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5MemeFri – May 19, 23: Are Doctors Responsible for Murder re: “Vaccines”

Steve Kirsch and Sasha Latypova discuss physician culpability for

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Documentary Week.

Shots: Eugenics to Pandemics – Is this the most censored movie on the Internet?
MUST WATCH Documentary exposes the connections between “vaccines” and eugenics

Every once in a while, I stumble across something on the Internet and wonder how the hell could I not have known about this?? Shots: Eugenics to Pandemics, an award-winning documentary by John Potash, is one of those documentaries. The film came out in 2022 and won the best documentary award in at least four film festivals while placing at over 1/2 dozen more.

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The Reality Czars Interview Etienne de la Boetie2 – What is being censored off the Internet? (and other topics)

Nate and Thomas (The Paranoid American) interview Art of Liberty Foundation founder Etienne de la Boetie2 on a variety of topics: What is being censored off the internet?, Controlled Opposition, Alex Jones, and the Clownification of Political Opposition, Do Actors get paid by how much they waste your time? The hidden curriculum of the “Government” school system, how the Trivium (Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric) have been removed from the mandatory “government” schools, how Lincoln-Douglas type debate has been replaced by policy debate where the kids talk as fast as possible to waste their time, and more!  Really fun interview!

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“Government”, Media and Academia Criminality Exposed.

“They Will Crush You – If You Try to Expose the Truth” – FBI Whistleblower Garrett O’Boyle Ends Hearing with Chilling Warning on FBI Tyranny and Abuse (VIDEO)
Three government whistleblowers from the FBI testified before Congress on Thursday morning.

The House Weaponization Committee held a hearing Thursday on Capitol Hill. Three government whistleblowers from the FBI testified before Congress on Thursday morning.

On Wednesday Chris Wray’s FBI revoked the security clearances of three agents who espoused questioned the aggressive tactics by the FBI in targeting Trump supporters , conservatives, and pro-Life Americans, according to a letter the FBI sent the subcommittee on Wednesday.

FBI agents Marcus Allen, Garrett O’Boyle, and Steve Friend had already been suspended for questioning the agency’s handling of the January 6 case and stating their beliefs that the FBI has been weaponized against conservatives.

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Are the Covid “Vaccine” Deaths Murder? Is it Premeditated? [Are Doctors Responsible for the Deaths]

Steve K: “You are saying that doctors have gone from saving lives and swearing to do no harm to essentially wanting to kill people by recommending the vaccine…?”

Sasha Latypova: Yes.

Steve pushed back on the idea that this is murder, because murder requires premeditation. Let’s refer to Britannica for definitions:

murder, in criminal law, the killing of one person by another that is not legally justified or excusable, usually distinguished from the crime of manslaughter by the element of malice aforethought (that’s the premeditation part). Common-law codes define murder as a homicide committed intentionally or as a result of the commission of another serious offense. By contrast, the crime of manslaughter includes killings that are the result of recklessness or violent emotional outbursts.

We are all observing a global crime scene that looks roughly like this:

An example of a hospital “covid death” case from attorney Todd Callender. I have spoken with many plaintiffs and attorneys, all of them highly credible, all have copious documentation of similar horrors witnessing a cold-blooded, SLOW torture and killing of their loved ones in a hospital. This continues TO THIS DAY. These CDC murder protocols are the “standard of care” today, with huge payouts to the murdering team and their employer, all over the US, including freedom loving places like Florida (Gov DeSantis?

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Daily News Of The Week.

Two Youths Commit Suicide in Taxpayer-Funded Cross-Sex Hormone Study

Lawmakers are demanding answers after the suicide deaths of two young people involved in a transgender hormone study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Additionally, 11 participants reported suicidal thoughts during the study, according to a January article by researchers published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

In a letter to Dr. Lawrence Tabak, acting director at NIH, 15 Republican lawmakers question why the study wasn’t halted after participants died or reported adverse effects.

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Ocean Cleanup looks to halt flow of plastic trash from Indonesian river

The Ocean Cleanup is possibly best known for deploying huge trash collectors to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, but has also sought to prevent plastic waste from reaching the oceans. The latest Interceptor vessel will prevent around 1,000 tons of plastic flowing into the Java Sea each year from the Cisadane River in Indonesia.

The Interceptor was launched in October 2019, but model 001 was already on a cleanup mission at the Cengkareng Drain in Jakarta, Indonesia, by then, and was followed by similar operations in Malaysia and Vietnam.

