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My name is Etienne de la Boetie2, and I am the founder of the Art of Liberty Foundation and the author of “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! – How Inter-Generational Organized Crime Runs the “Government,” Media and Academia.  At the Art of Liberty, we are exposing the illegitimacy and criminality of “government” from a principled voluntaryist perspective. 

My book exposes that “government” is best thought of as a technique for robbing and controlling populations.  Inter-generational organized crime has been tax farming and controlling societies using “government” for centuries, going back to monarchy. One of the major revelations in the book is that monarchies, and easily hijacked and rigged “democracies,” have been getting away with this theft by controlling the information that the population receives about legitimacy, desirability and necessity of having a “government” through trickery and propaganda.

Controlling information through mandatory “government” schools, State-run colleges and universities, and control of monopolized media, which has not just been ignoring, censoring and denigrating voluntaryist voices for decades but has been secretly propagandizing the population into a pseudo-religion called statism and tax slavery using unethically manipulative techniques.

The Art of Liberty Foundation is unique among libertarian public policy organizations in a number of ways:

1st – We are not hacking at the branches of evil; we are striking the root!  While many conservative and libertarian public policy organizations go along with “government” and even distribute the Con-stitution like it is a bible tract, we are somewhat unique in exposing the illogical nature, immorality and illegitimacy of “government” on its face.

2nd – We are exposing the tricks and techniques that “governments” have been using to sucker the population into going along with something that is not in their interest.  With our flagship book “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History We are pulling back the curtain and exposing how the magicians have been pulling the trick. 

From how belief in “government” is indoctrinated into children through mandatory “government” schools to the hidden curriculum of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Explorers, JROTC, ROTC, and police and military training.

This hidden curriculum includes having children pledge their allegiance hundreds of times before they are old enough to understand the illogic and immorality of what they are doing.] Indoctrinating them into a uniform, the single form, an artificially engineered conformity and hierarchical command and control.

We are exposing how monopolized media has been secretly “product placing” the flag into moments of high positive emotion using an advertising technique called anchoring in thousands of movies and television shows where the Pentagon and intelligence agencies secretly work with Hollywood to indoctrinate, distract and deceive. 

We are exposing how the flag has been placed on NBA backboards and football helmets so the audience subconsciously associates the exhilaration of the goal with the flag.

We are exposing how the flag has been manipulatively woven into the burial ceremonies of veterans and police so they are tricked into associating the flag with the memory of their deceased loved ones even when it is “government” policies that are frequently responsible for their deaths.

How the organized crime “government” leverages knowledge of human psychology and many people’s biological desire for a leader to offer a fake choice between a “blue” government leader designed to appeal to urban liberals and a “red” government leader designed to appeal to rural conservatives, where the policies of both are usually 100% aligned with the organized crime banks, the military-industrial complex and pharmaceutical companies that rely on “government” mandates, no-bid contracts and “bailouts.”

3rd and most important:  We are achieving a one-way revolution.  No one likes to get suckeredtricked and “chumped.”  I am not special… They had me hook, line and sinker as well.  I went to the “government” school system, I was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout.  I remember, to this day, making a muscle when I saluted the flag.  Until someone explained the scam to me… Then I was out…  Once people understand the immorality and illegitimacy of “government,” and the fact it is being indoctrinated into the population using unethically manipulative tricks and techniques, they seldom go back to getting chumped.

The Art of Liberty Foundation is slowly and surely getting this message out…

We are hitting above our weight in almost every category.

 In an age when the average non-fiction book sells 200-400 copies, our flagship book “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… has sold over 6200 copies to 25+ countries.  Even more powerful, it has become one of those rare titles that people are buying in bulk for their friends, colleagues, and relatives. 

Over 10% of our sales are in five and ten-copy “Friend’s Bundles” or “Pop Up Guerrilla Bookstores,” where folks that have retail locations can attractively merchandise the book in a small footprint and share in the profits. 

We regularly get reports of people donating copies to libraries, putting them into little mini-libraries in neighborhoods, and making them coffee table books in Airbnbs.

Here are a few of our innovations:

We created a credit card-sized flash drive of companion media, including uncensorable evidence of “government” and media criminality and the ePub copy of the book. 

We allow and encourage people to copy the drive for friends and family and even include the template to print cool Liberator labels to wrap low-cost commodity flash drives from eBay.  We get reports of people distributing dozens of Liberator drives at liberty-oriented meet-ups and events.   We are making it easy to expose and resist the organized crime system and decentralizing that resistance!

In the book, we use visualization to make things that have been invisible to the population now visible.  We took many of these visualizations and created a free series of POSTERS that expose how six monopoly media companies, and three organizations connected to the money center banks, have maneuvered their members into the key editor and reporter positions at dozens and dozens of ostensibly independent and unaffiliated media companies.

Or how the same three organizations have also maneuvered their members into the Presidency, Vice-Presidency, Joint Chiefs of Staff, CIA and FBI Directors, Cabinet positions, the Senate and House of Representatives, and almost every single other power position in the US “government” … going back decades… through both “Republican” and “Democrat” administrations.  

