. After rumbling down a country road to an auction house, the cows are bought by a local rancher and then followed by The Associated Press another 600 miles to a Texas slaughterhouse that feeds into the supply chains of giants like McDonald’s, Walmart and Cargill.

Intricate, invisible webs, just like this one, link some of the world’s largest food companies and most popular brands to jobs performed by U.S. prisoners nationwide, according to a sweeping two-year AP investigation into prison labor that tied hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of agricultural products to goods sold on the open market.

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The U.S. failed ‘shock and awe’ aggression in Iraq and Syria – with Seyed Mohammad Marandi

By Vanessa Beeley

As promised, here is the conversation with Tehran Professor and geopolitical analyst Seyed Mohammad Marandi.

We discuss everything from the failure of the U.S. shock and awe bombing campaign that has only strengthened the Resistance resolve in Iraq and Syria to expel illegal U.S. military from both nations.

Marandi argues that Israel has been humiliated globally due to its genocidal campaign against Palestinians and that it cannot survive without the support of the West, also in sharp decline.

We talk about Iranian relations with Iraq and Pakistan, recently affected by Iranian strikes on Mossad and terrorist bases in both countries. We cover the potential for a suicidal Zionist invasion of southern Lebanon and the preparation by Hezbollah for just such a scenario.

And much more…

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Waste Of The Day: Over $1 Billion In Weapons Missing In Ukraine

by Adam Andrzejewski via RealClear Wire

Key facts: The DOD is supposed to use special “enhanced end-use monitoring” techniques” to “safeguard” key weapons such as smaller, high-tech weaponry provided to Ukraine, which are likely targets for theft.

The audit says these monitoring procedures are not properly being followed in Ukraine, due to staffing shortages, poor internal logistics and more.

The audit found that $1 billion of the $1.7 billion — or 59% — in enhanced end-use monitoring designated weapons provided to Ukraine as of June 2023 are “delinquent,” meaning they can’t be accounted for in inventory reports.

Maybe the weapons are being used properly; maybe they have been stolen by Russian forces. No one can be completely sure.

The 59% delinquency rate is an improvement over the 86% of weapons that were unaccounted for in December 2022.

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The border deal is out. What now?

by washington

Good morning, Early Birds. We wonder whether the reaction to the border security bill would’ve been different if Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs had written it. Tips: Was this forwarded to you? Sign up here.

Thanks for waking up with us.

The bipartisan border security bill is finally out, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has scheduled the first procedural vote for Wednesday.

But the bill immediately ran into a wall of opposition from top House Republicans and some senators in both parties.

Senators released the bill — which would be the most significant immigration package in decades if it passed — last night after months of negotiations between Sens. James Lankford (R-Okla.), Kyrsten Sinema (I-Ariz.) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.). Republicans had demanded policy changes to make it harder for migrants to enter the United States in exchange for supporting more aid to Ukraine, along with military aid for Israel and Taiwan and humanitarian aid for Gaza.

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Targeting Iran (Here we go again… and again)

by Mickey Z

As soon as I heard the details of Hamas’s attack on Oct. 7, 2023, I started to connect the dots as to how the U.S. would use these developments as a pretext to attack Iran soon. (The Home of the Brave™ loves a good pretext.)

Now that things have moved further in that direction, I’d like to once again remind readers to PLEASE be wary of ALL media narratives — even when they seem to “prove” you right.

I’d also like to share an article I wrote way back in 2007 when the U.S. was (wait for it) threatening Iran because it was allegedly manufacturing nuclear weapons. My 17-year-old article was called “Targeting Iran (Here We Go Again)” and is reprinted directly below:

Since quoting Marx makes a radical writer appear more serious, I’ll start this piece about Iran with a bit of Marxism — from Duck Soup.

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William Burns’ trip says something about how the competence of Antony Blinken and his State Department is viewed

By Bradley Blankenship

US President Joe Biden has deployed overseas his CIA Director William Burns, who served as secretary of state and deputy secretary of state under President Barack Obama, to try and broker a deal between Israel and Hamas.