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Darktrace and Cybereason: The Intelligence Front Companies Seeking to Subjugate the World with the A.I. Singularity

We have all been dreaming, a dream where you can float or glide across your dreamscape effortlessly. This leads to the feeling of trepidation, as though you have the ability to let go, and if you do let go, you’ll either soar or fall. 

We’re now at a point in history where either the coming events will be studied for thousands of years, or it will be remembered as the point where we lost our humanity completely. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology has entered a new phase over the past several years, where instead of the A.I. algorithms learning from humans, they are now teaching themselves, changing their own algorithms as they learn. We are on the cusp of letting go of control entirely, so early on, because of a few small companies who have quietly been given free reign under the guise of “protecting” our digital lives, all within a tech sector that is moving so fast that we can no longer see what’s just around the bend. 

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Tolerance Is Overrated: It’s Time To Start Gatekeeping American Society Again

Whenever we have to address the issue of “progressive” ideology in America today, the debate inevitably finds its way around to the grand idealism of “acceptance” and “tolerance.” The assertion by leftists is that they are on the side of “freedom” and human rights, and that by confronting or separating ourselves from certain behaviors we are revealing out bigotry and discrimination. In other words, leftists assert that all personal beliefs and behaviors must be embraced by the populace in order for society to become pure.

Except, this is not what they really believe. Leftists argue for tolerance of aberrant behaviors while admonishing normal human tribal and biological reactions. They have a vision for the world, and certain beliefs are not accepted within that Utopian fantasy.

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Ventilators Killed Nearly ALL COVID Patients — Study

Most COVID-19 patients who died in the hospital during the early phase of the pandemic were killed as a result of being put on a ventilator, according to a new study.

The analysis, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation last month, found the majority of COVID patients who required help from a ventilator also developed secondary bacterial pneumonia. 

“Our study highlights the importance of preventing, looking for, and aggressively treating secondary bacterial pneumonia in critically ill patients with severe pneumonia, including those with COVID-19,” says Benjamin Singer, a pulmonologist at Northwestern University in Illinois.

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Illegal Immigrants Get Free Smartphones Paid for by US Taxpayers

As of today, Friday, the Title 42 border protection order has officially expired, and the United States is preparing for a record-breaking flood of illegal immigrants at the southern border.

On Thursday, independent journalist Tayler Hansen shared a video on Twitter showing illegal aliens using U.S. taxpayer-funded cell phones after they were given court dates.

In 2022, the Biden regime reportedly issued over 300,000 smartphones to illegal aliens as part of the “Alternatives to Detention Program (ATD

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Organized Crime “Governments” and NGOs Manufacture Fake “Hate” Crisis As Pretext For Mass Spying, Blacklists, And Censorship

The public’s hatred of racial, sexual, and religious minorities is so out of control that it imperils our democracy. At least, that’s what influential leaders from Joe Biden and Barack Obama to former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden and California Governor Gavin Newsom want us to believe.

Last week Newsom announced a state initiative for citizens to report disfavored speech (non-criminal “hate incidents”) they see online:

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Drainage: China’s New Gold Wallet Will Suck the West Dry.

There was significant news out of China Monday, as at 3 AM eastern time, they effectively made gold money again. Not just as an SOV, but as a Medium of Exchange MOE linking state-run savings accounts with Gold bullion accounts

The commercial banks in China created the ability for Renminbi savings accounts to be connected to gold accounts, so that Chinese citizens can now buy gold directly out of those  savings accounts. All of this is similar to linking  savings to checking at a bank. 

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US Sold Weapons to Roughly 60% of World’s Authoritarian Nations in 2022: Analysis

President Joe Biden claims that the United States is leading “democracies” in a fight against “autocracies” to establish a peaceful international order, but his administration approved weapons sales to nearly three-fifths of the world’s authoritarian countries in 2022.

That’s according to a new analysis conducted by Security Policy Reform Institute co-founder Stephen Semler and published Thursday in The Intercept.

