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Five Meme Friday – December 3rd

Five Meme Friday! The Art of Liberty Foundation is taking 5 Meme Friday to the next level. We have professionalized our weekly newsletter with 5 dank memes and the best of the alternative news, censored videos, etc. Read on, enjoy this week’s issue.

Enjoy these pokes at the powers that be.

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Videos of the week

James Corbett Joins Grand Theft World to Discuss Evidence of Globalism – Grand Theft World 055 – Conspiracy theories? Fiendish plots of the rich and famous? Tim Pool says nay, Luke Rudkowski says yay when it comes to providing coverage to the likes of Bill Gates. The two duke it out on camera – then have their arguments dissected by Richard Grove, Tony Meyers and special GTW guest James Corbett. Subjects include breaking free from the scripting that’s written for us, the nature of manipulation, the looming metaverse and The Club of Rome’s 1970 proposal to solve global challenges, a document which paved the way to the Great Reset.

“1984: The Bill” – The Trusted Digital Identity Poses a Huge Threat to Freedom –  Queensland Senator Malcolm Roberts sounds the alarm over a proposed bill that would strip all privacy, centralize information, then sell citizen data to foreign interests.
“As a servant to the people of Queensland and Australia, tonight I draw attention to a new government bill, the Trusted Digital Identity Bill 2021. This is no time for subtlety. The Trusted Digital Identity Bill represents a watershed moment in Australian history. We stand at the divide between a free, personal-enterprise future and a digital surveillance age in which the government sits in the middle of every interaction Australians have with each other and with the world. It achieves this in the same way China does, creating a digital identity that forms a central part of a person’s life. Call it a licence to live.”
Read the full transcript here.

Escape from an Australian Quarantine Concentration Camp Throws Authorities into a State of Panic – Sky News Australia – “A police operation is underway in Howard Springs after reports of up to nine people escaped the quarantine facility. Northern Territory Police have confirmed several people have absconded from the facility which currently houses hundreds of people from patients from Indigenous communities to overseas arrivals. It follows the escape of a man from Howard Spring last week, which forced a nightclub in Darwin to be locked down as the escapee was located.”

University of Vermont – Xenobots: Building the First-Ever Self-Replicating Living Robots – “Scientists at UVM, Tufts, and Harvard discovered a new form of biological reproduction—and created self-replicating living robots. Made from frog cells, these computer-designed organisms gather single cells inside a Pac-Man-shaped “mouth”—and release Xenobot “babies” that look and move like themselves. Then the offspring go and do the same—over and over.” Nothing ominous about that. Right?

Free State Project Corner

New Hampshire Ranks First in Freedom – The Cato Institute – How free is your state? According to the 2021 edition of Freedom in the 50 States, New Hampshire ranks #1 on the basis of how their policies promote freedom in the fiscal, regulatory, and personal realms.
Download the PDF Factsheet Here.

Free State Project Corne
– The Free State Project is moving 20,000+ libertarians to New Hampshire with the goal of reducing “Government” to just protecting life, liberty and property.  The Art of Liberty Foundation would like to accelerate the progress in New Hampshire by widely exposing the illegitimacy and criminality of “Government” by targeting delivery of 100,000 copies of “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed!, Liberator Flash Drives, and a TBD documentary to the New Hampshire influential in a campaign to get around organized crime’s monopolization of the media and algorithmic censorship of the DARPA Internet. 
Get the details in our Executive Summary.

“Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed

A recurring segment in Five Meme Friday where we chronicle the news that makes the case that the “Government” is being run by inter-generational organized crime who are stealing trillions.  Join our Telegram Channel devoted to evidence of “Government” criminality here:

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Still More Memes

Upcoming Events

The Common Sense Summit is bringing together Liberty voices including: Art of Liberty Foundation founder Etienne de la Boetie2, Tom Woods, Sheriff Richard Mack, Dr. Robert O. Young, and Clyde Cleveland, among others. It was so successful they are bringing it around again.

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December 6th – 10th, 2021
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December 17-21, 2021
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News Of The Week

iTunes and Spotify BAN Grant Ellman’s hit single “Scam” despite 27,000 views in two weeks.  – When Grant Ellman dropped his latest track about government corruption, it raised spirits and awareness while urging us to rise up. It was no surprise, then, when Spotify users were blocked from being able to favorite the pointed protest song, then play it at all.  We tried to tweet about this censorship and Twitter censored our tweet!

Fans of Liberty can get Ellman’s song FREE as a bonus when they support my IndieGoGo Campaign.

It‘s a scam… and they don’t want you to know about it.

