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Pfizer has stunned the medical world, completing the $43 billion acquisition of Seagen, a small drug company that treats turbo cancers and barely makes $2 billion per year. 

by mRNA vaccines.

However, the nature of the acquisition has left many people scratching their heads. Why would Pfizer, flush with the enormous profits it has reaped through its mRNA vaccine, overpay $43 billion for a small cancer drug company?

Pfizer does not need the cash. It will also issue $31 billion in debt just to purchase Seagen. Everyone is taking this at face value. But there is something very sinister lurking in the details of this deal.

So what is happening here?

First, it must be acknowledged that Pfizer (and Moderna) COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are causing turbo cancers at rates previously unseen in the history of the world.

Based on descriptions of turbo cancer cases in over 30 medical articles, here are the Top 5 turbo cancers we are seeing by numbers in those vaccinated with at least one mRNA shot:

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GOP Rep: Senior FBI Officials Directed Operation With 200 + Assets Disguised as Trump Supporters On Jan. 6 

By Kelen McBreen

Rep. Clay Higgins, ( R – La.) revealed during an interview with Tucker Carlson this weekend that he has proof there were at least 200 FBI assets embedded in the crowd at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.

The GOP congressman claimed Deep State actors within the federal government set the stage for Jan. 6 in order to entrap thousands of Trump supporters.

Higgins, who is a former police officer, explained the feds used undercover agents and informants to provoke a riot and ultimately paint Trump voters as violent insurrectionists.

The Congressman also serves on the Homeland Security Committee and the Oversight & Reform Committee.

“We believe that there were easily 200 FBI undercover assets operating in the crowd, outside the Capitol, embedded into groups that entered the Capitol or provoked entry of the Capitol,” the elected official told Carlson.

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Daily News Of The Week

Cheap and They Don’t Snitch: Drones Are the New Drug Mules

By Max Daly

Last week border officials in the Punjab region of India revealed they intercepted 107 drug-carrying drones sent by smuggling gangs last year over the border from Pakistan, the highest number on record. 

Most were carrying heroin or opium from Pakistan to be dropped and received by collaborators in the Punjab, notorious for having India’s worst levels of opiate addiction

Last year the head of a police narcotics unit in Lahore, a city in Pakistan which borders the Punjab, was dismissed after he was suspected of running a drug trafficking gang sending drones over to India.   

But the use of cheap flying robots instead of humans to smuggle drugs across borders is a worldwide phenomenon. 

In September the Jordanian air force shot down two drones carrying crystal meth coming from Syria. It was the ninth such drone in 2023, according to Caroline Rose, a director at the New Lines Institute in Washington DC.

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Obama’s Weird New Movie And America’s Extreme Vulnerability To Cyber Attack

by Brandon Smith

There has been a lot of buzz lately about a recently released film by Netflix titled ‘Leave The World Behind’ based on a novel by the same name. The plot revolves around a catastrophic collapse in the US triggered by a cyber attack (and mass drone attack) that shuts down the internet and disrupts the global economy, leading to questions of who might have been behind the sabotage?

The most interesting aspect of the film is not so much the story (which is lackluster at best), but the fact that Barack Obama was so deeply involved in the making of the film as executive producer and as adviser on the script. This has led many people to suggest the movie is actually predictive programming – Propaganda designed to acclimate the masses to the idea of an event that is planned to happen in the near future.

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Former Bill Gates vaccine scientist predicts sharp population decline: “up to 30-40% in highly vaccinated countries”

by Ethan Huff

The health carnage thus far seen from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” campaign is only the first round in a series of horrors that are still soon to come.

Former Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation scientist and vaccine expert Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche spoke with investigator Steve Kirsch this week about all this, including what the world can expect in the near future as COVID continues to morph and outsmart the injections.

“The mutations are no longer restricted to spike protein, which indicates enhanced activity of CTLs (cytotoxic T cells) to diminish viral infectiousness,” Bossche told Kirsch about the newest mutations being detected.

“And that CTL activity is responsible for the decline of T cells that in fact boost the neutralizing antibodies that prevent virulence.”

You may recall that before the jabs were unleashed under Operation Warp Speed, Bossche was warning that unleashing a so-called “vaccine” right in the middle of a “pandemic” was a really bad idea, for this reason specifically.