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Dr. Mercola Interviews James Corbett on Technocratic Control and the Dangers of AI

Video: Dr. Mercola Interviews James Corbett on Technocratic Control and the Dangers of AI

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Cyborg Soldier 2050: Human/Machine Fusion and the Implications for the Future of the DOD

I am posting this paper because people need to understand how our military has moved forward on studying the creation of Cyborg Human Machines. It discusses that the health care system will get society used to human machine augmentation. Remember that Sasha Latypova explained much about the connections of the Department of Defense and the C19 injection roll out. The Military has been developing many human augmentation strategies for decades. I have excerpted a few paragraphs. Note that they use nanotechnologies for brain augmentation. In the study they discuss optogenetics light control for physical enhancement. I have discussed optogenetic mechanisms for the C19 shots before:

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Biden’s Open Borders Invasion: Illegal Alien Tracking Map Shows Movement Of The Masses Of Illegals Across The US – 71% End Up In Republican Districts.

In December 2022 Heritage Foundation released a study tracking the movement of illegal aliens from their NGO launching point to destinations across the United States.

According to Heritage, of the 52 congressional districts with the highest density of devices, 71% were Republican congressional districts.

Texas had the highest density of illegals followed by Oklahoma.

Do you want to know where all the illegals w Biden phones are at?

One of the maps published as part of the Heritage report, showing the movement of cell phone locations over the span of a month from migrant facilities in the U.S. near the border with Mexico to other parts of…

— Redneck Azn (@LMFireSystems1) May 14, 2023

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Decline and Fall: CNN Drops Below Newsmax in Prime Time Ratings Collapse

Among viewers 25-54, the demographic group most valued by advertisers, CNN climbed to third place, with an average audience of 87,000 viewers. Fox News was first in the key demo with 109,000 viewers, followed by MSNBC (98,000 viewers). Newsmax was fourth with 45,000 viewers.

Each of CNN’s prime time hours trailed the competition on Newsmax Friday, with Anderson Cooper 360 delivering a total audience of 447,000 viewers at 8 p.m. ET, taking fourth place behind Fox News Channel’s Fox News Tonight (1.302 million viewers), MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes (1.076 million viewers), and Newsmax’s Eric Bolling (467,000 viewers). At 9 p.m. ET, FNC’s Hannity was first with 1.606 million viewers, followed by MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Tonight (1.207 million viewers), Newsmax’s Chris Plante (325,000 viewers) and CNN’s The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper (293,000 viewers).

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Durham proves that Hillary and the FBI tried to rig the 2016 election

His 316-page report proves federal law enforcement was weaponized by shielding the Hillary Clinton campaign and persecuting the Donald Trump campaign.

Yet despite the damning evidence, most of the media are treating the Durham report as a “nothingburger.”

FBI racketeering repeatedly rescued Hillary Clinton.

The Clinton Foundation raked in hundreds of million dollars of squirrely foreign contributions while she was secretary of state and revving up her presidential campaign.

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11 Brand New Biden Family Scandals the Networks Are CENSORING

On Wednesday House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer led a press conference that extensively detailed how the Biden family and their business associates may have received more than $10 million from foreign nationals during Joe Biden’s term as Vice President.   

The charges of influence peddling by the Biden family are so serious and startling that it could have dominated the broadcast network (ABC, CBS, NBC) evening and morning shows. So how much time did the Big Three nets (on their Wednesday evening and Thursday morning shows) actually devote to the press conference led by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer?

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Senate Report: Nearly 700 Former High-Ranking Pentagon and Other Government Officials Now Work at the Top 20 Defense Contractors

t the end of April, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Chair of the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Personnel, released an investigative report: “Pentagon Alchemy: How Defense Officials Pass Through the Revolving Door and Peddle Brass for Gold.”

It reveals, not surprisingly, that nearly 700 former high-ranking and other government officials now work at the top 20 defense contractors, and highlights the need to close the revolving door for ex-government and military officials hired to executive board and lobbyist positions at large defense contractors.

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Non-Profit Hospitals Made Huge Profits During Pandemic While Receiving $23 Billion In Federal COVID-19 Aid: Report

et assets soared to $324.3 billion in 2021, up from $200.6 billion in 2018. The year 2021 is the latest year available for cross-comparison purposes.

“Those hospital systems received congressional COVID bailouts of $23 billion and only two providers partially paid their COVID bailout back,” said the report compiled by Open The Books, an Illinois-based research nonprofit that compiles and posts spending by all levels of government in America. The two institutions that have partially repaid the government were not identified.

The biggest jump among the top 20 was 92 percent by the Mayo Clinic, based in Rochester, Minnesota, whose assets went from $9.2 billion in 2018 to $17.7 billion in 2021. The Mayo Clinic received $350,000 in federal COVID-19 aid, the lowest amount received among the top 20 institutions.