Details of what exactly Burns discussed with high-level diplomatic and intelligence officials from Egypt, Qatar, and Israel are unknown at this time. It is reported, however, that Israel’s latest proposal would see a 60-day pause in combat in return for the staggered release of more than 100 captives still held by Hamas, with women and children first, then civilian men, military members, and the remains of hostages who died in captivity.

While, indeed, the CIA chief’s met with peers from the intelligence community, his attendance displays something that reflects poorly on the state of US diplomacy, and implies a lack of savoir faire at the State Department.

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The Atlantic Begins Pumping *Specific* Free Cities with Article: Meet Me in the Eternal City

Etienne Note: Organized crime media operation The Atlantic began covering *certain” free and private cities in what smalls like an attempt to steer and influence the movement towards self-governing cities that I covered in “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! The article barely mentions Prospera, the furthest along, and ignores the Free State Project in New Hampshire entirely. If anyone has any intel on the projects being pumped then please drop the intel in the comments.

by Kaitlyn Tiffany

The international airport serving the capital of Montenegro has only two arrival gates, and last spring they were busier than usual. I was there for the same reason many others were: The tiny Balkan state had become the unlikely center of a mostly American social and political movement.

Specifically, I had come to observe Zuzalu, a two-month co-living experiment that had been organized—and to some extent paid for—by Vitalik Buterin, a co-founder of the eco-friendly cryptocurrency ethereum. It was being hosted at a new resort and planned community on the Adriatic coast, not far from the village of Radovići. Part retreat and part conference, it was also a dry run for the more permanent relocation of tech-industry digital nomads to different parts of the world, where they could start their own societies and design them to their liking. Some 200 people had signed up for the full two months. Others, like me, popped in and out. The slate of talks for the days I was there was titled “New Cities and Network States.” European tourists smoked cigars on the promenade while Zuzalu attendees bounded around making plans for excursions and exercise and shuttles to a private Grimes show later on.

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The Function of the Fake Binary

by Catte

In his 1998 book The Common Good, Noam Chomsky describes the key role that managed disagreements play in modern politics…

The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum — even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate…”

This remains true despite the increasingly obvious fact that Chomsky himself is part of that function.

What he’s describing is the “fake binary”. The imposition of the idea that Viewpoint A is the official approved narrative and that Viewpoint B is therefore its antithesis.

Points C through Z can therefore be ignored.

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WaveRoller sea-floor generator approaches commercial deployment

By Loz Blain

Wave energy remains one of the least-exploited clean energy options, with huge potential as part of a green energy grid. Finland’s AW Energy is preparing to field a contender at scale – the Waveroller – which sits on the sea bed generating up to 1 MW.

Wave power does not seem to be a super fast-moving sector. We’ve seen plenty of fascinating ideas in this space, from jetty-mounted pump arms, to telescoping barrels, to elastic sea-bed flappers, and two different flavors of artificial blowhole generators, to name just a few, but nearly all remain at a pilot/prototype stage.

Which is annoying; wave energy is super-reliable, super-predictable, and available 24/7 at coastlines worldwide, which is right where a lot of people tend to like living. It should be a dream addition to the renewable energy mix. But it’s moving so slowly that you have to wonder where the holdup is.

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France Caves To Farmers As Ireland ‘Solidarity’ Protests Kick Off

By Tyler Durden

Two of France’s main farming unions on Thursday agreed to suspend protests and lift road blockades across the country after the government announced measures the deemed “tangible progress” in the ongoing revolt against EU ‘climate-driven’ initiatives designed to wean society off of evil, non-bug-based, carbon-emitting food while China, India, and the rest of the world laughs.

In addition to France, protests have been held in Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Germany and elsewhere. Last week, tensions came to a head in Brussels when farmers threw eggs and stones at the European Parliament building, demanding that European leaders stop punishing them with more taxes and rising costs to finance the so-called ‘green agenda.’

After French farmers stepped up protests earlier in the week, the government promised on Thursday to extend protections – including better controlling imports and giving farmers additional aid, Reuters reports.

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Oregon Supreme Court Stops 10 GOP Lawmakers from Running for Re-election

by Fox News

The Oregon Supreme Court on Thursday decided that 10 Republican state senators who participated in a record-long boycott last summer to block bills extending access to abortion for minors, transgender procedures and medical intervention, as well as another measure on ghost guns, cannot seek re-election this year.