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Megyn Kelly Says the World May Soon Hear “Directly” from Jeffrey Epstein (Video)

By vnninfluencers

egyn Kelly, during the latest airing of the Megyn Kelly Show, hinted that the world will soon hear directly from Jeffrey Epstein.

Kelly stated, “We’re not done with Jeffrey Epstein. I can tell you that for a fact. Can’t tell you how I know, but I can tell you for a fact.

The former Fox News host continued,

“We’re gonna hear a lot more about Jeffrey Epstein in the coming year… and you may even be hearing from him directly. More on that, as I’m allowed to tell it.”

It’s more likely Kelly’s comments are a hint that there’s a deposition tape of Epstein before his death that is floating around.

Kelly’s remarks come after a second batch of Giuffre v. Maxwell documents were unsealed.

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Under the Radar: Major CIA Revelations Expose Secret Agreements and Boundaries in Ukraine 

by Simplicius The Thinker

Its age does not detract from its significance as the information therein is more pertinent than ever—which is precisely why I chose to do an exposé on it now.

The reason is, as the Ukrainian war presently enters a new watershed phase characterized by the slow-acceptance of Ukraine’s now de facto losing position, a proverbial windmill of narratives is churned out from the pro-UA side seeking to somehow reconcile the various cognitive dissonances created by their inability to understand how it is possible that the mighty NATO bloc could be losing to Russia.

This results in their proposing increasingly convoluted theories as to why the US may be “deliberately sabotaging” Ukraine’s otherwise guaranteed “victory”. For instance, a common coping narrative you might hear these days is that the US “fears” Ukraine winning a total and ‘decisive’ victory over Russia because this would cause Russia to “fracture” into many small feudal states, which could precipitate an existential crisis as the warlords of the new states would vie for the now unaccounted for nuclear weapons, etc. Though it is obviously preposterous, this is the type of narrative being floated on pro-UA thinkspaces to try and explain away the US’s perceived weakness and ‘cowardice’ in the face of Russia’s growing dominance.

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Covered Up: mRNA Shedding, Transmissibility and Cancer.

by Tom Renz

Recently, I found myself down a rabbit hole of FDA documents and holy smokes, guys – what I found is a real barn burner. I’m going to try and keep this as brief as possible so that the gravity of what I’m about to share isn’t lost in too many details. In my opinion, what I’ve discovered is nothing less than premeditated murder.

It’s crazy to even say that, but there’s no other conclusion that I can draw after reviewing these FDA ‘Guidance for Industry’ documents, published years before the Covid fiasco. This is the smoking gun evidence that proves they knew that the gene therapy products they masqueraded as ‘vaccines’ had the ability to shed, cause cancer and kill.

It’s critical that people understand that the Covid-19 injections are gene therapy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently defines a “vaccine” as a preparation used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases. However, that definition changed in 2021 because it didn’t apply to the COVID-19 vaccines. A vaccine must contain an antigen to trigger the body’s natural immune response. Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines do not contain antigens. The active substance used to elicit an immune response in these vaccines is the mRNA—a form of nucleic acid and the genetic material of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that provides instructions to the body for producing antigens—spike proteins (actually it is modRNA – see my previous posts – and also contaminated with DNA). 

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IRS: Venmo, PayPal And CashApp Freelancers Face 2024 Reporting Requirements

By Tyler Durden

The rule, which was originally slated to take effect in 2022 and was delayed for 2023, means that a 1099-K form “could be sent to anyone” using those services who makes over $600 per year, according to the agency.

“We spent many months gathering feedback from third-party groups and others, and it became increasingly clear we need additional time to effectively implement the new reporting requirements,” said IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel several weeks ago in delaying the rule again.

Prior to the rule, third-party apps only sent 1099-K forms to people who received $20,000 or more in commercial payments across more than 200 transactions.

The IRS has delayed this new reporting rule for two years in a row to give payment apps more time to prepare for the change. One sticking point: Distinguishing between taxable and nontaxable transactions through third-party apps isn’t always easy. For example, money your roommate sends you through Venmo for dinner is not taxable. Money received for graphic design work you tackled is. The IRS paused implementation to avoid confusion and incorrect earnings being reported. –CNET

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2024 Corporate Transparency Act Demands Compliance from Small Businesses Or 2 Years in Prison

By Lee Phillips, Sovereign Man and Mayer Brown Law Firm

The excuse for a new law, the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) that went into effect on January 1, 2024, is to help prosecute and deter money laundering and tax fraud. The CTA covers both US and non-US entities conducting business in the United States that may include a corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, or any other entity created by the filing of a document with a secretary of state or similar office, including, in certain circumstances, limited liability partnerships and business trusts. Many, if not most, businesses are unaware of the new law.