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US Now Spends More Servicing Its Debt Than On National Defense

Thanks to rising yields, the US government now has to spend more each year on servicing its immense debt burden than it spent on national defense in 2022.

The calculation is based on estimated annualized debt payments as of end of April versus the Treasury’s release of last year’s budget expenditures.

If you want one stat to sum up why debt-ceiling negotiations are so fraught this time around, making them both harder to conclude and yet more important for markets, this is probably it. Estimated annualized debt-servicing costs are about 90% higher than they were back in 2011. This is partially due to an exploding debt pile, but also due to a significant shift higher in US yields.

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New York to Track Residents’ Food Purchases and Place “Caps on Meat” Served by Public Institutions

New York City will begin tracking the carbon footprint of household food consumption and putting caps on how much red meat can be served in public institutions as part of a sweeping initiative to achieve a 33% reduction in carbon emissions from food by 2030.

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Mayor Eric Adams and representatives from the Mayor’s Office of Food Policy and Mayor’s Office of Climate & Environmental Justice announced the new programs last month at a Brooklyn culinary center run by NYC Health + Hospitals, the city’s public healthcare system, just before Earth Day.

At the event, the Mayor’s Office -f Climate & Environmental Justice shared a new chart to be included in the city’s annual greenhouse gas inventory that publicly tracks the carbon footprint created by household food consumption, the Gothamist reported.

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55 Gardening Resources to Help You Have the Best Harvest Ever

The first way, whether using a website Search feature or a search engine, is to use very specific terms. For example, the terms (again, without quotes) “garden plan” and “apartment gardening” return articles on the first page of search results that directly address those topics. Boolean searching, which uses specific operators to refine results, can be very helpful but can also be a bit problematic. For example, enclosing the phrase “apartment gardening” in quotes doesn’t yield the article on apartment gardening. This is because using the quotes tells the Search feature that both words are required in the results. However, enclosing the word “apartment” in the search query yields not only the apartment gardening article but a few more interesting hits involving safe rooms, making jerky, and hardening your space. 

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Elon Musk is right: Bellingcat is a Western ‘psy-op’

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has triggered headlines by claiming that the website Bellingcat, a trusted source for establishment US media outlets, engages in “psyops.”

Musk invoked Bellingcat’s role in “psychological operations” while expressing skepticism about the group’s claims that the mass shooter in Allen, Texas was motivated by white supremacist views. Prominent voices came forward to defend Bellingcat as a “a great journalistic organization” (CNN anchor Jake Tapper), and “a treasure trove of hugely important investigative journalism” (Yale professor Timothy Snyder).

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Biowarfare Through the Food Supply

In an April 17, 2023, opinion piece in STAT News,1 Dr. Peter Lurie and Beth Ellikidis argue for the genetic engineering of food, claiming “newer technologies can make highly targeted changes at the base-pair level — one specific rung on the DNA ladder — enhancing precision and reducing the likelihood of ‘off-target effects’ in which the base pairs are unintentionally added to or deleted from the genome.”

While targeted genetic engineering is indeed possible, and modern technology lowers the likelihood of unintentional additions or deletions, this precision does not guarantee there won’t be adverse effects. One of the reasons for this is because many genes are multifunctional and can have multiple downstream effects.2,3

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The Newest College Admissions Ploy: Paying to Make Your Teen a “Peer-Reviewed” Author

ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Sign up to receive our biggest stories as soon as they’re published. This article was co-published with The Chronicle of Higher Education.

On a family trip to the Jersey Shore in the summer of 2021, Sophia’s go-to meal was the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich. The buns were toasty, the chicken was crispy and the fries didn’t spill from the bag.

Sophia was entering her sophomore year in prep school, but her parents were already thinking ahead to college. They paid to enroll her in an online service called Scholar Launch, whose programs start at $3,500. Scholar Launch, which started in 2019, connects high school students with mentors who work with them on research papers that can be published and enhance their college applications.

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Americans Stampeded into TreasuryDirect Last Year, Opening Almost 3 Million New Accounts to Capture Rising Yields on Savings Bonds and Treasurys

Series I Savings Bonds

Last year, newspapers across America were buzzing with the enticing yields available on U.S. savings bonds, Treasury bills and Treasury notes. It’s now apparent that millions of Americans got the message to move out of the meager yields being offered on savings accounts and money market at their bank and move to the free accounts and government-backed instruments offered by Investors, small and large, can buy directly from the U.S. Treasury at this site..

