Government Indoctrination

15 Classic, “Textbook” Cult-Indoctrination Techniques the Organized Crime “Government” Uses on its Tax Slaves

How Inter-Generational Organized Crime Behind “Government” Runs “Game” on the Population

Executive Summary: Behind the “US Government” is an inter-generational organized crime system centered around banking and central banking that has been puppeting the US. “Government” and [essentially] the entire monopoly media system to widely control perception and hide/obfuscate its criminal activities.

Some of the techniques used by the inter-generational organized crime system are classic, “textbook” techniques used to indoctrinate a secret religion into the population.

The secret religion is called Statism, and it is the indoctrinated pseudo-religious belief in having a “government” in the first place, allegiance to it, and the poisonous, indoctrinated worldview of an illegitimate legitimacy and willingness to use violence against peaceful people in the police and military. We break down the statism in more detail in our companion article, The Religion of Statism, which includes the censored Larken Rose video: The Most Dangerous Religion.

What is being hidden behind “age restriction” in this video on The Most Dangerous ReligionClick HERE for a non-age restricted version on Odysee.

This article is a good news exhibition of the tactics to help parents educate their kids and for teachers and administrators to educate their students to recognize these classic, “textbook” and undeniable unethically manipulative techniques.

The alternative that is being hidden by the mandatory “government” school and monopoly media is REAL Freedom / Voluntaryism. We don’t really need “government,” and everything the government does would be done better, faster, and cheaper by the free market, mutual aid societies, non-profits, insurance companies, armed protective service providers, and genuine charities.

15 Classic, “Textbook” Cult-Indoctrination Techniques the Organized Crime “Government” Uses on its Tax Slaves

By Etienne de la Boetie2, Founder of the Art of Liberty Foundation and Author of “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History. Exposed! and the upcoming Voluntaryism – How the Only “ISM” Fair for Everyone Leads to Harmony, Prosperity and Good Karma for All

One of the ugliest, stone-cold truths about the United States is that the organized crime system behind “government” is using classic, textbook, unethically manipulative cult-indoctrination techniques on the population to get them to accept a ruling class and tax slavery. From mandatory schools and scouting programs indoctrinating the pseudo-religion of Statism in kids to a monopoly media system making the “government” the hero in movies and tell-a-vision shows to “product placing” the American flag into moments of high positive emotion in blockbuster movies, the population is having “game” run on them.

The results range from the religiously faithful humorously wearing the flag of the system that is robbing and controlling them to the incredible sadness of some shaving their heads, wearing the uni-form (single form) of artificially engineered conformity and agreeing to murder whomever they are told by the “church leadership.”

Are you really an “American” just because you were born into a geographical area controlled by an inter-generational organized crime system running “government” on you?

Do you have to be a “Crip” if you are born in South Central Los Angeles?

Do you have to be a “Blood” if you live in Compton, California?

OR are you a free and sentient human being trapped into a system that is robbing and tax-farming the population using shave-headed cult members willing to use violence on peaceful people to enforce the commandments of an artificially indoctrinated statist religion on their friends, family and neighbors?

Below, I break down the TEXTBOOK definition of the word: Cult – phrase by phrase and PROVE that it applies to those who have been tricked into identifying with and supporting the system that is enslaving them.

But First… A quick refresher on the indoctrinated religion of Statism and a review of just 15 of the unethically manipulative techniques being secretly run on the population using mandatory government schools, scouting, police/military training, and a monopoly media system secretly propagandizing the population into a pseudo-religion so they can collect their “tithes” through tax farming.

I break down the indoctrinated pseudo-religion of Statism in our companion article: The Religion of Statism

15 Classic, “Textbook” Cult-Indoctrination Techniques the Organized Crime “Government” Uses on its Tax Slave

These techniques include:

1. Controlling the information that kids receive about the legitimacy, desirability and necessity of having a “government” in mandatory schools running the Prussian model of education – Kids are forced to attend “public” schools run by the “government” where they are subject to an educational model openly developed to install allegiance and obedience into the Prussian population so they would fight for a Prussian feudal monarchy. The same techniques are being used on kids today, and Kindergarten is a Prussian word for “Garden to Raise Children.” Unsaid is: “In the ideology of the State!”