Lawyer Lee Phillips said that CTA requires companies to file reports with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”) and are essentially being investigated for a crime. FinCEN agents carry guns and are the “little brother” of the IRS with the same enforcement ability. Reporting is mandatory. Failure to comply with CTA carries a maximum fine of $500 per day up to $10,000 and criminal penalties, including up to two years in prison.

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The AARP Just Told Its 38 Million Members To Get An 8th (Yes, Eighth!!) Shot Of mRNA 

By Tyler Durden

See for yourself. The following question-and-answer column ran in the organization’s December “AARP Bulletin”:

AARP is open to anyone 50 or older.

The column does not specify a narrower or higher age range for its recommendation.

Thus it implies that even a 50-year-old who has not already had six “Covid boosters” needs to “catch up” with another immediately.

Keep in mind that someone who has had “five Covid boosters” has actually received seven mRNA jabs – the initial two-shot primary vaccination regimen, followed by five boosters.

Thus AARP is suggesting its members should be taking their eighth jab of mRNA in the last three years.

Yet scientists have essentially no safety data beyond a third shot, much less a fourth or more, and thus no way of knowing if the risks of repeated mRNA dosing rise with each shot.

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Trust ze Science – Part VI

By Will Zoll

This is the final article in this series. We finished Part 5 showing that the CIA were carrying out an array of mind control and human-behavior experiments. We showed how the truth of these maniacal experiments sometimes emerges 50-years after the event, along with a sub-narrative gently confirming people’s belief that these things could never be taking place today. We showed how the invisible enemy is conditioning the collective mind that humans are best understood as “ecology”, meaning we will need to be well-managed to ensure our right to breathe doesn’t unbalance the ecosystem. As humanity is conditioned in this fashion, we become acclimatized to such narratives; accepting the Enlightened Despot’s offer to manage humanity – for the greater good.

In Evolution of Slavery – Part 3, we discussed that there is a very real battle over who controls the will of humanity. The battle for the will of humanity is a primary theme in this article. As a quick refresher, World Economic Forum advisor and confidante of Klaus Schwab, Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, clearly spells out the intentions of these megalomaniacs, including their opinion about free-will (1:14 mins):

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Update on Palestine: IDF Claims Gaza City Victor.

By Simplicius The Thinker

I remain skeptical of their claims, but we’ll indulge them at face value for the sake of the report. Even if they did manage to fully secure it, keep in mind it has now taken nearly three months to capture a territory the size of the small red speck inside the Gaza Strip seen below juxtaposed within Ukraine for comparison:

The “world’s most advanced military” took three months to manage a claimed capture of that while fighting a completely technologically outmatched foe who they outnumber 500k to ~10k.

The IDF also has now used this capture as excuse to explain the dismissal of several top brigades to the rear for reconstitution. Instead of being made combat ineffective, the line is now that they have valiantly completed their mission and are taking a rest. They claim that in capturing Gaza City, they have eliminated 8000 Hamas fighters. However, John Kirby himself appears dubious regarding this, as he implies that Hamas has not been measurably attrited:

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Pfizer moves in TX v Pfizer

By Sasha Latypova

I previously wrote about AG Paxton’s law suit against Pfizer for deceptive marketing and I criticized his interpretation of the EUA Countermeasures law with regard to the covid-19 injections. EUAs are non-investigational poisons, and cannot be FDA approved in conformance with FD&C Act provisions while the PREP Act declaration for them remains active (covid PREP Act declaration is currently active until December 31, 2024 but expected to last until the end of times). Real FDA drug approval is predicated on the chemical entity being investigational and subject to IND regulations of clinical investigation, and all other pharmaceutical regulations covering manufacturing, distribution and marketing.