The Oregon Senate Republican Caucus charged that the “Democrat-stacked supreme court sides with Democrats and union cronies on Measure 113 despite plain language of Constitution.” The caucus stressed that the state high court’s decision is “effectively ending the service of 10 Republican senators, who represent one-third of the Oregon Senate.”

The ruling upholds Democratic Oregon Secretary of State LaVonne Griffin-Valade’s announcement last August to disqualify the 10 lawmakers from the ballot under a measure aimed at stopping such boycotts. Measure 113, passed by voters in 2022, amended the state constitution to bar lawmakers from re-election if they have more than 10 unexcused absences.

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‘Bidenomics Slush Fund’ Sent Billions In Covid Relief Money to Illegal Aliens

Etienne Note: This article also appears in “Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed, A digest of HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of articles exposing and suggesting inter-generational organized crime’s control of the “Government,” Media and Academia by the Art of Liberty Foundation. You can view the other articles or subscribe on Telegram:

By thepoliticsbrief

Federal COVID funds were used in Washington state to give $1,000 checks to illegal immigrants who were not qualified for federal economic impact payments during the pandemic because of their immigration status.

The Economic Policy Innovation Center (EPIC) report reveals the expenditures that were distributed by the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (SLFRF). The SLFRF was set up by the American Rescue Plan Act to help state and local governments respond to and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. All together, that program gave $4.4 billion to Washington state.

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US DOD Wants to Fully Own and Operate SpaceX Starships and Boosters for Military Missions

Etienne Note: More evidence that “Elon Musk” is a brand name created to take technology created on the tax-payer nickel and privatize the profits. From the banking “license” required to start PayPal to the tax credits for Tesla EVs to Starlink which is already being used for military communications to launching satellites for the military to this latest example, Elon Musk owes his profits to “government” monopoly privileges, tax credits, and contracts.

by Brian Wang

The Pentagon wants to make some of the Starship upper stage and the two-stage super heavy booster and Starship into government-owned, government-operated assets instead of contracting the company every time the rocket is needed according to Aviation Week.

The Pentagon has funded a project to develop the capability and have a proof of concept demo for the single upper stage fully reusable SpaceX Starship to deliver cargo anywhere on Earth in under one hour. There were two fundings for total of about $150 million.

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In a statement after Day 2 of his trial in Germany, Reiner Fuellmich reaffirms that HE is innocent, while his ACCUSERS are the guilty ones

by Mark Crispin Miller

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9th Circuit: FBI Illegally Raided Hundreds of Safe Deposit Boxes

by Ken Silva

(Ken Silva, Headline USA) The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that the FBI acted unlawfully in March 2021, when it raided hundreds of renters’ safe deposit boxes in Beverly Hills, conducted criminal searches of them all, and attempted to permanently keep everything in the boxes worth more than $5,000—all without charging any box renter with a crime.

The 9th Circuit’s Tuesday decision stems from an investigation the FBI opened into US Private Vaults, or USPV—a company that, unlike typical banks, provided safe deposit boxes to customers without requiring identification. The FBI had been investigating individual USPV customers, but determined the “real problem” was USPV, which they believed served as a “money laundering facilitator.”

Accordingly, the FBI raided the entire USPV vault in 2021.

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When they wrote the IHR amendments, crossing out human rights was no mistake. ‘Cause they did it twice. The second time human rights were only to be ignored when NECESSARY.

by Meryl Nass

4 months until the pandemic treaty and IHR as amended will be adopted—or not—by the WHO members. We now have our full Door to Freedom team in place. We have our written materials, a website, videos, ppts, cartoons and clips. I will be interviewed by Russell Brand with Andrew Bridgen on Feb 8 after visits to the UK and Irish parliaments and then a trip to Oslo for more events this week.

Door to Freedom now has two full-time networkers-organizers to help us wake up the world. I will be doing lots of travelling and our team will be at CPAC in DC warning everyone who will listen about the WHO, from Feb 21-24. The International CRISIS (COVID) Summit #5 will extend Feb 23 through Feb 25 at the Gaylord Conference Center in DC, and Feb 26 at the Kennedy Room in the Senate, which can seat about 400.

