Covid Investigation


Bill Gates – Bill Gates, the former Chairman of Microsoft and the co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is not only one of the leading voices advocating and funding tyrannical Covid policies and injections but he is one of the top donors in the world to eugenics. His foundation, along with World Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, produced a “pandemic tabletop exercise” called Event 201 simulating a global coronavirus pandemic in October of 2019 two months before the first reported case of “The Covid”.  Bill Gates has been the #1 financial backer of the World Health Organization (WHO), who declared Covid a “pandemic” (after changing the definition on May 1st 2009 prior to the Swine Flu “pandemic” eliminating the severity and high mortality criteria[i] to the tune of over $1 Billion over the past decade eclipsing even nation state funders. At the same time he has been the #1 funder of organizations pushing eugenics globally providing at least $81 million to Planned Parenthood from about 2009 to 2018, according to financial records from the foundation’s website. Additionally, it gave $46.1 million to the British-based abortion chain Marie Stopes International in 2012. These two groups alone abort millions of unborn babies every year across the world. An investigation by Live Action News found the Gates Foundation also donated nearly $68 million to DKT International, which sends abortion drugs and devices across the world. Gates is partnered with Warren Buffet in the giving pledge and Buffett recently resigned as a trustee of Gates’ foundation.  Buffett, one of the largest donors to Gates’ foundation, has also donated $4Billion to organizations focused on eugenics, abortion and population reduction between 2000-2018 alone including the Rockefeller-founded Population Council whose 2nd President Frederick Orborn, a founding member of the American Eugenics Society [ii], once wrote that: “Eugenic goals are most likely attained under a name other than eugenics.” [iii] And “Birth Control and abortion are turning out to be the great eugenic advances of our time.” [iv]