Many of the posters expose what appears to be an almost complete monopolization of the Economy by the money center banks who are creating digital dollars out of thin air and providing unlimited dollars to cartel companies to buy up and consolidate their own industries. Blackrock and Vanguard appear to be managing the ownership of the companies bought up through the theft of fractional reserve banking, with the C-level executives being organized in the World Economic Forum, Council on Foreign Relations, and Bilderberger group, among others.

We have showcased these posters at liberty-oriented conferences and events around the country, including the Liberty Forum, the Porcupine Freedom Festival, the Conscious Life Expo, FreedomFest, and the Greater Reset in Mexico.

In an homage to the White Rose, a decentralized network of activists who distribute a file of free stickers exposing the criminality of “government” around the world, we call our poster series the White Rose MUCHO GRANDE, and we made our poster file available to the same global network so anyone can print the posters and create an impossible-to-miss exhibit at a coffee shop, university commons, music festival, or conference.

We are making it easy to expose and resist the organized crime system and decentralizing that resistance!

We have expanded to Substack where our Important News Substack is nearing 2100 2300 subscribers.  This year we began curating a Daily News Substack that is approaching 900 subscribers.  Our Art of Liberty Newsletter and Five Meme Friday is approaching 8500!

We have become one of the leading and most prolific voices for voluntaryism on the planet, regularly appearing on dozens and dozens of podcasts and radio shows ranging from the Corbett Report to Geopolitics and Empire to TNT Radio.  

I speak regularly at Liberty-oriented conferences and events.

We have a proven track record of success and have proven that our message is growing virally.  Now, we want to pour gas on that fire.

With this video, we are starting a two-month fundraising campaign to raise the first $50,000, or more, of a $500,000 goal.

The goal of the $50,000 raise is three-fold:

1.      Effectively launch “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! on Amazon and Ingram Spark and get it into bookstores.  We are already 15 times the average sales of a non-fiction book from just a website and selling at conferences, with the book selling legitimately virally and becoming one of the rare books that is bought in bulk.  We have sold copies to 25 countries around the world, with buyers frequently paying more in shipping than the cost of the book.  We are getting ready to launch the book on Amazon and the international book distribution company Ingram Spark.  This will both expand the number of people who will discover the book, make the book available to bookstores and reduce the costs for shipping and handling in foreign markets.  We need additional capital to capitalize on this opportunity and figure out how to crack the nut to get the book into independent bookstores.

2.      Finish up our next major book: Voluntaryism – How the Only “ISM” Fair for Everyone Leads to Harmony and Prosperity for All Some background: Some recurring feedback we get from our book: “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History is that we are doing an outstanding job at exposing the organized crime “government,” the scam of “Covid,” the theft of fractional reserve banking, and the monopolization of everything! 

BUT.. remarkably… frequently… the next statement is something along the lines of “BUT… What are you going to do? We have to have a “government”… Who is going to build the roads?”

Our next major book, Voluntaryism, explains how the free market, mutual aid societies, co-ops, insurance agencies, armed protective service companies and genuine charities can provide all of the legitimate non-redistributive services better, faster and cheaper than the organized crime monopoly “government.”  This new book will be in the same image and visualization-rich format that has proven to be so engaging with “Government,” expanding the number of people who will interact with it.

We believe if people understood they could get everything they want from the free market without the lies, theft, indoctrination, malinvestment, and unintended consequences of the State, they would abandon what Larken Rose calls “The Most Dangerous Superstition.”  We have already written more than 50% of this book… We need to raise the additional funds to finish it up by book-buying season this Christmas.

Our final major initiative is funding the campaign to raise the additional $450,000 to really create and sustain the Art of Liberty Foundation as a fully capitalized voluntaryist think tank.  Most of the think tanks in Washington DC play along with the “government” and pretend it is legitimate.  We want to be THE voice for voluntaryists around the world that is looking at our current socio-political problems from a principled voluntaryist perspective AND exposing and investigating the obvious criminal interests running the US “government” and other “governments” from behind the scenes. 

With this video, we are launching our effort to raise the first $50,000 to supercharge our growth.  We are asking everyone listening to become a member of the Art of Liberty Foundation at whatever level of sponsorship you can comfortably afford.  A monthly or yearly sponsorship provides dependable recurring income, and we have some great perks to say thank you!

If you donate $50 per year at the Tire Kicker-level, you receive either the paperback version of “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed!, or the Liberator flash drive.

For those donating between $100 and $499 per year at the Sponsor level, you will receive the “Government” paperback, the Liberator flash drive and Art of Liberty laptop and water bottle stickers.

At higher levels, we are offering signed high-resolution hard copies, 1-on-1 calls with me and even the opportunity to host an Art of Liberty event for your friends and community with world-class speakers and artists that turns into a party that evening! 

The potential for real change is within reach of those who dare to challenge the status quo. We invite you to stand alongside us as we champion a world driven by principles, not politics, a world where transparency triumphs over manipulation. There is simply no way to stop the signal in the information age, and this revolution is only going in one direction!  We are going to win this thing, and we want you with us as we punch it over the goal line!

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