Indoctrination Techniques include:
• Common Prayer: The pledge of allegiance at school and the national anthem at sporting events
• Civics and social studies that teach kids the Statist worldview
• Focus on learning about the Presidents (Popes) and the legitimacy of Gov’t
• Socialization of the enforcement class (police) through the D.A.R.E. program
• Promotion of military, selective service, and military recruiters in schools

Obedience Techniques include:
• The inability to leave or even go to the bathroom without permission
• Public shaming (Red, Yellow, Green) and collective punishment
• Responding to Pavlovian bells, walking in line, obedience to police, etc
• Ability to be searched and controlled at any time by “government” employees conditions kids to subserviency

2. Government-affiliated scouting programs indoctrinate kids into the pseudo-religion of Statism with flag worship, allegiance oaths, indoctrinated respect/legitimacy and awards (Cub Scout Adventure Loops and Boy Scout Merit Badges) for learning and regurgitating the doctrine of the religion. Kids are groomed for military and police service through indoctrination into the Uni-Form (The Single Form), which is an artificially engineered group conformity with social pressure placed on kids to participate. When they reach the Boy Scout Explorer program, they will be segmented away from the population to police stations and military bases where they will be further conditioned with some militarized, their heads shaved to create a further artificial group conformity, given guns and taught how to kill for the State.

Some high schools in the United States are openly run by the military, including the Marines, who, at one time, ran eight high schools in Chicago alone and the Young Marines, a feeder program that recruits kids as young as eight years old and runs posts and programs for kids around the country.

  1. Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (JROTC) – The government’s mandatory school system offers trips, monetary incentives, uni-forms, and other rewards to children to begin indoctrinating love of the uni-form and obedience to hierarchical command and control.
  1. Police “Training” – Police are also segmented away from the general population and, delusionally, trained that because they represent “government,” they have rights that other people don’t have and that it is OK for them to use violence on peaceful people to enforce the commandments of the Statist religion and/or rob their neighbors to raise revenue. Their heads are shaved, and they are made to wear the uni-form (single form) of engineered conformity. They wear patches and badges to signify they are part of a special group.
  1. Military “Basic Training” – The military is segmented away from the general population and is moved onto military bases where their communications with the outside world are curtailed. During “basic training,” they are forced to undergo a variety of unethically manipulative techniques, including verbal and physical abuse, and the artificial conformity of the uni-form (single form) and shaved heads. The Marines take the doors off the stalls in the bathroom so recruits can’t have even a moment of privacy to reflect on what is being done to them or the fact they are committing to murder whomever they are told by the church leadership of the artificially indoctrinated religion.

  2. Information to the Military, Intelligence Agencies, and Federal/State Law Enforcement Being Hierarchically Controlled.
    1. Techniques include:
      1. Top Secret Networks Where Communication is Tightly Monitored. – NIPRnet and SIPRnet as examples.
      2. Armed Forces Television and Armed Forces Radio – Control of what the troops see and listen to reinforce the narrative.
      3. Controlled News Feeds in Situation Rooms = CNN and Fox and Bloomberg and other cartel media companies reinforce the official story of events like 9-11, the Waco Massacre, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Boston Marathon Bombing and other false flags and propaganda crimes.
      4. Department of Homeland Security “Fusion Centers” are Embedded on Top of State Police and Big City Police Departments to control information to those departments and semi-federalize the departments.
      5. Top Secret Classification makes it impossible to question certain orders and narratives being passed down the chain of command and disseminated to the troops or civilians through InfraGuard.

  1. The Artificially Indoctrinated Holy Symbol of the American Flag is Manipulatively Woven Into the Burial Ceremony of the Deceased – A trick to get the participants to associate the memory of their beloved deceased with the flag even though it is the policies of the ”church leadership” that is frequently responsible for their deaths.
  1. Paid-For Flag Worship Woven Into Stadium Events and Sports – Weaving flag worship ceremonies into stadium events is another type of unethically manipulative product placement of the flag and “Anchoring” technique. Everyone loves a football or baseball game, so the organized crime system pays teams, previously as much as $53 million a year, to add flag worship events and military jet flyovers to important games to “anchor” the excitement and good times of an outdoor event to the flag and ”government.” The fact that the US “government” is paying the teams to participate is proof that it is artificial.

Unethically Manipulative Techniques Used By Organized Crime’s Monopoly Media to Secretly Indoctrinate the Population Into the Religion of Statism

The award-winning documentary Theatres of War exposes the Department of Defense and intelligence agency involvement in over 1,000+ movies and 1,000+ tell-a-vision shows.

