White Rose Mucho Grande

Poster 7 – Seed Monopolization

This visualization was created by Dr. Phillip Howard, a professor at MSU studying the global food system, shows the monopolization of the seed industry (200+ companies acquired) by companies that have specialized in making chemical weapons (CW) for the military and neonicotinoid insecticides (NIs) linked to pollenating bee die-offs, including: Monsanto (CW: Agent Orange, White Phosphorus), Dow (CW: Agent Orange, Napalm-B, NIs ), Bayer (CW: Chlorine Gas, Sarin, Zyklon-B & NIs) and DuPont in what appears to be a plan to control and weaponize the food supply. Dow and DuPont have since merged into Corteva further monopolizing industrial production and seed industry consolidation.

Other visualizations in The Liberator folder: Banking Cartel’s Monopoly Consolidation, shows further monopolization of Beer, Wine, Meat Processing, Soft Drinks, weapons and merged as have Dow and DuPont further monopolizing and consolidating these industries. Dr. Howard’s Wheat and Bread and Organic Food companies.

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The White Rose – MUCHO GRANDE! Is an homage to The White Rose, an international group of activists that make pro-liberty, anti-lockdown, anti-covid stickers available globally for gas pumps, bathroom doors, airports, and police cars. The campaigners make a file of stickers available for free, and anyone with a low-cost Brother sticker printer (~$100 new or $40-$60 used on E-bay) can print cool, hard-hitting stickers at a very low cost. They also distribute free stickers worldwide via postal mail and are distributed in bulk at liberty events like Porcupine Freedom Festival, Jackalope, Agorapulco, The Rainbow Gathering, and others!

The White Rose – MUCHO GRANDE!  Instead of stickers, we have a free file of POSTERS featuring the full-size, high-res visualizations from “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed!, a book revealing how inter-generational organized crime runs the “government,” media and academia, and a series of visualizations showing the monopolization of: media, consumer goods, defense contractors, beer, beverages, meat processing, airlines, community newspapers, and banks among others. The posters are designed to be exhibited in coffee shops, university commons, and other high-traffic locations, including liberty festivals, conferences and events in a decentralized manner by any activist that understands the power of visualization.

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