EUA countermeasures are, by law, NOT investigational: they exist only during the relevant public health emergency announcement (PREP Act declaration) and are exempt from all pharmaceutical regulations that apply to normal drugs. AG Paxton did not make that distinction clear in his complaint, albeit he accurately described other aspects of the EUA law. His interpretation of EUA countermeasure status of the covid shots is a bit vague, implying that they are normally FDA approved, but with some corners that were cut in a hurry.

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The long history of Zionist proposals to ethnically cleanse the Gaza Strip

By Mouin Rabbani 

Senior Israeli leaders, including Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, are again publicly advocating the ethnic cleansing of the Gaza Strip. Their proposals are being presented as voluntary emigration schemes, in which Israel is merely playing the role of Good Samaritan, selflessly mediating with foreign governments to find new homes for destitute and desperate Palestinians. But it is ethnic cleansing all the same.

Alarm bells should have started ringing in early November when U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other Western politicians began insisting there could be “no forcible displacement of Palestinians from Gaza.” Rather than rejecting any mass removal of Palestinians, Blinken and colleagues objected only to optically challenging expulsions at gunpoint. The option of “voluntary” displacement by leaving residents of the Gaza Strip with no choice but departure was pointedly left open.

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Should US Taxpayers Cover Ukraine’s Pensions?

By Marc D. Joffe

If Congress approves President Biden’s next supplemental aid package, the Ukrainian pension payments will continue at a rate of up to $600 million per month. Previous reports of this spending have raised eyebrows. Critics argue that the US should shore up its own retirement system before bailing out that of a foreign nation.

The pension spending is part of a larger effort by the United States and the World Bank to stabilize Ukrainian government finances during the war. Ukraine was already running deficits before Russia invaded in February 2022, but since then, the gap between revenues and expenditures has widened. According to IMF data, Ukraine’s general government financing gap increased from 4.0 percent of Gross Domestic Product in 2021 to 18.6 percent of GDP in 2023. The gap would have been much wider had the World Bank not injected foreign funds, primarily from the US, into the nation’s government sector.

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Blue States Just Can’t Stop Taxing

By Tyler Durden

The Census data provide even further evidence that “soak the rich” tax policies have incited a blue-state meltdown.

California, New York, and Illinois all lost the most population last year.

These states have nearly lost a combined 5 million people over the past decade.

California and New York could both lose another three congressional seats by the end of the decade, and Illinois another two.

Did I mention that these are the three states with the highest taxes?

Is this just a coincidence?

Democratic governors evidently think so…

This year, seven blue states are pursuing even higher tax rates on the top 1 percent of earners, despite the evidence that these policies are detrimental to their citizens.

One such state is Washington. Once an importer of talent and brainpower because of its no-income-tax status, the Democrats who control all the levers of power in Olympia just enshrined a 7 percent capital gains tax, and the Democratic Washington Supreme Court strangely ruled that it’s constitutional. This is one of the highest taxes on the sale of assets in the country.

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UMich Now Has Over 500 Jobs Dedicated To DEI, Payroll Exceeds $30 Million

by Jennifer Karbany via The College Fix

The payroll costs are $23.24 million for salaries and $7.44 million for benefits, or $30.68 million, an amount that would cover in-state tuition and fees for 1,781 undergraduate students.

Thirteen DEI staff members earn more than $200,000 and 66 earn more than $100,000 when factoring in benefits.

In addition, 76 faculty or staff members work part-time as “DEI Unit Leads” advancing diversity efforts in one of UM’s 51 schools, colleges, and units, bringing UM’s core DEI headcount to 317, said economist Mark Perry, who conducted the analysis.

The number of positions at Michigan’s flagship university advancing DEI exceeds more than 500 when including those who work full-time or part-time on DEI and factoring in open and unfilled positions, as well as employees who serve as “DEI Unit Leads” and others who serve on dozens of DEI committees, Perry said.

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CES 2024: all the TVs, laptops, smart home gear, and more from the show floor 

By Jacob Kastrenakes

CES is where the tech industry rings in the new year. Each January, just about every corner of the industry shows up with announcements and previews that set the stage for the year to come.

Monday’s press conferences brought Nvidia’s RTX 4080 Super, Samsung’s rolling robot projector, MSI’s Steam Deck competitor, and a whole lot more. Tuesday’s additions included this Rabbit R1 AI gadget that is ready to run your life from one small box, an OLED monitor from Asus that’s foldable and portable, and the debut of Honda’s sleek Zero series EVs.

