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Judges, Cops, and “Government” Employees Don’t Pay Taxes

Judges, Cops, Members of Congress, the President, Vice-President, and other elected and unelected “government” employees don’t pay taxes. Taxes are the monies stolen from the population via extortion in exchange for forced monopoly services many people don’t want or want choice in. An example where the population lacks choice is the mandatory “government” school system with its weaponized curriculum of statism and debilitation via vaccines.

The money for the salaries of “government” “workers” comes out of these taxes. The “government” “workers” receive and live off the taxes stolen from others. They are technically “tax-receivers”. The fact that taxes are also taken from their pay doesn’t change the fact they are simply receiving less taxes. The solution is to privatize “government” services (Voluntaryism) and expose the illegitimacy and criminality of “government”.

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