  1. The “Government” is Always the Hero – Because the Pentagon is Paying for it! – Whether it is Tom Cruise saving the world as CIA agent Ethan Hunt or the President of the United States flying fighter jets to save the world from invading aliens in Independence Day, the organized crime “government” has been secretly paying Hollywood to weave propaganda and product placement of the American flag into moments of high positive emotion to trick the population into identifying as “Americans.” The award-winning documentary Theatres of War exposes Pentagon and intelligence agencies funding thousands of movies and thousands of television shows.

This television sign-off video from the 1960s has secret words embedded into the scrolling text of the video designed to “Chump” the audience into going along with the “government”

  1. Subliminal Programming—The “government” and monopoly media have been caught using subliminal programming secretly inserted into tell-a-vision “programming” to propagandize the population. In this example, a 1960 “Television Sign Off Message” played at the end of each broadcast day when people were tired and in a highly suggestible alpha brain wave state was found to contain creepy subliminal messages about “obeying the government.”The messages found in the video above are:


  1. “Anchoring” the Flag to Moments of High Positive Emotion – Frequently, movies will work the audience up to a moment of high positive emotion and then show them the flag at the apex of the emotional train the movie is traveling. Matt Damon escaping off Mars in the movie The Martian where the entire movie builds to his escape from Mars and then immediately cuts to Earth where people are waving American flags and Mission Control, where there are giant American flags on the wall, secretly cementing the exhilaration of his escape to the flag.
    Other examples include
     Rocky’s win for the USA, in which he wears a US flag to Top Gun Maverick, Superman flying around the world carrying a giant American flag on a flagpole, and Captain America.

This short video features 469 product placements of the American flag in just 12 Michael Bay movies.

  1. Secretly “Product Placing” the Flag Dozens of Times Across Thousands of Movies and Television Shows – We covered the technique of Anchoring where the flag is anchored to high emotion. However, there is another technique that just saturates the flag dozens of times in a single movie or shows the flag in a context written to make the flag appealing or reinforce artificial history or tap emotional heartstrings or a dozen other ways to reinforce an artificial herd mentality on the population secretly.
  1. American Flag is Woven Into Sexually Appealing Advertising – A different form of product placement of the American flag is simply paying cartel companies and publications to include photos of sexually attractive women wearing the flag.
  1. Trick Photography and Religious Iconography – The monopoly media secretly propagandizing the population into an artificial worldview will frequently photograph leaders in front of religious symbolism, use trick photography or photoshop to openly or secretly add religious iconography to pictures of the President, the “Pope” of the indoctrinated religion, or other “church leaders” in the senate or executive branch to subconsciously trick the population into identifying the artificially indoctrinated leaders as “holy.”
  1. Adding the Flag to NBA backboards and NFL football helmets so fans subconsciously associate the flag with the exhilaration of the goal—NFL players are forbidden to remove the flags from their helmets.
  1. Leveraging Behavioral Psychology to Satisfy (Most) People’s Biological Desire for a Leader / Father Figure – Evolutionary leadership theory posits that most humans have an innate, biological desire for a leader as an evolutionary survival mechanism from our tribal past. Inter-generational organized crime leverages their understanding of behavioral psychology to offer the choice of two different potential puppet leaders to become “Pope” of the indoctrinated religion: A “Blue” Government Leader marketed to appeal to urban liberals and the “Red” Government Leader designed to appeal to rural conservatives. Many people fall for the fake “Hobson’s Choice” and begin to self-identify with their preferred “leader.”

Does Belief In and Support for “Government” Meet the Textbook Definition of a Cult? YES! Easily…

Cult – \ ˈkəlt \ noun, often attributive – A cult is a group or movement exhibiting a great or excessive devotion or dedication to some person, idea, or thing and employing unethically manipulative techniques of persuasion and control (e.g., isolation from former friends and family, debilitation, use of special methods to heighten suggestibility and subservience, powerful group pressures, information management, suspension of individuality or critical judgment, promotion of total dependency on the group and fear of leaving it, etc.) designed to advance the goals of the group’s leaders to the actual or possible detriment of members, their families, or the community.