Apple set the stage for virtual reality news by announcing a launch date for the Vision Pro headset, while smart home companies are trying to organize the tech that’s popping up everywhere. A wave of new laptops, tablets, and handhelds powered by mobile and AI-friendly chips is just starting to hit, and the latest battleground between LG and Samsung is focusing on transparent televisions.

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Average bottle of water contains 240,000 pieces of cancer-causing nanoplastics – 100 times more than previously thought

By Colin Fernandez 

Bottles of plastic water contain hundreds of thousands of toxic microscopic plastic particles, new research has found. The findings are likely to shock anyone who has swapped from tap to bottled water, believing it was better for their health. Drinking water from a bottle could mean you are contaminating your body with tiny bits of plastic, which scientists fear can accumulate in your vital organs with unknown health implications. Nanoplastics have already been linked to cancer, fertility problems and birth defects.

Scientists using the most advanced laser scanning techniques found an average of 240,000 plastic particles in a one-liter bottle of water, compared to 5.5 per one liter of tap water.

Drinking water from a bottle could mean you are contaminating your body with tiny bits of plastic, which scientists fear can accumulate in your vital organs with unknown implications for health

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JPMorgan and Jeffrey Epstein Explained: Twisted Banking Taps into Sex Fiend’s Network

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens

According to the complaint filed by lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims against the biggest bank in America, JPMorgan Chase, Epstein was running a “sex – themed cult.” According to a deposition of a JPMorgan banker, the only money-generating business that Epstein had was tending to his “network.” According to witness testimony, fulfilling the sexual fantasies of some men in Epstein’s “network,” was how he obtained six opulent homes and hundreds of millions of dollars in wealth.

Epstein’s cult and network needed one essential ingredient to thrive: a financial institution willing to look the other way at vast sums of hard cash being withdrawn monthly and suspicious transfers of money between Epstein and his accomplices. Epstein found that for at least fifteen years at JPMorgan Chase according to documents and internal emails obtained in discovery in separate lawsuits against the bank in November and December of 2022 by Epstein’s victims and the Attorney General for the U.S. Virgin Islands, where Epstein owned a private, secluded island compound.

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Bar owner reveals why BLT sandwiches now cost $16

By Neirin Gray Desai

The rent is $20,000 a month,’ he said. ‘My utilities are $6,000 a month. My labor in December was $60,000 so I have $86,000 of base cost per month on the day I open the doors,’ said Will.

Selling sandwiches at $16, he said he would still need to sell more than 94,000 a year to generate a revenue of around $1.5 million and break even. That figure covers all the costs plus ingredients.

‘If I do $1,499,000, in sales, I lose $1,000. We don’t start making profit until we get above that breakeven point,’ he said.

Of course, he doesn’t just sell BLTs at the two Central City Tavern upscale sports bars in Georgia. But he used the example of the popular sandwich – which has typical costs and profit margins for food and drink – to give an insight into the restaurant business.

He said his situation would be similar to restaurants across the US, where $16 is now a typical price.

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Take a Stand: The Dangers of Prolonged Sitting

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Evidence shows that prolonged sitting is devastating your health. In his book, “Get Up!: Why Your Chair Is Killing You and What You Can Do About It,” Dr. James Levine, co-director of the Mayo Clinic and the Arizona State University Obesity Initiative, notes there are about 10,000 publications showing that sitting is harmful to your health.

Prolonged sitting actively promotes dozens of chronic diseases, including obesity and Type 2 diabetes, even if you’re very fit and exercise regularly. It’s also an independent risk factor for premature death, even if you lead an otherwise healthy lifestyle. In fact, chronic sitting has a mortality rate similar to smoking.1

Studies looking at life in agriculture environments show that people in agrarian villages sit for about three hours a day. Meanwhile, the average American office worker can sit for 13 to 15 hours a day, and research shows that vigorous exercise cannot counteract the adverse effects of this prolonged sitting.

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Embalmer survey 2023: Over 75% are still seeing novel white fibrous clots 

by Steve Kirsch

The good news is that in 2023, just 20% of cases had these novel clots, down from 30% in 2022.

The CDC and FDA are still ignoring this. They still don’t want to know, even though nearly 80% of the embalmers surveyed are reporting seeing them.

These clots were never seen before COVID and after the COVID jabs, even more embalmers noticed them.