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Connecticut “Period Poverty” Program Puts Tampon Machines in Boy’s Bathrooms

by Jennifer Sparks Aka J.Cherry

The State of Connecticut spent a couple of million dollars on “period poverty”. What did taxpayers get for this? Feminine hygiene products in the boys bathroom! AND our towns get to foot the bill to keep it going! The new age of diversity, equity and inclusion, has found its way into the boys bathroom. Lo and behold the boys did what boys would do with tampons in their bathroom! Women and girls are now devalued into “menstruators”. Ladies, you are no longer even an english word! You are a made up term, devalued into some bizarre ideological equity. Isn’t that so inclusive?

Brookfield made national news when the school principal sent a message to parents informing them that 20 minutes after the maxi pad and tampon dispenser was installed in the boys bathroom it was ripped off the wall and put in the toilet. The principal is a he/him, wonders never cease to amaze me! I can imagine this will be a reoccurring theme throughout the state. I wonder how much it will cost our local municipalities aka the people paying the exploding property taxes rising in every town paying for this nonsense, but who cares! If you do, then you’re a hateful bigot be damned!

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Russia Begins Building 15-Minute Cities

By Mac Slavo

A new Russian city called Dobrograd is being built in the Vladimir Region of Russia. It is being built according to the concept of a 15-minute city, where everything necessary for a person to survive is within a 15-minute walking distance.

Judging by the information on the website, construction of this has been underway for a year already.

These cities are nothing short of enslavement. And yet the public at large still hasn’t figured out what the ruling classes are doing to them and Dobrograd is not the only one, according to a Substack article by Redko Da Metko.

Dobrograd is not the only one. On Sberbank’s website, you can find a detailed presentation of another “smart city,” and the title of the article hints at the same 15-minute city model from the World Economic Forum.

In August 2021, the 15-minute triangle project of the Moscow city plan came in the top 30 of the 15-minute city international ‘Urban Design Competition’. The size of the “15-minute area” is 3 by 3 kilometers.

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The Tucker Carlson Encounter: Bret Weinstein at the Darien Gap

by Reinette Senum

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Ozempic Makes You Lose More Than Fat

by Sarah Zhang

The newest and much-hyped obesity drugs are, at their core, powerful appetite suppressants. When you eat fewer calories than you burn, the body starts scavenging itself, breaking down fat, of course, but also muscle. About a quarter to a third of the weight shed is lean body mass, and most of that is muscle.

Muscle loss is not inherently bad. As people lose fat, they need less muscle to support the weight of their body. And the muscle that goes first tends to be low quality and streaked with fat. Doctors grow concerned when people start to feel weak in everyday life—while picking up the grandkids, for example, or shoveling the driveway. Taken further, the progressive loss of muscle can make patients, especially elderly ones who already have less muscle to spare, frail and vulnerable to falls. People trying to slim down from an already healthy weight, who have less fat to spare, may also be prone to losing muscle. “You have to pull calories from somewhere,” says Robert Kushner, an obesity-medicine doctor at Northwestern University, who was also an investigator in a key trial for one of these drugs.

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FORD lost $536,000 an hour for the last year on EVs.


After declaring its annual results a success, Ford has revealed that it incurred a loss of $4.7 billion on its electric vehicle range, more than the $4.5 billion the company predicted in the middle of last year.

The company’s annual summary states:

Ford Model e’s wholesales and revenue were both up at double-digit full-year rates. The startup segment incurred a full-year EBIT loss of $4.7 billion, reflecting an extremely competitive pricing environment, along with strategic investments in the development of clean-sheet, nextgeneration EVs.

Sales volumes of the F-150 Lightning pickup and Mustang Mach-E SUV both were up yearover-year and respectively the top-selling electric pickup and No. 3 most popular EV of any typein the U.S. for 2023.