We’re excited to announce the Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection NFT auction was just kicked off at Art Basel Miami! – “Bidding starts at $1. This NFT, or Nonfungible Token, is a unique digital collection of ten of Ross’s artworks plus writings, created from early childhood to teen to prisoner. These are accompanied by an original animation by Levitate, inspired by Ross’s prison experience.

The NFT collection will be auctioned starting today for six days, Dec. 2 – 8, on the SuperRare platform. Curated by Entoptic, it is the first and only NFT to include Ross’s personal work.

Proceeds from the auction will fund efforts to relieve the suffering of the incarcerated and their families, as well as the efforts to free Ross from a life in prison.

For more information and the full list of what the collection includes, visit

Ross says: “Decades of incarceration stretch out in front of me. As I face that future—my eventual old age and death in this cage—I find myself looking for meaning and purpose. Why am I here? What good can I do with the time I have left and from where I am? I hope that helping my fellow prisoners through my art is one way.”

COVID rules are blamed for 23% dive in young children’s development – The Daily Mail – 

“Disturbing study shows scores in three key cognitive tests slumped between 2018 and 2021, with face mask rules among possible culprits.

  • The probe analyzed the cognitive development of the youngsters through infancy, childhood and adolescence
  • In the study, researchers first analyzed 1,070 assessments administered on 605 kids prior to March 2020, when COVID lockdowns and masking began.
  • A further 154 assessments from 118 kids administered between March 2020 and June 2021, during the height of the pandemic, were then carried out.
  • Thirty-nine children born in 2018 and 2019 were analyzed over the course of the pandemic, into 2021.
  • The report found that there was a 23 per cent drop in scores measuring kids’ intelligence quotients since the start of the pandemic.
  • The study also found similar dips in the same span in regards to developing children’s ability to communicate, both verbally and though subtle facial cues”.

Dr. Andreas Noack was killed – Graphene ‘razor blades’ found in the COVID bio-weapon 

In November 2021, Andreas Noack gave a presentation and commentary on the findings of Pablo Campra in regard to graphene being found in Covid-19 vaccines. He discussed how these were like tiny razor blades hidden inside the vaccines, resulting in people bleeding to death from the inside. “Doctors performing autopsies on victims of the Vax are not going to find anything. These doctors are looking for something biological as the cause of death but the graphene hydroxide is not biological so it will not be visible in their tests.” Several days later, he was dead. The video above includes his partner talking about these events, followed by his final presentation. Dr. Noack was no stranger to state oppression – last year, he was arrested live during an online broadcast.

Video of Andreas Noack’s on-camera arrest in 2020
Link to the PDF of Pablo Campra’s Report “Detection of Graphene in Covid 19 Vaccines by Micro-Raman Spectroscopy”
For more information on an ongoing basis, please see the links on this EMC2 Page.

No Vax, No Food/Fuel in India – Food Withheld to Force Vaccinations – Ice Age Farmer – “”Police won’t enforce the mandates!” … but they won’t need to, as groceries and fuel are being withheld from those who fail to get their shots in Aurangabad, India. As Henry Kissinger warned, “Control food, and you control people.” Christian breaks down this development and the plan to incrementally restrict access to food and basic services everywhere. Protests aren’t helping; instead, build gardens, new healthcare, energy, and communications systems, and GET OFF the toxic systems of control.”

Banned Interview: A Medical Doctor Blows the Roof Off of Everything!- Gregory Mannarino – Doctor Travis Harding sets the record straight in an interview about the uselessness of masks, risks of medications in general and vaccinating pregnant women and children against Covid-19. More importantly, he discusses the incentives that hospitals have to mislabel deaths as Covid, and the flawed nature of PCR tests. This video was quickly banned from Youtube, so you know he’s got the goods!

UK Cardiologist Confirms American Heart Association Report that COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Heart Attacks –  Need to Know News – “The American Heart Association Journal, Circulation, published an abstract on mRNA COVID-19 shots that suggests that thrombosis, cardiomyopathy and other vascular problems may be due to the vaccines that cause dramatic increase in inflammation of the endothelium layer of cells that line blood vessels. British Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra confirmed the results of the AHA study and that researchers found that the risk of developing heart diseases increases from 11% to 25% in patients who receive the Covid-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna using the new mRNA technology. He said that since July, there’s been almost 10,000 excess non-Covid deaths in the UK, and a significant portion of those have been driven by heart attack and stroke.
Dr. Malhotra made a shocking revelation about another researcher from a prestigious British Institution who confirmed to him that their research returned similar results linking the inflammation of coronary arteries and the experimental mRNA vaccines during their own imaging studies. But the institution is hiding the results over fear of losing its research funding from the drug companies.”

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