The Basics for Police, Judges, and Government Employees

Sick of getting robbed by the tax man, the courts and the police?  Tired of wasting your time in the DMV or complying with ridiculous and time-consuming local, state and federal regulations? 

Let them know that they are working for organized crime and participating in robbing their friends, family and neighbors!

Here is a printable, faxable “One-Pager” with the basics of how they have been tricked into immorality and criminality.  The quicker they all quit then the quicker we are all free!

Download below or from The Liberator

Tips:  Talking with the local “customer service representative” at your local tax office? Get their fax number (first) and then ask them the following:

“Can I ask you a personal question?  If you knew that “government” was 100% a scam and that no one really owed the (county, city, state) any money and you were participating in robbing your friends, family and neighbors… would you quit?

You can download the file and send it as a free e-fax at, or e-mail it, or include with payments or “government” paperwork.  We do it all the time!