Despite incurring such losses, Ford CFO John Lawyer insisted that things are moving in the right direction:

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Squatters Are Taking Over Homes All Over The Nation On An Industrial Scale And Turning Them Into Dens Of Crime

by Michael

Squatting has always been a problem, especially in certain parts of the nation, but now it is happening on an industrial scale all over America.  Thanks to online listings, it is easier than ever to identify properties that are vacant, and many states have laws that make it exceedingly difficult to get squatters out once they have settled in.  In some cases, squatters are able to live rent free in beautiful homes for months or even years.  This is becoming an absolutely massive problems, especially in certain areas of the country.  For example, it is being reported that squatters have taken over approximately 1,200 homes in the Atlanta area…

Squatters are ruining entire neighborhoods in Atlanta and police response to evict is so slow, some homeowners have resorted to paying nuisances to leave.

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Watch: O’Keefe Media Group Sends Illegal Alien Undercover to Infiltrate SECRET Illegal Immigrant Compound


Journalist James O’Keefe’s media organization OMG infiltrated a secret government compound housing illegal immigrants in Tucson, Arizona, sending an illegal alien undercover to expose what was going on inside.

O’Keefe’s organization discovered the Catholic charity group Casa Alitas is using a converted Ramada Hotel to house illegal aliens, and did not want journalists snooping around.

Additionally, O’Keefe disguised himself as a homeless drunk to try to get answers on the compound from police.

“Our undercover journalist confirms with a migrant that they have seen many gang members come through in caravans,” the OMG founder wrote in an X post Wednesday. “The migrant tells us that Border Patrols suspect gang members but they still let them pass through, ‘They will ask about gang tattoos but Border Patrol still lets those people in.’”

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Mind-Numbing 750 U.S. Military Bases in 80 Countries Around the World

By Frosty Wooldridge

“The three citizen-soldiers from different corners of Georgia all died in  weekend drone strikes on a U.S. base in Jordan near the Syrian border that also wounded more than 40 others. Families of the slain reservists said they were shocked when uniformed military officers came to their doors to deliver the news Sunday,” reported Army Times.

“I just hope and pray no other family has to go through this,” Francine Moffett, the young soldier’s mother, said Monday through tears at the dining table of her Savannah home. “It takes your heart and your soul.”

Reason reporter Mathew Petti reported, “The Killing of three American Troops Was an Avoidable Tragedy.  The U.S. base on the Jordanian-Syrian border has long been “strategic baggage.”

“American blood has been drawn in a Middle Eastern war for the first time in a while. President Joe Biden has promised to “all those responsible to account at a time and in a manner of our choosing.” Members of Congress have called for a harsh response, with some demanding a full-on war against Iran.”

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Tucker Carlson Interview with Vladamir Putin with Full Transcript

by Edward Slavsquat on 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin went live about an hour ago. You can watch the full thing on Tucker’s website.

Your correspondent will share his thoughts on this discussion later. Maybe on Saturday. Until then, here is the transcript (the real one, not the fake one that was floating around). Share your impressions in the comments section. Please be nice to each other, though! Okay that’s all for now more later have a nice day. — Riley

Tucker: The following is an interview with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Shot February 6th, 2024, at about 7 p.m in the building behind us, which is, of course, the Kremlin. The interview, as you will see if you watch it, is primarily about the war in progress, the war in Ukraine, how it started, what’s happening, and most pressingly how it might end. One note before you watch. At the beginning of the interview, we asked the most obvious question, which is why did you do this?

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WATCH: Leaked Internal Footage of Senior Officials at Federal Aviation Administration Reveals Plan to Reduce Number of White Males in Aviation

By Cristina Laila

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh released internal footage of senior officials at the Federal Aviation Administration’s Flight Program Operations division working on a plan to reduce the number of white males in aviation.

BREAKING: I’ve obtained internal footage of senior officials at the FAA’s Flight Program Operations division — which is responsible for all aspects of aircraft operations — workshopping a plan to reduce the number of white males in aviation.

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) February 7, 2024

According to Matt Walsh: The footage, which is from April 2022, begins with FAA acting deputy chief operating officer Angela McCullough saying more workers need to go from “ramp to cockpit,” meaning she wants to see more baggage handlers become airline pilots.


How a Properly Managed Gold IRA Can Be Your Perfect Backup if You-Know-What Hits The Fan

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