The latest Embalmer survey (2023) (269 embalmers)

The earlier embalmer survey (120 embalmers)

Thanks to Tom Haviland, a retired USAF officer, for doing the survey.

The jabs are still killing massive numbers of people.

It seems highly likely that most of these cases are caused by the COVID vaccines.

20% of deaths is roughly around 600,000 Americans a year.

The mainstream medical community, mainstream media, the FDA, CDC, NIH, and Congress are all still doing nothing to investigate the issue and determine which are jab related and which are not.

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FDA Violated Agency Guidelines by Promoting Off-Label Use of COVID Shots to Treat Long COVID 

By Michael Nevradakis

According to an investigative report by independent journalist Paul D. Thacker, U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert Califf promoted the off-label use of COVID-19 vaccines to treat “long COVID,” basing the recommendation on a non-peer-reviewed conference presentation by a scientist with financial ties to Pfizer.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Robert Califf promoted the off-label use of drugs and vaccines to treat conditions such as “long COVID” — a process illegal under the FDA’s rules, according to an investigative report by independent journalist Paul D. Thacker, published Tuesday in The Disinformation Chronicle.

Thacker’s investigation also found that Califf’s promotion of the off-label use of COVID-19 vaccines to treat long COVID were based on a non-peer-reviewed conference presentation by a scientist, Dr. Jessica N. Snowden, a pediatric infectious-disease specialist at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Snowden did not disclose her financial ties to Pfizer.

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Unmasking T – Mobile’s Transgender Agenda 

by Marc Palasciano

Now it’s time to get to work, I’m a new journalist starting off as a whistleblower. I’m not new to how T-Mobile is using Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) to destroy America from within. I worked at T-Mobile from age 22 to 39, I experienced T-Mobile go from being on a list of “Ten Brands That Will Disappear in 2011”, to the cool carrier calling out AT&T and Verizon for their BS. T-Mobile was known as the Un-carrier because we were focused on unleashing customers from AT&T and Verizon’s ball and chain. We were the good guys, we were David taking on Goliath and we won! We forced AT&T and Verizon to change their ways – no contracts, unlimited minutes, unlimited data, buying out contracts, all of that was T-Mobile changing the industry! I’m proud of what we did from 2013 – 2020, those were some of my best days in life and I owe it all to T-Mobile.

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The Day of Health

by Jennifer Sparks Aka J.Cherry

For decades now unelected leaders have gathered annually to discuss the looming “climate crisis” and what they plan to do to save humanity from itself. This year with the bravado of the SKY is FALLING narrative, globalists decided to declare 12 / 03 / 23 an international “Day of Health”. What does that mean? It means that an unelected global body is planning how to itemize nature into a commodity for your safety of course. According to the United Nations’ Conference of the Parties known as COP, the whole world must make unprecedented changes to combat climate change. The United Arab Emirates UAE hosted this year’s COP28.  The WHO, Wellcome Trust and partners, and the Sultan of the UAE, Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, who is also the President of COP28 will use the “Day of Health” to promote the importance of climate change and public health. That means raising money, lots of money to fund all this “green” life saving technology with “zero emissions”. Who decides what is a clean energy and what is not? In ancient times people knew carbon because they used coal. Coal is a form of carbon, diamonds are a form of carbon, graphene is a form of carbon. There is so much we still do not understand about carbon. The ancients simply knew it created energy. Today carbon is the boogeyman wreaking havoc on the earth.

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Last FiveMemeFri – Trump Received Millions from Foreign “Governments” While President 

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The Electronic Takeover of Every Asset on Earth, “The Great Taking,” and the Control of Humanity 

By: Gary D. Barnett

“Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin… Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money and control credit, and with a flick of a pen they will create enough to buy it back.”

~ Josiah Stamp

Sometimes things seem so complicated, that most simply avoid any effort to understand the problems facing them. Very little of anything is too complicated or too complex for any thinking individual to understand, so breaking things down to a level that is more easily understandable is often necessary for clarity. These efforts can be helped along by those with knowledge about important issues, who take the time to explain them in such a manner, that little expertise is necessary to figure out the basis of the matter at hand. A great impediment to this dilemma, is the fact that the State has over many decades, attempted, and most successfully, to dumb-down the population at large, by taking over the ‘schooling’ of each generation almost from birth until full adulthood and beyond, thereby harming the intellect of large numbers of ‘society’ to such an extent, as to effectively negate meaningful dialogue.