Confucius famously said, “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” Using the word “cult” unfortunately seems to offend some, but the stone-cold truth is that it is exactly the dynamic at play. If the problem is inter-generational organized crime using control of government schools, scouting, military/police training, and a weaponized media propaganda system to perpetrate classic, textbook, unethically manipulative “cult indoctrination techniques” on an unsuspecting population, then the solution must be Large Scale Cult Deprogramming starting with calling the problem by its rightful name.

What is a Cult? – Complete Breakdown with Examples

Cult – \ ˈkəlt \ noun, often attributive –

It takes a lot to get men to murder for a chain of command…

A cult is a group or movement exhibiting a great or excessive devotion or dedication to some person, idea, or thing

  • Nylon cloth (the flag), the “holy documents” of the Constitution [Editor’s Note: See our companion piece: The SHady History of the Con-stitution] the Bill of Rights, the concept of government, “The Law” (I.E. politician scribbles), willing to murder and use violence on peaceful people when instructed by the hierarchical leadership of the cult.

and employing unethically manipulative techniques of persuasion and control (e.g., isolation from former friends and family)

  • Mandatory government schools take kids from families, military bases, commissaries, etc., segment the shave headed enforcers from the rest of society
  • The hidden curriculum of Statism in schools, scouting, and police/military training, purposefully crappy education with almost zero (0) focus on logic, morality, the real history of the US, and/or the Trivium (Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric), IQ lowering Fluoride in water,387 mercury388/aluminum389 in vaccines

use of special methods to heighten suggestibility and subservience

  • Government Schools: Mandatory gov’t “education,” can’t raise your hand or go to the bathroom without the gov’t permission, socialization of enforcement class through D.A.R.E., jROTC, military recruiters in schools, promoted options in career options, etc.
  • Police/Military: Artificially indoctrinated StatismObedience to hierarchical authority even over the individual’s own consciousness and basic morality, boot camps, police academies, and “basic training.” Brain-damaging adrenaline in the military from “door-kicking” and convoy dangers.

powerful group pressures

  • Enforced social conformity from an early age I.E., Forced to stand hand over heart for the pledge and national anthem, forced to fight/murder in foreign occupations to protect friends, police “blue wall of silence”/ police perjury/”testilying”

information management

  • Hidden propaganda (Product placement of the flag, anchoring, etc.) in 1000+ television programs and 1000+ movies, National Public Radio, Voice of America, Armed Forces Radio, the “Echo Chamber” of Fusion Center/ InfraGuard “top secret” intelligence that no one else can verify
  • Mandatory gov’t schools/tax-supported state universities, police/military “training,” secrecy oaths, national security letters,
  • Search engine manipulation, state-sponsored “sock-puppet” social media manipulation, “paid for patriotism,” and poisoning-the-well of truth news and journalism.

suspension of individuality

  • Gov’t Schools: Everyone’s an “American”… It’s been decided for you!
  • Police / Military: Shaved heads similar to other cults, identical costumes (I.E. uni-forms (the single form), badges and patches that signify allegiance to the group, and differentiation from others), willingness to commit violence with/for the group.

or critical judgment

  • Statist obedience to “The Law” (politician scribbles) over their own judgment or basic morality, obedience to hierarchical authority, “order following” “I don’t make the Jim Crow/Fugitive slave/plant possession laws.. I just enforce them!”, “taxpayer” willingness to pay any level of taxation, however damaging to a family’s finances.

promotion of total dependency on the group and fear of leaving it, etc.)

  • Government employees/police/teachers/military feel trapped by exorbitant salaries and pensions most  couldn’t get in the private sector (even though everyone would be better off if we rid ourselves of the parasite of organized crime government)

designed to advance the goals of the group’s leaders

  • Trillions of dollars given to private banks and media companies through the “bailouts” and TARP/TALF program recycled into political contributions to the Congressmen who passed it even though 90%+ of the country opposed it, Trillions missing from the Pentagon, Billions from the post office, Amtrak, HUD and other programs. Monopoly privileges, monopoly patent protections, fractional reserve banking’s hidden “inflation tax.” Trillions to Military-Industrial-Complex for Unneeded Weapons, Mandatory “vaccine” profits to “Big pHARMa”.

to the actual or possible detriment of members(karma), their families(karma), or the community.

  • Population “chumped” and “duped” into believing they “owe” taxes (tithes) to organized crime, the military’s willingness to kill foreigners in foreign wars based on obvious lies, police willingness to cage “non-believers” in for-profit prisons and extort money from their neighbors for victimless crimes and road piracy.

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