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NIH director nominated by “Joe Biden” has 116 grants from Pfizer totaling over $290 million

Monica Bertagnolli receives applause after being recognized as the next director of the National Cancer Institute in August 2022.

More evidence of regulatory capture of the agencies that are supposed to protect the public from corporations that might not have the public’s best interests at heart for financial or eugenics reasons… or both. –

Monica Bertagnolli receives applause after being recognized as the next director of the National Cancer Institute in August 2022 [in which post she’s done an aces job, since cancer rates are higher than they’ve ever been, and “experts” like Dr. Bertagnolli are completely “baffled” as to why—MCM].

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Vaccine Roulette: Some vaccine batches far more toxic than others, analysts find

Some batches are exceptionally toxic, a new review has found, while others are slightly less toxic.

London-based researcher Craig Paardekooper figured this all out via data he collected from the government-run Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). He learned that “one in 200 of the [covid vaccine] batches are highly toxic,” while the vast majority of them are not as toxic, at least in the shorter term.

“In fact, 70 percent of the batches for the vaccine-only produce one adverse reaction report in total,” Paardekooper writes, adding that “80 percent of the vaccine batches only produce one or two adverse reaction reports.”

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Ibuprofen Shrinks Testicles, lowers Testosterone, linked to infertility

ibuprofen testicles

With plummeting testosterone levels and skyrocketing infertility levels, the revelation adds fuel to the fire, as fitness coaches and health gurus scramble to draw attention to the looming disaster.

In 2018, it was estimated that 15% of Americans take too much Ibuprofen — with the recommended daily limit being 3200mg per day. Additionally, Americans take an estimated 30 billion doses of painkillers similar to and including Ibuprofen which totals 16.5 million prescriptions.

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“They Will Crush You – If You Try to Expose the Truth” – FBI Whistleblower Garrett O’Boyle Ends Hearing with Chilling Warning on FBI Tyranny and Abuse (VIDEO)

On Wednesday Chris Wray’s FBI revoked the security clearances of three agents who espoused questioned the aggressive tactics by the FBI in targeting Trump supporters , conservatives, and pro-Life Americans, according to a letter the FBI sent the subcommittee on Wednesday.

FBI agents Marcus Allen, Garrett O’Boyle, and Steve Friend had already been suspended for questioning the agency’s handling of the January 6 case and stating their beliefs that the FBI has been weaponized against conservatives.

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A third of scientific papers may be fraudulent

The research, referred to as a preprint — meaning it has not yet been peer-reviewed — looked at 5,000 published papers, as first reported by Science.

Using a simple, automated detection system the researchers looked for two telltale signs: Whether an author was registered with a personal, rather than institutional, email address, and if the author listed their affiliation as a hospital. The papers flagged as potentially fake were then checked by humans. About 1,500 of the papers were likely fraudulent, the researchers concluded.

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Tesla’s Optimus robot is learning to navigate, sense and pick things up

Tesla now has at least five Optimus prototypes capable of walking

At Tesla’s 2023 shareholders meeting, Elon Musk showed some new video of the Optimus robot he believes will represent the vast majority of the company’s value in the future – as well as the method through which the development team is training the AI.

There are now at least five Optimus robot prototypes built and capable of walking, using motors, controllers and electronics all designed and manufactured by Tesla. The general-purpose robot is learning to sense the world around it, map it and navigate it using systems developed for the self-driving Autopilot systems in the company’s electric cars.

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From the Truth Music folder in The LiberatorI Own Me by Neema Vedadi.  I got to meet Neema at a conference that shall remain nameless.  We got to be friends and hang in Austin his home base where he takes folks on sunset boat tours to see the bats fly out of the Congress bridge while he drops beats and keeps the crowd bouncing.  He is one of Austin’s top DJs.. Check him out at

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The Pre-State Project is our effort to help accelerate the liberty goals of the Free State Project by widely exposing the illegitimacy and criminality of “government” in New Hampshire in an effort to roll back “government” to just protecting life, liberty and property and then privatizing everything in a “laboratory of liberty”.
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The Liberator.

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Liberator #1 – Companion media to “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History. Exposed!
Liberator #2 – Evidence of False Flag terror for police state and hoax shootings for gun control:
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Five Meme Friday
Five Meme Friday – Aug 22nd, 2023: Boston Globe Deceives Their Audience About the Free State Project
Five Meme Friday
Five Meme Friday – July 27th, 2023: Biden Crimes Coming Out in the House!
Five Meme Friday
Five Meme Friday – November 18th
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