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The rich now own a record share of stocks 

by Axios Markets

About 93% of U.S. households’ stock market wealth is held by the top 10%.

Why it matters: This stat — first spotted in the FT — is a crucial bit of context to keep in mind amid the heavily hyped surge of smaller retail investors who flocked to the stock market during and after the COVID crisis.

Details: While it’s true that a record high 58% of American households do own stocks via mutual funds or as individual shares, in the aggregate the amount of stock most of these folks own is tiny.

The big picture: Despite the trauma of the last few years — the collapse of stocks in the early days of the pandemic, and the brutal bear market brought on by the Fed’s rate hikes over the last couple of years — the stock market has soared over the long term.

In the last 10 years, the S&P 500 gained 155%, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq rose a whopping 250%.

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Top 10 Female Mind Control Agendas

by Jason Christoff

There are mind control objectives directed entirely at the female. There are also mind control objectives directed entirely at the male. For example (in regards to the male), if we look at TV shows like Seinfeld, Family Guy, The Simpsons, King of Queens, Three’s Company, Friends etc. etc. we see the repetitive behavior patterning that males are intended to mimic, emulate, mirror, follow and copy.

From Kramer on Seinfeld to Peter Griffin in The Family Guy and from Jack Tripper in Three’s Company to Homer Simpson in The Simpsons. the male is provided repetitive behavior role modelling that is weak, listless, unmotivating, clownish and unfocused. This sort of beta male programming for the men is designed to work hand in hand with the engineering behavior modification programs for the female, all ending at the same end goals for the ruling 1%. Let’s take a look at the top 10 female mind control agendas, which will give us a bird’s eye view as to where our social engineers are trying to steer our entire society. 

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Patria y Vida - Yotuel , Gente de Zona, Decemer Bueno, Maykel Osorbo , El Funky

A Note from Tom Quinn: I think the video is historically significant, and it could change Cuba. The song is deep, with many intellectual and historical references that any Cuban would know. The song talks of many things, such as how they have been locked down for 60 years, how Marxist doctrine cannot be eaten as a replacement for real food, and the names of various poets and intellectuals who were imprisoned and killed. I mentioned in the previous email that the Cuban Government was super mad at this video and arrested a few of the artists for long prison terms. In the Spanish ecosphere, this song has gotten a lot of play, and I think it got a Grammy and other awards. Most people in the English – speaking world know nothing about this song and little about Cuba

Free State Project CornerRebuild NH is Raising Funds to Expand

Rebuild NH is in the middle of a fundraising drive to super charge their efforts.

protecting medical freedom

safeguarding parental rights
expanding school choice

defending your privacy
defeating the medical swamp

You can support them here: “

Pre-State Project – How You Can Help

Free State Project Corner – The Free State Project is moving 20,000 + libertarians to New Hampshire with the goal of reducing “Government” to just protecting life, liberty and property.  We are supporting and reporting on this dynamic.  If you have heard Etienne talk about the plan to accelerate this dynamic by dropping 100,000 copies of “Government”, the 64GB Liberator and a TBD documentary to the influential in the state and want more details in our Executive Summary.

The Liberator

The Liberator– Our archive of “government” and media criminality

Important Note: New additions are added to the authoritative Liberator Dropboxes regularly but will not appear in the physical credit card-sized flash drive until we launch the next version.  Anyone can download the current contents of the Liberator FOR FREE including all the primary sources and evidence from our investigation into “The Covid”.

Liberator #1 – Companion media to “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History. Exposed!

Liberator #2 – Evidence of False Flag terror for police state and hoax shootings for gun control:

Liberator #3 – Evidence that “The Covid” has been a scam and the vaccines are killing people:

Liberator #4 – Voluntaryism and more evidence of “Government” corruption:

Liberator #5 – Prepping and Self-Sufficiency – Hundreds of resources:


The Everything Bundle – The Sampler of Liberty! – $100

Give me Liberty… and give me more! The Everything Bundle includes the latest version of our flagship book on government, along with a collection of potentially life-altering introductions to anarchy, agorism and voluntaryism.

The Art of Liberty Foundation – Annual Report 2022-2023

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